Getting Ready for the Holidays? Use Social Data to Drive Success of Your Holiday Promotions

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
5th October 20155/10/15

The kids are just back to school, and in parts of the country where such things happen, the leaves have barely started turning – but that doesn’t mean it’s too early for brands to turn their attention to the upcoming holiday season. In fact, now is the ideal time to look at social data from previous years to predict trends emerging for this season. Why? The recent back-to-school shopping period offers brands a perfect data sample of what consumers desire right now – and it’s the most current model they’ll have for the upcoming holiday boom. Spotting trends in real-time [...] Read more →

London Fashion Week Flexes Its Tech Appeal

 | Principal, Localspeak,
2nd October 20152/10/15

In a sure sign of the dethroning of oligarchic fashion, the British Fashion Council (BFC), yielding to its ruling “chic” progeny, moved this season’s London Fashion Week (LFW) from the stately Somerset House to an active Brewster Street car park in Soho. In stark contrast to Somerset House, a palatial Neoclassical structure once home to the future Queen Elizabeth I, Soho, with an erstwhile reputation of ill-repute for most of the 20th century, is now a diverse, vibrant creative hub, seat to a new fashion and media elite. With a £26 billion (US$39.6 billion) UK annual fashion market at stake, [...] Read more →

Join us for our NetBase Customer Meetups

 | Marketing Content, Netbase  | 
1st October 20151/10/15

All this summer NetBase has been hosting Customer Meetups in cities around the US. The events have been a great way for us to connect with the NetBase community in person, as well as learn more about innovative use cases to help everyone get the most out of their social campaigns. Thanks to everyone who came to our latest Meetup in Minneapolis and made it such a great success. Our next Meet-up will be Chicago on October 7th at the Vertigo Sky Lounge. For more information on attending this or any other upcoming Meet-ups contact your NetBase representative. Read more →

They’ll Laugh, They’ll Cry, They’ll Buy

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
30th September 201530/09/15

Why Understanding Consumer Emotion is Key to Social Selling Hallmark. Budweiser. State Farm. These brands are nothing alike, but they’ve got one huge thing in common: Emotion. Whether it’s a nostalgic moment inspired by a keepsake ornament, the harrowing journey of a lost puppy, or the hilarity of an old man playing keep-away with a dollar bill at the end of a fishing pole, all three brands hit consumers right in the feelz with their commercials. Sentiment sells, but not just on TV. Brands need to inject emotion into their social interactions if they want to make an impact with [...] Read more →

Social Listening Done Well Means Getting to the Heart of Consumer Emotions

 | Chief Marketing Officer, NetBase  | 
29th September 201529/09/15

The latest question to come across our CMO’s desk in the NetBase Ask Our CMO series is one that all brands should know the answer to if they want to beat their competition. Q: When social listening is done really well, HOW is it done, and how is it used? A: Firstly, it’s not about only doing social listening in Marketing and business, but it is about knowing your customer, always. And that starts with listening. Social listening can be a fantastic in-route to knowing what is going on. Historically, marketers would start with the numbers. They would count likes, [...] Read more →

Generating Web Page Snapshots in a Headless Environment

 | Application Software Engineer, NetBase
28th September 201528/09/15

Did you know that Netbase users can subscribe to daily or weekly reports for dashboards they are interested in? Our servers generate a number of web page snapshots in PDF format every hour and send them to each subscriber. It is easy to generate an email in HTML format using a Java-based server and send emails hourly. However, what about generating a snapshot picture on those non-GUI machines? The Bottleneck To generate a dashboard snapshot, our service needs to follow these steps: 1.  Load dashboard metadata from the database 2.  Run searches to collect information 3.  Render the web page [...] Read more →

New NetBase Alerts Suite for Marketing & PR

 | Marketing Manager, NetBase  | 
26th September 201526/09/15

We often hear from clients and prospects that they need to be the first to know of an opportunity or a threat knocking on the door. But with social moving on 24/7, it’s hardly possible for an analyst to monitor continuously and provide updates every time there is a spike or dip in metrics. This is where the Alert Suite comes in handy! Alert Suite is the new enhancement from our Product team that informs customers about expected and unexpected changes to monitored topics with all the information brands and agencies need to take action. This blog discusses the value [...] Read more →

The Surprising Diversity of Chocolate Brands On Social

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
25th September 201525/09/15

Everyone loves chocolate – or do they? Assumptions in your social marketing can lead you astray, so deep social listening is key to gathering an accurate consumer view of your brand. To illustrate this point, we took a look at the most-loved global chocolate brands for our latest NetBase Brand Passion Report: Chocolate & Candy Bars For a two-year period we analyzed over 150 million English-language social conversations, at both the industry and brand levels, across more than 80 countries. The results were sweet and surprising. It’s not just about bars The first surprise for many brands who might assume [...] Read more →

The Hidden Value of Brand Reputation

 | Marketing Manager, NetBase  | 
24th September 201524/09/15

Yesterday, Adweek hosted a webinar where our CMO Pernille Bruun-Jensen and Managing Director of Reputation at Purple Strategies Robert Fronk discussed the growing importance of social analytics on managing brand reputation. The value of brand reputation is undergoing a major transformation with social playing a bigger-than-ever role in understanding consumer perceptions. Many are beginning to use social to increase brand value while reducing and managing risks to reputation. Pernille and Robert focused the discussion on the following points: How to innovate around business value What leading brands are doing to rapidly identify social decision situations How to reduce costs and [...] Read more →

Encouraging A Social Cultural Shift In The Enterprise

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
24th September 201524/09/15

“The only thing constant in life is change.” Since the French author responsible for this quote, François de la Rochefoucauld, died in 1680, we know he wasn’t talking about social media. But he certainly could have been. Because “constant” can be taken literally when applied to social media; each interaction we make or observe in the global real-time stream is an opportunity to put our brands out there and gather data about our competitors. And the most successful brands understand that they must change in response to changes on social. But what exactly does that mean for the enterprise? A [...] Read more →

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