Overview of Natural Language Processing

6th July 20156/07/15

“NLP is not magic, but the results you can get sometimes seem almost magical.” —from Author: Wei Li, Chief Scientist The lack of standardized technical terminology in constantly evolving technology areas like Natural Language Processing (NLP) can make discussions about this technology challenging for a few reasons: New researchers can be overwhelmed by an ever-growing and confusing list of technical terms Different researchers may have different terms for the same concept Terms can be ambiguous or refer to different things in different people’s minds Without a clear consensus, the burden falls on the tech community to decode the semantics or [...] Read more →

New Enhancements: Flexible Sentiment Classification

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
30th June 201530/06/15

No one knows your business better than you. That’s why NetBase is giving you more power with the most flexible analysis right inside the platform. In June, we’ve enhanced the platform with flexible Sentiment Classification that assures you have the most accurate analysis with the ability to adjust the sentiment of any post. We already have the most accurate sentiment analysis on the market, allowing brands and agencies to gain the most nuanced view of consumer perceptions. However, there are situations where users want to go beyond automated classification for a more tailored analysis. Here is how our clients are [...] Read more →

How to Head Off Social Slip-ups Using Visual Analytics

 |  VP of Marketing, NetBase
24th June 201524/06/15

Why are so many brands still getting it wrong and making avoidable social slip-ups? Major brands like the Washington Redskins, Victoria’s Secret, and SeaWorld  – to name a few –have ended up in the spotlight for the wrong reason by ignoring (or missing) a big piece of the social data puzzle: Emotion. Or, as we like to call it at NetBase – Passion. If you think passion doesn’t matter, visit the comment thread of any popular blog and watch the sparks fly. On social media, it’s not logic that wins the day, it’s passion. How will your campaign make people [...] Read more →

Compelling Imagery Isn’t Always Valuable

 |  VP of Marketing, NetBase
22nd June 201522/06/15

Remember Doug, the dog from the movie “Up?” The one who (like most dogs) has his attention pulled mid-thought by a passing squirrel? (You can check him out or refresh your memory here.) The human version of the joke claims that “Shiny!” things compel us away from more important pursuits. Sounds a lot like social media, doesn’t it? That’s not to say there isn’t useful information available on social media – there certainly is – but amidst the memes and clickbait and spam, it can be hard to keep your eyes on the prize. Even for brands possessing the resources [...] Read more →

Have Questions About Social Analytics – or About Anything? Ask Our CMO!

 |  VP of Marketing, NetBase
17th June 201517/06/15

Shopping solutions to help analyze your data can feel as overwhelming as the data at times! Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just ASK someone with a deep knowledge of the space for their thoughts around everything social data, from where social data is headed to what brands should be focusing on as it continues to evolve? Well, now you can. NetBase Ask Our CMO Series offers direct access to our CMO Pernille Bruun-Jensen. She’ll be sharing her experienced understanding of the space and answering your questions to help your organization make smart decisions and keep pace with the [...] Read more →

Introducing the Data You Can SEE Suite

 |  VP of Marketing, NetBase
15th June 201515/06/15

Our NetBase LIVE Pulse™ dashboard has always offered the opportunity to monitor brand, campaign, category and competitor performance in real-time while tracking emerging trend information that can alert brands to a crisis brewing; but now, we’ve added two new product suite offerings that will allow brands to take their social listening to new, more deeply-integrated heights. Introducing NetBase LIVE Pulse Mashup and NetBase Live Pulse Unleashed. These new additions were created with key decision-makers in mind, designed to work within the short time-frames they often have to absorb crucial data and take action. It’s social listening for the C-suite – [...] Read more →

4 Ways to Win With NetBase LIVE Pulse™ Mashup

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
11th June 201511/06/15

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition in the LIVE Pulse suite — NetBase LIVE Pulse Mashup. Previously, NetBase customers already had access to LIVE Pulses with real-time accurate social information for Brand (brand health), Leader Board (most engaging content) and Image (most shared images). The new LIVE Pulse Mashup brings together social data with business KPIs into real-time dashboards to help companies make accurate, instant decisions. The LIVE Pulse Difference Now, instead of waiting for print reports to reach your desk, these real-time dashboards can inform you and your team in real-time in your command center, boardroom, on a [...] Read more →

NetBase Joins Twitter Official Partner Program

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
10th June 201510/06/15

We are excited to announce today that NetBase is now Twitter Official Partner. The Twitter Official Partner Program is open to select, leading B2B product and service providers to make the platform even more useful to business. This partnership is a huge validation of our status as the leading enterprise-scale social media analytics company and the valuable relationship we have built with Twitter over the years. Twitter is one of the most important global sources of social media information helping companies hear consumer voice and react to customer needs in real-time. Over the last few years, we’ve built a strong [...] Read more →

Brand Passion and Banking

 |  VP of Marketing, NetBase
4th June 20154/06/15

Banking. Passion. While these two terms seem unlikely bedfellows, if you view them together within a social media context they go hand in hand – because social media analysis is tantamount to useless without accounting for consumer emotion. Here’s why measuring consumer emotions matters: It allows banking brands to be predictive about upswings and downturns It means knowing (instead of assuming) whether consumers are in love (or not) with your brand so you can take targeted actions You can’t beat the competition unless you know where they’re besting you Emotional trends can reveal patterns that correlate to revenue trends In [...] Read more →

Data Visualization Helping C-Suite Keep Pace with Speed of Social

 |  VP of Marketing, NetBase
28th May 201528/05/15

It’s not easy to tell a story in 140 characters. No wonder we use images so often in our social posts. In our fast-paced, short-attention-span world, we rely on visuals to fill in the rest of the “thousand words” of the message we want to convey – and it works. We’ve been thinking about images at NetBase lately. Well, we’re always looking for new ways to mine the content shared on social media for actionable insights gleaned from user behaviors and emotions – like our new firehose alliance with Tumblr which gives us access to this visually-oriented social network’s data, [...] Read more →

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