Serious Social Media Listening Opportunities Abound for Retail Brands

22nd September 201622/09/16

There’s no such thing as taking social media listening too seriously – though some may not take it seriously enough. Brands now have access to insights capable of propelling all aspects of business forward, from revenue to innovation of new products. There’s never been a better time to be a retailer. Bringing the past into the future There was a time when it wasn’t so easy to gather intel on what consumers liked, didn’t like, wanted, needed, etc. Before social media, the only way to know what consumers were thinking was to ask them using time-consuming methods like telephone outreach, […] Read more →

20+ Awesome Social Media Monitoring Tools for Marketers

20th September 201620/09/16

Social media listening has changed a lot in the past few years. As the focus has shifted from simple analytics like mentions and impressions, a number of social media monitoring tools have cropped up to help marketers make the most of the wealth of data available on social media. Which tool is right for you? That depends on where you are in the game. If you’re new to social media analytics, simpler, less expensive tools might be more your speed. More established businesses and enterprises surely need more robust offerings, capable of unearthing complex insights to inform brand decisions and […] Read more →

Mastering Your Social Sentiment Analysis

15th September 201615/09/16

Nothing is more important to understanding and connecting with consumers than social sentiment analysis. So you don’t want to just dabble in sentiment – you want to become a full-fledged master. Here’s how: The truth is out there It’s easy to make assumptions about who your audience is, and what they want from your brand – but assumptions are often wrong. What’s more, you don’t need them. Consumers are telling you what they care about all day long on social media, so ditch the assumptions and listen! One major airline assumed young business travelers probably liked loyalty benefits like priority […] Read more →

Build Your Social Media Crisis Management Plan Now

13th September 201613/09/16

When’s the worst time to create a social media crisis management plan? When your brand is in the midst of a crisis that’s going viral. You can’t protect your brand’s reputation when you’re in the process of putting out fires and doing active damage control. And no matter the brand, the potential for disaster is always there – so you need to be ready for it. Now. What you’re guarding against Disasters come in many forms, and each has the potential to do lasting damage to your brand’s reputation if not handled properly. Here are a few examples of what […] Read more →

Why Social Sentiment Matters So Much – and How to Use It

 | Senior Social Analyst, NetBase
8th September 20168/09/16

It’s easy to assume social sentiment comes down to knowing and ensuring consumers feel positively about your brand – because, of course, everyone wants that. But there’s so much more you can do when you have a next-level understanding of how sentiment works. What is social sentiment, anyway? For our purposes, social media sentiment is a measurement of two key values: Net Sentiment – whether perception of your brand is positive or negative Passion Intensity – the strength of positive or negative feelings on social media That’s a very simplistic overview of what is ultimately a fairly complex picture. Users […] Read more →

Why You Need Social Media Listening Tools – And a Few to Consider

7th September 20167/09/16

Brands have been benefitting from social media in numerous ways since its advent – but advances in social listening tools make the returns that much more valuable. Here’s the why and how, and some tools to consider if you’re just getting started. Social listening helps you deliver on consumer demands and desires If you’re somehow not sold on why your brand needs a social listening solution, you might be confused about what social listening actually is. It’s understandable, since social media analytics is a big buzzword that’s been tossed around the past few years – but these two terms aren’t […] Read more →

Social Listening: The Window to Your Customer’s Soul

1st September 20161/09/16

You can’t read a thing about marketing without tripping over an article about the merits of social media analytics and monitoring. Before you turn a blind eye, are you sure you know what social listening really is, and why it’s important? Here are 5 things you might not realize about social listening – and what it can do for your brand. What is Social Listening? Why is it Important? 1. It smashes assumptions and provides context Actually, let’s start with what social listening isn’t. It’s not about counting things like retweets and mentions and taking high numbers as a sign that […] Read more →

Social Strategies for the Back-to-School Crowd and Beyond

30th August 201630/08/16

The kids are heading back to school any minute now – if they haven’t already – and parents around the world are rejoicing. But what’s the best way for brands to capitalize on this brief window of retail glory? You should be studying both History and Current Events The back-to-school season comes along every year, but that doesn’t mean it should be “old hat” for your brand. The only constant is change, as they say, and whatever was going on last year isn’t necessarily an accurate predictor of this year. After all, last year there was no Pokémon GO, to […] Read more →

Improve Your Social Media Content Strategy with Social Data

25th August 201625/08/16

Social media monitoring tools show their worth when the resulting data is applied to brand initiatives that breed success. There’s no limit to the use cases social analytics supports – but content strategy and ideation is a particularly great one. The entire point of content is to support brand messaging by reaching relevant audiences in authentic and creative ways. You can’t do that by blindly throwing content out into the social galaxy and hoping enough consumers like what you have to say. It’s all got to be very well orchestrated to pack the desired punch. Extending the orchestra analogy, think […] Read more →

Be a King of Crisis Management with Social Media Intelligence

23rd August 201623/08/16

For all the good that comes of engaging consumers on social media, your brand still must guard against potential crises and reputational threats. Social media intelligence gives you the tools to manage crises – by avoiding them in the first place, or minimizing damage when avoidance isn’t possible. Creating a baseline Hopefully “crisis mode” isn’t a regular state of being for your brand – but having the lay of the land when things are calm is one way to insure you can spot issues brewing early enough to stop them in their tracks. Social media listening isn’t a periodic task. […] Read more →

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