Award-winning technology


Award-winning technology that understands more about your customers’ emotions and desires.

Fluency in 42 languages - worldwide reach


Fluency in 42 languages helps you manage a global reputation, boost campaigns, and connect with people anywhere.

VIP onboardingVIP onboarding


VIP Onboarding Team does all the work so you can get started without missing a beat.


The results are in. We’re proven to be the #1 fastest, most accurate social media analytics platform.

9x faster than other platforms

We’re 9x faster than other platforms, so our customers are the first to know what’s happening and can act faster than anyone else.
NetBase Live Pulse Real-time data

NetBase LIVE Pulse™ has an instant read on social networks so you can hear global conversations, adjust campaigns, and track the competition—all at the speed of social.
more accurate social data

Drive your social campaigns with analytics that are 50-70% more accurate than anything else on the market, thanks to patented language technology.

With NetBase, T-Mobile can slice and dice social media data in ways we’d never seen before. Now, we can act on insights in real-time.

- Michelle Mattson, Senior Manager, Social Customer Support & Chat Strategy

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Best in Class: Consumer Good Technology
CGT Reader’s Choice


Cool Vendor 2013
Content and Social Analytics

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Technology Visionary Awards
Business Intelligence – Social Media

Constellation Supernova Awards

Constellation SuperNova Awards
Taco Bell – Next Generation Customer Experience

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