Why Do European Brands Dominate the Global Luxury Conversation?

 |  CMO, NetBase
25th July 201525/07/15

What is it about luxury brands – those of European origin in particular – that have the global consumer so smitten? At a time when many economies across the globe are far from thriving, people will still save for that irresistible item that they cannot seemingly live without. Or simply buy it on credit. Why are we so passionate about luxury brands – and who is a luxury brand in the consumer’s eye? Here are a few theories: The identity factor – Whether you’re struggling to make the rent or carefully balancing a budget, a Louis Vuitton purse puts up [...] Read more →

Siri-ous Trouble

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
24th July 201524/07/15

As someone with a title like Chief Innovation Officer, I probably should have been one of the first smart phone adopters. Truth be told, I didn’t jump on that bandwagon until an investor looked at my phone during a board meeting and teased me for having an “old man phone”. In my defense, I was actually an early adopter, but I got burned by the earliest Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) from Sharp. Does anyone remember the Sharp Wizard? Ok that was what I used back in the 90s! But it was so useless I decided to take a break from [...] Read more →

Finding Daily “Dunk in the Dark” Moments to Drive Supernormal Growth, and Why Most Brands Are Failing to Achieve That

 |  Chairman & CEO, NetBase
23rd July 201523/07/15

During the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII, a power outage halted play for 34 minutes. Oreo tweeted: “Power out? No problem,” along with a photo featuring the now-famous tagline, “You can still dunk in the dark.” Oreo’s marketing reflexes were something magical on that day. Surely, they couldn’t have predicted a power outage, yet it took them less than a half-hour to deliver one of the most memorable advertisements in the past few years. To date, the tweet has garnered more than 6,000 ‘favorites’ and more than 15,000 re-tweets – and it’s possibly still the most unforgettable part of [...] Read more →

Haute Couture – When Birds Of A Feather Don’t Flock Together

22nd July 201522/07/15

As pink ostrich feathers took flight at Sotheby’s inaugural haute couture auction in Paris last week,  which featured vintage gowns from Didier Ludot’s collection, the Balenciaga gown that plucked top dollar at auction where the entire lot sold out at triple pre-sale estimates—birds of a like feather were spreading their plumes in sometimes phantasmagorical settings at Haute Couture Fashion Week 2015 in Paris and Rome. But birds of a feather don’t always flock together. Given the escalating pressures to produce 12 collections annually, plus a couture label, and maybe your own eponymous collection, there is a trend aloft to go off-piste, wherein designers literally escort [...] Read more →

Join NetBase on Our Brand Innovators Speaking Tour

20th July 201520/07/15

Author: Hope Nguyen, VP Marketing We’re hitting the road this summer and fall to bring insights surrounding NetBase’s brand of sentiment-driven consumer social analytics to audiences at a number of Brand Innovators Summits across the U.S. and beyond – and we want YOU to join us! Brand Innovators Summits bring together a variety of key stakeholders and experts in the social space – from client side CMOs to media directors, brand marketers, and more – to share their expertise on the way social media and social data are evolving, and how brands can best wrangle these shifting technologies for maximum [...] Read more →

Men’s Fashion: Even Punk Doesn’t Sacrifice Tailoring

 |  Principal, Localspeak
16th July 201516/07/15

Last month’s Fashion Week flurry of Spring/Summer 2016 Men’s Collections staged in London, Paris and Milan revealed both distinct trends and divergences among presenting designers.  In an attempt to unravel and decipher what some fashion pundits suggested was an ‘anything goes’ hodgepodge of trends in men’s fashion, I ran a social media analysis in NetBase.  The resulting Crosstab analysis in this post is an attempt to provide a glimpse of some of the themes pervading men’s fashion, where they might intersect, and to identify brands leading the narrative.   The Paris Men’s collection garnered significantly higher discussion around Street Style-both [...] Read more →

Connect with Other NetBase Users at Our Summer Meetup in NYC

15th July 201515/07/15

On August 12, 2015 NetBase is hosting a Meetup in New York City to bring our clients together for a fun, informal event where they can share their experiences and hear how others are using NetBase to create value for their organizations and brands on social media. Because there’s no better place to gain a fresh perspective or learn new tricks than in a room full of people using a product you use (or are thinking of using), hearing them share their struggles and success! What might you hear about? How NetBase harnesses consumer emotions on social to foster a [...] Read more →

Automated Survey Based on Social Media

 |  Chief Scientist, NetBase
15th July 201515/07/15

Author: Wei Li, Chief Scientist Automated surveys, using social media as sources, will eventually largely replace manual surveys. This is an inevitable outcome because social media has become the main outlet of public opinion, and technology continues to offer deeper analytical options for this readily available social data. Automated surveys, or auto-polls, use computers to collect public opinions and sentiments on a topic. By parsing social media big data and mining salient information (facts, evaluations and emotions), we can understand social users’ views about any topic, and use that understanding to inform key business decisions. This Artificial Intelligence already offers numerous [...] Read more →

Men’s Fashion Week Europe – Snapshot Theme Analysis

 |  Principal, Localspeak
13th July 201513/07/15

Last month’s Fashion Week flurry of Men’s Collections staged in London, Paris and Milan revealed both distinct trends and divergences among presenting designers. The NetBase Crosstab analyses in this post provide a glimpse. The Paris Men’s collection garnered significantly higher discussion around Street Style—both on and off the runway—further underscored by mentions of leisure attire. Discussion about sneakers and the prominent parading of designer brands at shows—worn by models and attendants—reinforced the notable design trend toward more casual athleisure and unstructured men’s designs. However, tailoring was not sacrificed for comfort. Designers at the European Men’s shows were also applauded for [...] Read more →

Assign Unique Meaning and Organize Posts with the New PowerTags

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
9th July 20159/07/15

We’re excited to unveil NetBase PowerTags – a new enhancement to give you the flexibility for powerful storytelling. PowerTags enable you to assign meaning, so you can work smarter right inside NetBase. NetBase has always allowed you to hear consumer voice with unlimited access to posts as well as understand industry trends with our broad Themes. Now, we are giving you the power to assign to individual posts unique meaning so you can revisit them whenever you want. Excited? Intrigued? – read on to hear what it means for your business. Develop Creative Ideas Faster As more brands and agencies [...] Read more →

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