The Best Accessory at New York Fashion Week Is Real-Time Social Listening

13th February 201613/02/16

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) kicked off on Thursday and everyone who’s everyone is following the shows on social media – and WE’RE following the action ourselves using NetBase LIVE Pulse™ to track trends in real-time. Want to know what fashionistas are feeling about the collections, the celeb sightings, and everything else? Follow along with us! Your social media command center is as good as a front row seat Fashion lovers and stars love to tweet from the runway shows, and they’re talking about everything from Kanye West’s newest line of athletic wear, to the supplies in their Hermes handbags […] Read more →

Inside The Minds Of Music Fans: Social Media Listening & The GRAMMYs

12th February 201612/02/16

The 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards are just a few days away, and music fans the world over are already singing nominees’ praises on Twitter. Here’s what we found when we tuned in – and how marketers can tap into the GRAMMYs to get more out of their campaigns: Who cares about the GRAMMYs? Net sentiment towards the GRAMMYs is generally positive, with the emotions cloud showing high levels of excitement and support for nominees. The negative emotions seem to stem from people who aren’t engaged with the awards at all (for example, “boring,” “stupid,” and “not care about”) although there’s still […] Read more →

Facebook Topic Data Now Available for Marketers Everywhere

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
11th February 201611/02/16

 Our ability to offer marketers a full, dimensional social picture is something we pride ourselves on. And it’s about to get better. Starting February 9, NetBase customers will have access to the anonymized, aggregated data of 1.59 billion Facebook members, and the insights that come with Facebook topic data. Here’s why we’re excited – and why you should be too. Creating a foundation with the world’s largest social platform Opening the doors to Facebook’s 1.59 billion members – 70% of whom are active daily – gives brands and marketers the opportunity to fill a major gap in their social analytics, […] Read more →

Total #Slayage of Social Listening: Are You Listening, Music Studios?

10th February 201610/02/16

This isn’t funny. Millions of Americans have suffered from anxiety-ridden nights: we tossed and turned; our stomachs churned; we called our loved ones to see if they were okay. Queen Bey’s recent delivery of “Formation” slayed us (hashtag: #slayage) on a Saturday, and my biggest fear was that she’d drop an album and I’d miss out on the formative moments of communal enjoyment. But am I being hyperbolic? To those Beyoncé lovers out there who were screaming “yaaaaas” in monotonic unison upon the release of “Formation,” I am probably understating the emotion. Music is an experience. For some, it’s even […] Read more →

Why We Didn’t Quit CVS When CVS Quit Tobacco

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
9th February 20169/02/16

As brands evolve over time, there are lots of challenges  to consider if they’re to balance customer and shareholder happiness during periods of growth or decline. For most, how consumers feel about their brand is top of that ‘challenge’ list. Take CVS, who announced in February 2014 that they planned to discontinue sales of all tobacco products in their stores nationwide by that October – a move that would cost an estimated $2 billion in sales [Source: CVS Stores Stop Selling All Tobacco Products, NY Times, Sept. 3, 2014], and the potential exodus of their smoking customers. You have to […] Read more →

Social Media Monitoring and Selling Tools Complement – Not Replace – Traditional Techniques

8th February 20168/02/16

Although it seems like traditional marketing methods like print, mail, etc. are obsolete, they can still work, depending on who you are and who you need to reach. But when you add social media monitoring and data to your traditional methods, they work even better. Keep the best, update the rest “Traditional” isn’t a dirty word. Just because the digital space is wide, varied, and full of great insights, doesn’t mean you want to just toss your print and TV budgets into the wind. Even traditional research techniques, like focus groups, can still be useful if you’re trying to reach […] Read more →

The ‘Proving’ Tool Makes the Case for Social Media Listening

 | Jr. Brand Planner & Strategist, Fitzgerald & Co.
7th February 20167/02/16

As of now, we have had NetBase for about a year, and I can say we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. NetBase has proven itself to be an important learning tool for us, and a crucial “proving” tool for our clients. The best way we use NetBase, and the way we have learned the most about the tool itself, is in creating dashboards that auto-update for each of our current and potential clients and industries. I learned fairly quickly that NetBase is an irreplaceable social media monitoring tool for dissecting unfamiliar brands and industries for new business […] Read more →

Using Social Media Listening to Track Trends Before and During the Super Bowl

6th February 20166/02/16

Ever wonder what it’s like in the command center of a major brand during a national event like the Super Bowl?  This weekend you can get a glimpse of the experience by following our Super Bowl LIVE Pulses. These live social dashboards give brands in-the-moment insights – and for the next few days you can follow along as we take a look at the social conversations happening around the NFL’s biggest annual match-up. Lessons in LIVE The Super Bowl, like life, happens in real-time. That means marketers hoping to capitalize on the hype surrounding the game need a real-time view […] Read more →

Social Media Due Diligence – The Key to Consumer Connections Across Platforms

 | Senior Lead Generation Manager, NetBase
5th February 20165/02/16

Social intelligence is more than a buzzword – and it’s more than something brands can use to find out what’s being said about THEM online. The goal now is to get to know CONSUMERS – because doing so is what gets the results brands want. How? Find out on February 10th  during the presentation, “Powering and Optimizing Your Brand with Social Intelligence” at the Social Media Summit in Las Vegas. Ryan Taketa, Product Marketing Manager at NetBase, and Ted Tagalakis, Director of Marketing Science and Digital Strategy at Ames Scullin O’Haire Advertising, will show you how one brand turned around […] Read more →

If Tweets Were Votes, Who Would Win Iowa?

 | Content Strategist, Santy
4th February 20164/02/16

It’s election season! That means millions of Americans taking to the Internet to express their opinions about who should be in charge of running our country. Yay! Free speech! What with all of the tweeting, posting and tumbr-ing going on, I decided to pose a question – could measuring social conversations about candidates be an accurate way to predict the outcome of the presidential election? I’m talking beyond the polls, or what comes from the media. It seems like understanding the stuff real people say online (when no one asks them) is important. While I usually care a lot more about […] Read more →

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