Is Your Social Listening Software Capturing Trends? It Matters

27th June 201627/06/16

One essential use of social listening software is to spot emerging industry and consumer trends so your brand is always up to date. But being current with how you apply the software itself is just as paramount. Our new ebook 5 Hottest Trends in Social Analytics outlines the newest ways to get the most from your social monitoring tools, and why you need to. Here’s a taste: Get a more precise and complete big picture Social insights are meant to drive actions, but making decisions is difficult if those insights are incomplete or inaccurate. Every channel must be included in […] Read more →

Social Analytics Isn’t Enough When the Bar is Set Too Low

 | Chairman & CEO, NetBase  | 
25th June 201625/06/16

Social media analytics has become a business must-have, allowing brands to extract actionable data from consumer output. But not all options are created equal, and some may do more harm than good. Here’s what brands must consider to pick a platform that maximizes ROI and engages with consumers on a meaningful level: Budgeting Historically, any spend relating to social media has come out of Marketing’s budget. This is supported by Incite Group’s The State of Corporate Social Media 2016 white paper. Of the 1200 business leaders surveyed, “65% are still in strong agreement that the execution of social media strategy is a core […] Read more →

Not Getting Enough from Your Social Listening Tools? Change Your Perspective

24th June 201624/06/16

Though most brands and businesses are sold on the benefits of social intelligence, not all marketers are clear on how best to apply social listening tools. It’s less about numbers than it is about your audience – and understanding what drives their behavior on social media. Our newest white paper, The Audience Perspective: How Innovation In Social Listening Ignites Marketing Success, by digital strategist Jason Falls, talks about why audience-centric marketing is so crucial. One reason is that brands want more from social data – and rightly so. As social monitoring technology has progressed, the use cases for social media […] Read more →

Social Listening Just Got More Precise With Our Naruto Update

22nd June 201622/06/16

They say “timing is everything,” and it’s true with social listening too. That’s why we regularly update our products to keep pace with changes in the social landscape, and to give our customers greater accuracy with their data.Our latest update, Naruto – after the protagonist of the anime and manga franchise of the same name – lets brands filter insights using time in a new and better way. The more you know, the better your engagement With social data, more is more. The better you can understand what drives consumer behaviors, the better you can engage them. It’s important to […] Read more →

ASO Advertising Uses Social Listening to Net Major Win for Georgia Aquarium

20th June 201620/06/16

Thinking you know what your customers want, and actually knowing, are two different things. This is why social listening is such a crucial component of any brand’s marketing strategy – and it’s why agencies like Ames Scullin O’Haire (ASO) use NetBase to provide key insights for their clients. Making the status quo appealing One such client is the Georgia Aquarium, who needed a campaign to bring more visitors to the aquarium in 2015 – even though there were no new exhibits launching that year. This is something any brand can relate to – the time “between” campaigns. It’s easy enough […] Read more →

How Social Listening Increased Record Sales for Luke Bryan and UMG

17th June 201617/06/16

Social listening is important to connecting with your audience, and engaging them in social conversations. But the real benefits are clear when you see a direct correlation to increased revenue. Universal Music Group (UMG) Nashville saw such results during a recent campaign for their artist Luke Bryan – which is the subject of our newest Success Story. Social listening helps you make the most of huge opportunities When UMG’s artist Luke Bryan was nominated for the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year award, the label knew they had to make the most of it. Past experience told them […] Read more →

Furthering the Growth of the Social Data Industry at Big Boulder Conference

15th June 201615/06/16

This June 23 and 24, NetBase is sending some key delegates to participate in the 2016 Big Boulder conference in Boulder, Colorado. Here are four reasons we’re excited to attend: 1. Having a voice in the burgeoning social data industry. The Big Boulder Initiative site states “The Big Boulder Initiative was created to establish the foundation for the long-term success of the social data industry,” and that’s an important mission. In some ways we already take social media, and the data it powers, for granted – but the reality is it’s an evolving field. The BBI is centered around the […] Read more →

Social Sentiment Analysis Sets Smartphone Brand Up for Viral Success

 | Senior Lead Generation Manager, NetBase
13th June 201613/06/16

What makes a marketing campaign go viral? There might not be a guaranteed formula, but there are definitely ways to use social listening to increase your chances. Those ways, and how they helped a major smartphone manufacturer reach viral success, are the subject of our upcoming webinar How Social Goes Viral: An In-Depth Look at a Top Smartphone Campaign, hosted by Adweek. The webinar takes place Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 10:00 AM Pacific time, and will go in-depth on how a top rap star and popular catchphrase inspired more than 30 million social views for that major smartphone brand. […] Read more →

Taking Real-Time Data Visualization Further With Minions Update

10th June 201610/06/16

When decisions need to happen in real-time, it’s vital for information to be immediately available and easy to understand. Data visualization is the best way to accomplish that – and we’ve just made it easier. Our newest update, the Minions Release – named after the wide-eyed, curious creatures from the Despicable Me and Minions movies – has improved bubble chart visualization in our Demographics and Index widgets. Before we show you how, let’s refresh why real-time data, and visualization of it, is so important. The need for speed in social listening Having social data readily available means brands and marketers […] Read more →

5 Lessons in Social Listening from the Top 100 Restaurant Brands on Social Media

9th June 20169/06/16

Few brands are as “in the trenches” as restaurants, as far as consumer impact and feedback are concerned. Which restaurant brands are tops with diners, and why? That’s what the new NetBase Social Media Industry Report 2016: Restaurant Brands is all about. What do consumers love about their favorite restaurants? We analyzed top trends and overall performance of leading restaurant brands as discussed across social channels, focusing on the top 100 within the Quick Service (QS), Fast Casual (FC), and Casual Dining (CD) segments. We also looked at Net Sentiment to assess whether diners’ emotions were positive or negative, and Passion […] Read more →

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