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What Retail Marketers Should Know About Dorms

Back to school can be one of the most fun times in social media since the demographic of publicly accessible sites such as Tumblr and Twitter skew young. Taking a look at kids going off to college, I was curious what they had to say about their dorms. Here’s an analysis of mentions of “my dorm”: As you’d probably expect, kids talk about their dorm as their moving into them in the late summer. But I was surprised to see they talk about their dorms again when they return from winter break. In 2014 we also saw an interesting spike [...]

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Man Shaves Beard Off After 14 Years, and Family Reacts in Shock, in Remarkable Razor Ad

Yesterday, AdWeek reported on an ad campaign promoting M6 Razorblades in which an Israeli man shaves his beard off after 14 years.  The commercial was filmed almost like a mini documentary and you get to experience the real emotional reaction from his wife, child, etc. Since the story delves into the man’s personal connection to his beard, I thought it would be interesting to get a broader perspective.  No time for a focus group or survey, I of course turned to our social media analytics which in a matter of minutes surfaced the top 10 things men like and dislike about their [...]

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Siri-ous Trouble

As someone with a title like Chief Innovation Officer, I probably should have been one of the first smart phone adopters. Truth be told, I didn’t jump on that bandwagon until an investor looked at my phone during a board meeting and teased me for having an “old man phone”. In my defense, I was actually an early adopter, but I got burned by the earliest Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) from Sharp. Does anyone remember the Sharp Wizard? Ok that was what I used back in the 90s! But it was so useless I decided to take a break from [...]

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Ready for Social Testimonial Advertising?

Long before social media came along, brands had learned that unsolicited positive testimonials from happy customers can be used as powerful marketing messages. It still holds true, of course, and now NetBase offers Social Testimonial Advertising, where companies can leverage positive comments in social. The new NetBase service, Social Testimonial Advertising, can help brands find the best testimonials and get them in front of specific audiences. Here’s how it works. Promoting Tweets To start, NetBase identifies organic tweets that contain highly positive comments about your products or services. We then get the author’s permission to use their tweet as a [...]

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Can Social Head Off Denial of Service Attacks?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—maybe even more in the case of damaging Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on your website. Sophisticated new functionality in NetBase can alert you to an impending attack, enabling you to take measures that can mitigate or avert the attack altogether. Catching a DDoS Early According to the Symantec website, “a denial-of-service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack involves an attempt to disrupt the normal functioning of a website or web service. In a typical DoS attack, the attacker will overload a site’s server with requests for access [...]

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NetBase’s Birth – Can We Build an Innovation Engine?

With the birth of the United States and our July 4th celebration upon us, it makes me think about when NetBase was 1st founded. In fact, NetBase celebrated its tenth anniversary in June. Here’s our founding story and why we came to exist. Understanding Innovation I was a young engineer working at Ariba in 2002, and had spent a year working on an innovative new product. But one day I got word that the project had been cancelled and all the work that my colleagues and I had done was thrown out. It was devastating—all my professional work up to [...]

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How a Teenager Helped NetBase Understand Emoticons

Because social media is heavily used by teenagers, the online conversation is sometimes foreign to the likes of our staff of adult Ph.D. computational linguists. A particularly thorny problem is analyzing emoticons for sentiment. Some are obvious: a smiley face :-) signifies positive and a sad face :-(  signifies negative. But there are thousands of other emoticons that express varying degrees of sentiment. How can a computer analyze the sentiment expressed by emoticons so that companies can make business decisions based on accurate, reliable data? Tanya Lee solved this key problem for NetBase. Working with our engineering team, Tanya developed [...]

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Understanding the Drivers Behind Brands and Online Word of Mouth

What prompts consumers to talk about a brand online vs. offline? Do social, functional or emotional drivers have the same influence on word of mouth in both channels? To find out, Mitch Lovett, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Simon School of Business, University of Rochester, and his colleagues used NetBase to investigate how the characteristics of a brand affect word of mouth (WOM) for the brand, both online and offline. The results of their research were published in the Journal of Marketing Research from the American Marketing Association. How Researchers Used NetBase For their study, Mitch and his colleagues constructed [...]

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Does Social Skew Negative?

It’s a common perception that there are more negative posts on social than positive. I was reminded of this the other day by an article in the San Francisco Chronicle. A sports columnist said, “In the Twitter world, where Warriors [basketball] fans opine and argue, you’ll find an anti-Jackson current, but that could be chalked up to the negative-skewing nature of social media, where haters seem to far outnumber lovers.” [my emphasis] There’s a fair amount of evidence that supports the belief that social skews negative. For example, this infographic compares reviews of hotels on TripAdvisor to reviews gathered by traditional [...]

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