Setting You Up for Success

NetBase offers a range of professional services to help you with everything from a personalized quick-start program to planning and building a social media command center. Our goal is always to accelerate your social ROI and ensure your long-term success with our solutions.

NetBase service offerings are grouped into these three categories.


Deployment Programs

  • NetBase Onboarding. A three-day personalized quick-start program, with analyst training, initial use-case implementation, and help with hands-on social analysis.
  • Social Accelerator. A five-day Mini version includes implementing your first use case and brands and includes personalized training. A 15-day Full version is a complete program for rapid enablement of a core team serving multiple brands and use cases, and includes hands-on training.
  • Learning Management System. Provides a one- to two-hour webinar orientation and unlimited online video training at no extra cost.


Social Analysts

  • You can engage a NetBase social analyst for any length of time, from one day to help with usage training and social analytics, to 50 days a year or 100 days a year to assist you with ongoing projects.


Complex Projects

  • API Technical Integration. Five days of personalized quick-start services for training, design, and initial programming of custom displays and systems integration.
  • Command Center Quick Start. Covers 30 days (elapsed) to configure common use cases up to an operational milestone for multiple brands and countries. Includes a two-day strategic workshop.
  • Complex Projects. You can engage our experts to perform social media analysis tasks according to a custom statement of work.

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