How ASO Advertising Hears the Voice of the Consumer in All Dimensions with Social Listening

 | Director of Marketing Science and Digital/Social Media Strategy, Ames Scullin O'Haire Advertising
1st April 20161/04/16

Agencies that don’t get results won’t have clients for long. Understanding the voice of the consumer is the key to understanding how to build campaigns that keep your clients – and you – in business. What we’ve found at Ames Scullin O’Haire Advertising is that the better we understand what our customers’ customers like and don’t like, the better we can relate to the audience and craft performance marketing campaigns that give them what they want. Prepare to be surprised One of our clients is an entertainment vertical and happens to be one of the largest attractions in the Southeast […] Read more →

How Social Listening Helps Brands Separate Quality from Quantity

31st March 201631/03/16

Measuring the number of likes, mentions, and retweets is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to connecting with customers. If you truly want to turn your users into loyal brand advocates, you need to know the intentions behind their likes, desires behind their mentions, and feelings behind their retweets. Social media listening tools that leverage psychographics and sentiment analysis allow your brand to hone in on the true nature of consumers’ needs. Rather than categorizing user demographics in broad, antiquated strokes – grouping people by vague attributes like age and gender – insights gleaned using these tools […] Read more →

How Social Listening Helps You Find and Motivate Your Biggest Fans

30th March 201630/03/16

Building and nurturing relationships with social influencers is every brand’s and marketer’s dream. But it doesn’t just happen – it takes a little finesse. Brands doing it well – like Teva, ShopStyle and Dr. Pepper – are finding success “leveraging influencers to drive engagement and awareness,” according to eMarketer. But here’s a newsflash: They’re not doing anything you can’t do. You just need to apply a little social listening savvy. Identifying influencers through audience segmentation First things first – you’ve got to identify who your influencers are, and you shouldn’t make assumptions. Influencers can be anyone: bloggers, Instagram stars, YouTube […] Read more →

Analyzing Sarcasm: With Social Listening, It Can Be Done

29th March 201629/03/16

When analyzing consumer sentiment, there’s one thing that can often skew your results: sarcasm.  But with the right social listening tools, you can get an accurate read of user’ intent to inform your actions. Navigating social nuances On Twitter, sarcasm and snark rule the newsfeed. Tweets that mean the exact opposite of what they say are more common than you might think. But getting to the heart of sarcasm can be difficult. Why? Some actual humans don’t even understand sarcasm, so teaching a processor to sort it out takes time. Consider this tweet: The text alone doesn’t give much information […] Read more →

Social Scandal: Strategic Brand Crisis Management Supports Growth

 | Chairman & CEO, NetBase  | 
28th March 201628/03/16

The interactive and fast-moving nature of social media means situations are often blown out of proportion – but as quickly as crises can arise, they can dissipate. Here’s how brands can strategically manage crises using the Pareto principle: Conserving resources The Pareto principle – also known as the 80/20 rule – states that 20% of actions produce 80% of results. When applied to crisis management, this can help brands decide when to speak up and when to keep quiet. First, what constitutes a crisis, or scandal? Scandals can be self-generated, competitor generated and market generated. In all cases, clients monitor the potential […] Read more →

How the Best Brands Measure & Manage Business KPIs Using Social Media Analytics

 | Senior Lead Generation Manager, NetBase
26th March 201626/03/16

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – so goes the old management maxim. In the world of social media, it’s the same – except many businesses have been stuck at measuring, while still coming up short on managing or improving their social KPIs. On March 31 at 8:00 a.m. PST, we’ll help you get un-stuck with the webinar, The World’s Most Awesome Brands Have This In Common. The 30-minute discussion will be led by  Ryan Taketa and Jami Blackburn @ NetBase, who’ll share great info about how to apply social listening tools to get the results you […] Read more →

The Top 3 Reasons e-Commerce Brands Need Social Media Listening

25th March 201625/03/16

Knowing how to market your products in-store and on your website are two entirely different skills. Though all brands benefit from using social listening to understand consumers better, e-commerce brands have unique needs that are served particularly well. What sets e-commerce apart? A number of factors change the game between in-store and online purchasing. What e-commerce offers consumers is variety, and the opportunity to seek out the best deal with just a few clicks. One disadvantage is the inability to see and touch a product before purchasing. This distinction is one reason social media monitoring is so critical for e-commerce […] Read more →

Global Fashion Month Skirts the Mold

 | Owner/Partner, Localspeak
24th March 201624/03/16

Fashion’s ecosystem is experiencing a back to the future swing. I’m not referring to the 90s wide-legged women’s pantlegs sailing down the runways – sure to trip up any New York fashionista the moment she steps off a curb – but rather, an existential crisis propelled by consumer demand for instant gratification and morphing Millennial values. In an era where consumer expectations have been stoked by ‘see-now-buy-now’, free shipping ecommerce fulfillment, no longer do fashion consumers get satisfaction from elaborately staged runway hoopla and fanfare. No satisfaction either in what has become pure anachronism – February catwalk bikinis and cruise wear and […] Read more →

Key Ways to Use Social Media Listening to Find What Matters Online

23rd March 201623/03/16

Social media is an outlet for consumers to express what is important to them and what they want – brands can simply search their name on Twitter for droves of immediate feedback. But not all feedback is useful, or immediately clear – so how do you get to the good stuff? Don’t “count” on anything Let’s start with what doesn’t work, namely the superficial data like “how many” – of basically anything. The number of likes, mentions, retweets or comments your brand receives might seem like clear evidence that people like you, but it can’t be taken at face value. […] Read more →

Stop Shouting: Why Targeted Social Listening is Essential

 | Chief Ghost, Digital Media Ghost
22nd March 201622/03/16

When it comes to digital marketing, everyone wants to know what they should/shouldn’t do to get their brands out there. On the shouldn’t side, the biggest mistake brands make is talking too much about themselves – forgetting that it’s called social listening for a reason. Remember your manners When I see great brands and companies overly focused on making sure their message gets out there, I realize they aren’t clued in to how social networks have changed the marketing game. Social media isn’t “just another way” for brands to tell consumers everything that makes them great. Social media is a […] Read more →

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