Trends in VR Advertising: Part 2

 | Associate Social Media Manager, Petrol Advertising
27th May 201627/05/16

This article is part 2 of a 3 part series. View part 1 for an overview of our research. Virtual Reality is now reality.   With hundreds of millions of dollars invested in VR technology and content to date, venture capitalists and heavyweight backers like Sony, Disney, Samsung, Facebook and Comcast are betting on a breakout year in 2016 for Virtual Reality.  Our Research team embarked on a comprehensive study of VR’s growth this year.  We analyzed thousands of articles, blogs, and social posts to find insights into what people think about Virtual Reality and what lies ahead. Conversation Trends Significant […] Read more →

How Chipotle Used Social Listening to Turn Things Around

 | Senior Lead Generation Manager, NetBase
25th May 201625/05/16

Restaurant brands can be forgiven for thinking “Better them than me” during the recent Chipotle E. coli and norovirus outbreaks. Such brand crises can be devastating – especially with social media fanning the flames. This morning at 10:00 AM PT we’ll talk about what Chipotle could have done differently, and how all brands can better manage crises during the webinar Measuring the Success of Chipotle’s Crisis Response on Social Media, co-hosted by the American Marketing Association. Consumer sentiment predicts the coming storm One reason brands find themselves so deeply immersed in a crisis is reacting too late to a clear and […] Read more →

Stance Demonstrates the Power and Passion of Social Influencers with its ‘Punks & Poets’

23rd May 201623/05/16

At a time when consumers turn to each other to inform their buying choices, social influencers play a big role in every brand’s digital marketing strategy. If you’re not using social listening to find and leverage these powerful voices, you’re doing it wrong. So how do you identify those “passionate” influencers – the ones with a dedicated social following proving they’ve earned the trust of many – and channel that passion into your own brand? Short answer: consumer sentiment analysis. If that sounds out of reach, our latest Success Story proves it’s possible with a shoestring budget. Wanted: Punks and […] Read more →

Customer Service Goes Public

 | Chairman & CEO, NetBase  | 
22nd May 201622/05/16

It used to be an advertiser’s world. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and television shows were but mere vehicles for the advertisers paying the bills. Soap operas derived their very name from the commercials featured during broadcast. Where are the soap operas now? But for a few soldiering on, they’ve all faded away — some after 50 years of daily airtime. The internet, and most importantly, social media, have brought changes — the most important being an unexpected message to marketers and brands: You’re no longer in charge. And one angry consumer can change your world. The rise of the consumer-centric landscape […] Read more →

Trends in VR Advertising: Part 1

 | Associate Social Media Manager, Petrol Advertising
20th May 201620/05/16

Introduction Imagine being able to sit in an F16 fighter jet as you go on a reconnaissance mission, or explore the cosmos without a space suit, take a walk through Ancient Rome, or sit on the 50-yard line at your favorite team’s Sunday game. Now, imagine a single device that could provide all of these experiences from the comfort of your own home. What do people think of Virtual Reality? What industries and organizations are putting significant resources into VR technology and content? Who are the market-leaders, where are the growth opportunities and what are the challenges ahead for this […] Read more →

Which European Brands Get the Most Consumer Love? Here’s Our Top 50!

18th May 201618/05/16

What can you learn when you analyze the love consumers share for your brand? That’s what our latest Brand Passion Report 2016: Top 50 European Brand Love List explores. Measuring love offers both insight into how consumers view your brand positively while also enabling the evaluation of that intensity.  It reveals where you should focus your own passion when it comes to marketing strategies and more. For example, examining English language data across 5 million earned mention posts from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, we found 10% of the top 50 most-loved European brands were tech brands. And yet, […] Read more →

Investigating Spikes in Social Media Conversations

 | Social Analyst, NetBase
16th May 201616/05/16

Conversation spikes offer exceptional audience insight – and uncovering the information hidden within those spikes requires a little investigating. If you’re already using NetBase, this post will guide that thinking. And if you’re not using NetBase yet and would like to see this in action, reach out! When you begin to analyze your topic, you’ll want to begin by understanding what, specifically is driving spikes for your Topic’s conversation. Doing this will help uncover trends, influential users in your conversation, and even clean your topic of any outliers or irrelevant conversations. Step 1 – Understand if Sentiment is the Driver […] Read more →

How Social Listening Helps Agencies Better Target Ad Buys

 | Senior Director of Product Marketing, NetBase
14th May 201614/05/16

Social listening isn’t just for crafting digital marketing campaigns or monitoring what your audience is saying about you. Social listening platforms can also be used by agencies to inform paid media strategies, keep your budget on track, and ensure your brands get the ROI they deserve. Social listening tells you who your audience is With paid media, potential impressions matter. You can’t spend ad dollars any old place you want – you have to spend where it makes sense. But you can’t know where your audience is until you know who your audience is – and the more specific, the […] Read more →

What’s Your Social Media Competitive IQ?

13th May 201613/05/16

Social media monitoring tools not only inform brands about consumers, but they enhance growth and stimulate improvement by teaching about where competitors have gone wrong and what they’re doing right. So what, exactly, can you learn from the competition on social? Measures for realistic goal-setting Targeting the competition on social media helps you develop measurable, realistic goals for your brand by comparison. Simply saying, “let’s grow our social channels by, say, 25%” without concrete reasons for choosing that number is a set-up for failure. With social listening, gone are the days of throwing out arbitrary numbers and hoping for the […] Read more →

NetBase On Tour: Social Listening Success Stories Heading Your Way

 | Senior Lead Generation Manager, NetBase
11th May 201611/05/16

When you know something works, and have the testimonials to prove it, it’s natural to want to sing it out from the rooftops – or across the country. This month we’ll be singing out the good word on behalf of some brands we’ve worked with recently. Here’s where to find us, and when. Thursday May 12, San Francisco, CA – Brand Innovators Social Media Summits Country record label Universal Music Group Nashville (UMG) has been in the game long enough to know award show wins equal a major uptick in record sales. When their artist Luke Bryan was nominated for […] Read more →

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