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Understanding the Drivers Behind Brands and Online Word of Mouth

What prompts consumers to talk about a brand online vs. offline? Do social, functional or emotional drivers have the same influence on word of mouth in both channels? To find out, Mitch Lovett, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Simon School of Business, University of Rochester, and his colleagues used NetBase to investigate how the characteristics of a brand affect word of mouth (WOM) for the brand, both online and offline. The results of their research were published in the Journal of Marketing Research from the American Marketing Association. How Researchers Used NetBase For their study, Mitch and his colleagues constructed [...]

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Does Social Skew Negative?

It’s a common perception that there are more negative posts on social than positive. I was reminded of this the other day by an article in the San Francisco Chronicle. A sports columnist said, “In the Twitter world, where Warriors [basketball] fans opine and argue, you’ll find an anti-Jackson current, but that could be chalked up to the negative-skewing nature of social media, where haters seem to far outnumber lovers.” [my emphasis] There’s a fair amount of evidence that supports the belief that social skews negative. For example, this infographic compares reviews of hotels on TripAdvisor to reviews gathered by traditional [...]

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Demographic Segmentation: Soon To Be a Thing of the Past?

I’d like to challenge the conventional wisdom that gives too much credit to demographic segmentation as a way to define audiences and target them with products. I believe there’s a higher aim, which is meeting consumer needs. As marketers, I think we should prefer to target by unmet need rather than by demographic. (This approach, by the way, ties in with the currently popular methodology of Challenger Selling, which argues for approaching customers with unique insights about how they can save or make money.) Social media, when filtered intelligently, can reveal unmet needs. Segment by these needs and you have your product requirements. When [...]

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Insights From ad:tech 2013—Apply Them to This Year’s Conference

We used NetBase to analyze tweets from last year’s ad:tech show and want to share what we found. You may be able to use some of these insights to help shape your plans for the show next week. About Those Giveaways @MeetingBoy tweeted about what types of things were best for brands to give away, and his tweet got 12 retweets and 15 favorites—a lot for a B2B conference. The takeaway? If you’re a marketer in charge of finding ideas for schwag, stay away from “awful branded giveaways.” Better choices are good pens or USB drives over 1GB. The Engagement [...]

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Lessons From What the Twitterverse Saw at ARF 2013

I used NetBase to analyze tweets from last year’s ARF show to help us prepare our own marketing efforts there. See if you can use some of these insights in your planning for the show. Day Two: Tweeting Takes Off ARF 2013 started on March 17 but tweeting peaked the day after with 575 mentions. Guess everyone needed a day to get the lay of the land before they were ready to start commenting. Locals Rule More conference attendees were from New York than anywhere else. Here are the percentages of tweeters from various cities: New York       [...]

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Where the Locals Eat in San Francisco

NetBase is located near San Francisco—many of us live there—and we like to eat. So who better to offer some insider’s tips on restaurants for those of you attending the ad:tech conference? Here are some of my personal favorites and some recommendations from colleagues. If you have your own tips, share with others at ad:tech by tweeting #AdTechEats. Radius (1123 Folsom St.) – Epitomizing the Fresh/Local/Organic craze, Radius sources all ingredients from within 100 miles of San Francisco. Source (11 Division St.) – Menu translation: Moo, Cluck, Quack, and Oink. The sound animals make to say thank you for eating [...]

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Where the Locals Eat in New York City

NetBase has an office located in New York City – and our NetBase New Yorkers like to eat. So who better to offer some insider’s tips on restaurants for those of you attending the ARF Re⁞Think conference? Here are some recommendations by our NetBase New Yorkers of the best places to eat during your stay at the Big Apple.  If you have your own tips, share with others at ARF ReThink by tweeting #Rethink14Eats. City Bakery (3 W 18th St [Flatiron]) – Great for breakfast or a snack.  Get the pretzel croissant and hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. Taim (222 [...]

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Social Intelligence about Headphones – #4 Why So Negative?

[This is part of a series of recaps on this Sennheiser Social Intelligence report] One of the ways to break up the raw data is to sort mentions or posts by geographical location. In general, the US Geography map is very pretty to look at, since there’s typically a gradient that works itself artistically throughout the 50 states. But when I saw Sennheiser’s map, my first thought was this: If this map were for a presidential candidate’s ratings during the Iowa caucuses, he or she would have a heart attack. For some reason, sentiment about Sennheiser is very negative in [...]

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Lead Gen Technique: Know Your Customer’s Customer

This is one technique among a series I’m covering on conversation mining for lead generation. What if you knew your customer’s customer better than your customer did?  For instance, what if your product helps companies monitor their websites to ensure high-availability.  Wouldn’t it help to know the instant your prospect’s customers start complaining about the website? To use NetBase to know your customer’s customer, set up a topic for each of your prospects.  Look for negative spikes in their sentiment timeline and key things their consumers complain about.  NetBase’s alerting capability helps as well if time is of the essence [...]

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Is Twitter a Customer Service or a Marketing Channel?

Our partner J.D. Power & Associates recently published their 2013 Social Media Benchmark Study of consumer perception toward companies and their use of social media.  J.D. Power surveyed two kinds of social interactions—digital marketing and customer service. To build on their findings, I took a look at this same question but through a different lens.  At NetBase we are currently in beta testing with our Digital Channel Intelligence solution for Twitter.  Customers had been asking for a way to measure their effectiveness in the same two areas J.D. Power reported on.  So NetBase is gearing up to offer two key metrics as [...]

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