Solving the Recovery Problem: Using Cassandra for Data Deduplication

 | Software Engineer, NetBase  | 
13th August 201513/08/15

Background At NetBase, we have been thinking about building a common deduplication (“dedup”) service for a long time. When we recently needed to add a large amount of data to our real-time index pipeline without duplications, we began to design a service that could fulfill deduping requirements at various points in our system. To successfully do this, we needed: A place to store fingerprints, which we use to identify data uniqueness A fast way to check for the existence of a specific fingerprint After some surveys and tests, we found that Cassandra 2.0 would be our best bet. The new [...] Read more →

Porting Grammars for Sentiment Analysis

 | Senior Computational Linguist, NetBase  | 
12th August 201512/08/15

Customers started requesting sentiment analysis and other Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionality for Dutch approximately two years ago. But back then, we were still quite busy developing our NLP functionality for German, Spanish, and other major languages, so it’s been on the back burner – till now. As Dutch is somewhat “in the middle” between English and German (both geographically and typologically) and since we have solid NLP functionality for those two languages, we realized porting our German NLP system to Dutch would be a solid option – no need to start the Dutch development from scratch. We hired a [...] Read more →

Why Customer Reviews Matter: A NetBase Customer Exclusive

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
11th August 201511/08/15

People are always more apt to use a product or service that comes highly recommended from a trusted source – and our software is no exception. Customer reviews placed on the right websites can be highly influential toward bringing new clients to your site, and, in our case – new brands looking for that social listening edge. But businesses aren’t the only ones who benefit from online reviews – those writing the reviews do too! Here’s how: They’re viewed as thought leaders – and that subject matter expertise makes them more valuable in their own professional circles. Sharing valuable tips [...] Read more →

Be the First to Know With Any Mention Alerts

 | Marketing Content, NetBase  | 
10th August 201510/08/15

As Social Media has begun impacting departments outside of marketing, it is crucial to be the first to know what’s being said about your brand online. NetBase is now proud to offer Any Mention Alerts; an alerting capability that allows our customers to know when a defined event occurs so that they can respond appropriately. This new feature is active and available to all NetBase customers. Users can now set alerts to detect any mention of a word or phrase as well as any activity from any account or user, allowing for even more ways to not only respond to [...] Read more →

GOP Debates: The Power Of A Sound Byte & Understanding Sentiment On Twitter

 | Marketing Content, NetBase  | 
7th August 20157/08/15

You may think the clear winner in the GOP debate last night was Trump, because he racked up the most mentions – but that all really depends on your definition of “winner.” With two debates happening the same night and sheer quantity of Republican candidates to pick apart, the night was destined to be a big one on Twitter. And it didn’t disappoint. The first debate, as we all now know, belonged to Carly Fiorina, with 100,000 tweets registering during that period and 40,000 mentioning her specifically. And that wave carried over and helped build the crest we saw in [...] Read more →

The Results are in: Surprising Trends in Beauty and Skincare

 | Marketing Content, NetBase  | 
6th August 20156/08/15

Our highly anticipated Brand Passion Report on Beauty and Skincare recently made its debut, and the results have generated quite the buzz. Our report, which includes analysis of more than 200 million social conversations over a two-year period, set out to identify the top 30 beauty and skincare brands around the world. However, what we ultimately uncovered was a variety of surprising findings that speak volumes about the beauty and skincare industry. Here’s a peek at some of our most interesting conclusions: The rise of online retailers A look at the year-over-year growth of social chatter around brands and beauty [...] Read more →

Whither New York Fashion Week Men’s?

 | Principal, Localspeak
5th August 20155/08/15

After spending a decade in the wings of women’s Fashion Week, NYFW: Men’s recently hosted its own singular event.  Long overshadowed—and equally overdue by some accounts—by the high profile pomp of annual seasonal global women’s catwalks, men’s collections, and their designers, are finally getting their due. Last month’s New York show was the culmination of four men’s Spring/Summer ’16 events, with European labels exhibiting in London, Milan and Paris. The themes? Collectively, the four shows reflected an almost “anything goes” attitude, with sensibilities ranging from gender neutral, retro and punk to leisure and fine tailoring. Based on a NetBase crosstab [...] Read more →

New NetBase Partnership Brings Facebook PYLON Access to Our Customers

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
4th August 20154/08/15

Thanks to a new partnership with DataSift, the Human Data Intelligence provider, NetBase is bringing Facebook topic data to our customers. Facebook PYLON is the only way for brands and agencies to understand all of Facebook’s audience and gain insights into their behavior. We’re thrilled to be among the limited number of partners working with DataSift, the only data provider currently with access to topic data for Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Using DataSift’s PYLON for Facebook Topic Data, NetBase will be able to offer our customers anonymized and aggregated insights from all of Facebook posts to power their [...] Read more →

Enterprise Social Visualization Best Practices: Run your business at the speed of social

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
3rd August 20153/08/15

Executives today have the opportunity to see visualization of social media analytics on a large-scale in real time. Picture a wall of oversized flat screens with scrolling images and numbers that quickly provide insights on the most shared images from your product launch, what’s driving share of voice and loyalty for your brand, the number of mentions a brand is getting on social media, whether those mentions are negative or positive, and how a new product launch is being received in Dallas or Dubai. Now, companies are able to harness and properly visualize the unprecedented and valuable amount of information [...] Read more →

The Next Generation In Social Analytics At Scale Is Already Here

 | Chief Marketing Officer, NetBase  | 
29th July 201529/07/15

Understanding what’s happening in your category RIGHT NOW can be helpful knowledge to have in order to drive growth and focus campaign efforts. For instance knowing when something game-changing is happening. Knowing where, why, and who is driving it – and then taking actions ahead of a competitor can really make a difference. As a social savvy operation, with a marketing or digital team in charge of your social sites, you’re probably already thinking along these lines. You may be operating with limited resources, but do recognize the potential and you are starting to carve out a solid digital footprint [...] Read more →

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