Planning Ahead for SXSW: Tips You Need to Know

 | Marketing Content, Netbase  | 
1st September 20151/09/15

If you’ve never attended SXSW, the annual festival/conference held every March in Austin TX, you’ve likely heard of it. If you somehow haven’t, it’s THE place to be for creators and fans of music, film, and technology to see what’s new, hear from the brightest minds in a host of industries, and network like they never have before. But even for seasoned veterans it can be overwhelming. If you want to get the most out of it (and if you don’t, why go?), planning ahead is key. The SXSW first timers’ guide advises attendees to “Find a SXSW Friend” – [...] Read more →

VMAs Pulsing Live At NetBase!

 | Marketing Content, Netbase  | 
27th August 201527/08/15

Got plans for Sunday, August 30 at 9/8 CST? Of course you do. You will be watching MTV Video Music Awards. More importantly, you’ll want to tune into NetBases’s LIVE Pulse™ during the broadcast and spend the evening with me watching the net sentiment as it develops around the nominees and their hijinks. I will be offering real-time analysis of it all via the Twitter widget, visible on our LIVE Pulse page, to help you make sense of the data as it develops. And as always with the VMA’s, there’s bound to be drama galore. Some things to expect: Miley [...] Read more →

What Retail Marketers Should Know About Dorms

 | Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase  | 
26th August 201526/08/15

Back to school can be one of the most fun times in social media since the demographic of publicly accessible sites such as Tumblr and Twitter skew young. Taking a look at kids going off to college, I was curious what they had to say about their dorms. Here’s an analysis of mentions of “my dorm”: As you’d probably expect, kids talk about their dorm as their moving into them in the late summer. But I was surprised to see they talk about their dorms again when they return from winter break. In 2014 we also saw an interesting spike [...] Read more →

New Audience Fingerprints for Audience Segmentation & Analytics

 | Marketing Manager, NetBase  | 
25th August 201525/08/15

Every marketer does customer segmentation in order to understand the audience and create customized marketing programs that speak to targeted segments. Segmentation based on social media analytics was not possible until recently. With the proliferation of social around the world – Twitter for instance has 304M monthly active users – and the advancements in big data analytics, it is finally possible to translate marketing segments into social sphere. NetBase is delighted to bring its latest enhancement, Audience Fingerprints, to you. Audience Fingerprints help translate custom segments into the social sphere for deeper insight. Further, Audience Fingerprints help you understand what [...] Read more →

Understanding Beliebers: Word2Vec + Twitter

 | Data Science Engineer, NetBase
24th August 201524/08/15

Do you know what an “Arianator” is? Even if you have never seen the term before, you can intuit its meaning when it occurs alongside another word used in a similar way. Here is “Arianator” used in the same context as “Belieber”: Arianators are the best fandom!!! We love ari! Beliebers are the best fandom! Anyone who has studied for the SAT knows that when you come across a word you don’t know in a passage, you should treat the words around it as clues to help you understand its meaning. This is especially useful given the ever-changing nature of [...] Read more →

A Quick Glance Inside the NetBase Analytic Platform

 | NL Platform Team Manager, NetBase  | 
21st August 201521/08/15

Over the years, the NetBase Platform team has solved many interesting, yet challenging, problems and built a powerful analytic platform that is capable of analyzing hundreds of millions of documents per day with near real-time latency. Here is a quick look at a few components across the NetBase analytic platform. Data Acquisition We run many flavors of data connectors and downloaders connecting to a variety of data sources, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, and other news, blogs, and forum sites. Some data connectors are streaming endpoints, some are RESTful APIs, and some use SFTP to [...] Read more →

School Yourself on Your Competition During Back-to-School Shopping

 | Chief Marketing Officer, NetBase  | 
20th August 201520/08/15

With so many consumers spending on back-to-school gear in the coming few weeks, there’s sure to be an uptick in social media discussions about the brands supplying said gear – which equals a huge opportunity for brands to collect some serious social data about themselves and their competitors. Back-to-school is the perfect time for brands in multiple categories – from clothing to office supplies to electronics – to find out: How they compare to competitors How they’re perceived by consumers in multiple demographics What trends are emerging that could lead into the holidays Yes, the holidays. They’re only a couple [...] Read more →

Why Visualization Matters for the CMO

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
19th August 201519/08/15

Can boardrooms afford to look the other way on social? The answer to the question is a resounding NO. There’s more opportunity than ever before to access, distill and visualize social information in a way that helps executives mitigate risk, sustain positive brand sentiment, and ultimately connect with more customers to grow business. The visualization of social media — and social media analytics — is the next logical step for the boardroom. Which means it absolutely needs to be the next step for today’s CMOs. The Power of an Image Devices and the social network have empowered us to have [...] Read more →

The Best Infographic Ideas and Topics

18th August 201518/08/15

Are you looking to increase visitors to your website, gain awareness of your brand and generate engagement with your audience? Consider turning toward a content marketing strategy. Why? Content marketing is well intertwined in the SEO landscape today – with quality content being a prominent factor for search engine visibility. In particular, infographics can be leveraged for brand and SEO gain. You may think the infographic realm seems a bit saturated at times, and you are not alone. I challenge you to consider the success and tips for infographic ideas below. Well-thought-out infographic topics, quality material and proper execution can be [...] Read more →

How to Source New Product Ideas Using Social Listening

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
17th August 201517/08/15

Because sourcing ideas for new products and services falls under the innovation umbrella, some companies may look at it as something that happens off in a Research & Development silo, where social media doesn’t apply – but nothing could be further from the truth. Think about it – companies create new products to SELL to their customers. If they don’t consider their needs, desires, and behaviors in the process, they’re innovating simply for the sake of it – and not many companies can afford to do that. And yet, too many brands have been slow to embrace the idea of [...] Read more →

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