When Your Brand Is in Crisis, Social Listening Is Your Superhero

 | Product Marketing Manager, NetBase
4th May 20164/05/16

It’s always better to be proactive than reactive – but some social flare-ups leave your brand with no choice but to react. When that happens, one wrong post can make things better – or much worse. On May 10 at 1 p.m. ET, we’ll be partnering with AdWeek for the webinar When Your Brand Is in Crisis: How to Track Reputation Repair on Social Media to talk about how social listening can keep your brand on the right side of disaster. Crises strike quickly, but real-time listening helps Lots of things can take down a brand – rumors about questionable […] Read more →

Why Understanding Ambiguity in Natural Language Processing Is A Game Changer

 | Computational Linguist, NetBase
2nd May 20162/05/16

“Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I’ll never know.” Why do we smile at Groucho Marx’s joke? Because it offers up the absurdly comical image of a half-ton animal wearing Groucho’s night clothes, a consequence of the fact that language is an ambiguous system. In Natural Language Processing (NLP), we are confronted every day with words and sentences that occupy multiple regions in the meaning space. How does NLP deal with an expression having two or more distinct denotations? In what respect is sentiment analysis connected to the efficacy of a […] Read more →

Accuracy Differentiators: Why Precision Matters in Consumer Sentiment Analysis

 | Senior Director of Product Marketing, NetBase
29th April 201629/04/16

There are different approaches to sentiment analysis, a major component of social listening. If you want out-of-the-box results, precision should top your list of “must-haves.” Here’s why. Precision drives action You can’t do anything meaningful with vague results. As nice as it is to know a lot of people like your brand – or don’t, as the case may be – that doesn’t give you a lot to work with. What kind of messaging can you offer, and what kind of innovating can you do, without specifics? These insights only allow you to paint in broad strokes and hope you’re […] Read more →

The Same but Different: Controlling for Language Use When Comparing Bilingual Audiences

 | Senior Data Scientist, NetBase
25th April 201625/04/16

Brands across the globe want to know about their audiences – which is why the NetBase platform understands 42 languages, including slang, sarcasm, and emojis. We regularly analyze data for audiences that speak each of these languages – but we hadn’t attempted to analyze a bilingual audience until recently. It proved to be an interesting challenge. Our marketing department had been following the election and wanted to discover the hot topics being discussed by Spanish speakers in the U.S. who had also been talking about the presidential election. Typically, this analysis involves a comparison against another audience with similar characteristics, […] Read more →

How Social Listening Enables Brands to Reach Latino Consumers

20th April 201620/04/16

One clear advantage social media offers is its ability to reach audiences globally – expanding the reach for all brands with global locations or ecommerce offerings. What do Latino consumers want? Let them tell you! The Latin American market is major. According to eMarketer, ecommerce sales alone are projected to surpass $66 billion by 2017 – with Brazil, Mexico and Argentina leading the pack. There’s a lot of potential – particularly for brands in line with those in the top categories in the region: Beer, Retail Brands, Communication Providers and Banking brand took the top five spots in the BrandZ […] Read more →

Business-Changing Social Analytics Secrets No One Wants to Tell You

 | Senior Lead Generation Manager, NetBase
18th April 201618/04/16

Brand leaders know social analytics are important to their business – but not everyone has mastered the art of expertly applying social insights. And those that have rarely share that intel. But on April 20, we’ll change that as we partner with the American Marketing Association for the webinar How Social Analytics Can Change Your Business: Secrets From the Pros. On hand will be a panel stacked with social media experts from the likes of Aetna, Fifth Third Bancorp, Elasticity, and NetBase: Laura Vargas,Chief Marketing Technologist at Aetna Shannon Paul, Vice President, Social Media at Fifth Third Bancorp Jason Falls, […] Read more →

Using Social Listening as an Industry Research Tool for Financial Brands

 | SVP for Digital Strategy, Elasticity
15th April 201615/04/16

As much as any consumer-facing brand, financial and banking brands can benefit from using social listening to uncover consumer sentiment about their organizations – and the industry overall. Yet many aren’t taking advantage of these tools. They should be – if for no other reason than it’s good customer service. Social monitoring so you can be alerted to, and solve, consumer issues is important – but there’s so much more to be learned when you apply the right social listening tools in the right ways. Brand research via social listening Financial marketers, like all marketers, know they need to understand […] Read more →

Social Listening Moving Toward Deeper Corporate Integration

13th April 201613/04/16

The value of social media is unquestionable – but there’s still a lot to learn about the extent of that value within the corporate setting. Incite Group’s recently released white paper, The State of Corporate Social Media 2016 offers a revealing look at where businesses’ use of social media is headed. Social monitoring is being embraced, but there’s still a learning curve Even as social is becoming a bigger part of corporate strategy – as three-quarters of respondents claim – one surprising finding is 67 percent still feel it’s not being integrated well enough. And that may be partly due to […] Read more →

Sentiment Could Have Saved Us – Using Consumer Passion to Avert Disasters

11th April 201611/04/16

Passion is a force to be reckoned with. When passion drives positive intentions, much can be accomplished – but when it drives negative ones, the fallout can be major. And passion just happens to be the driving force behind social media – so you’d better understand it, or the fallout could be your brand’s. The two sides of passion Not every post on social media is dripping with passion, but every post is arguably inspired by emotion on some level. Every social post falls into one of two categories: users sharing their own feelings, or inspiring others to feel something. […] Read more →

Sentiment Analysis Could Have Helped Sea World – Why Identifying Anger Matters

8th April 20168/04/16

Social media fails happen all the time, to even the most well-intentioned brands. But most scandals and reputation crises can be avoided if brands learn how to use consumer sentiment analysis to recognize the warning signs. Social listening tools offer early detection Some consumers come right out and tell you they’re unhappy. They put the dot in front of your Twitter handle, they state their complaint, and they hashtag it with something obvious like “#fail.” Not all complaints are so direct – but that doesn’t make them any less worthy of your attention. In fact, the more subtle complaints can […] Read more →

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