Twitter Flight Recap

 | Marketing Content, Netbase  | 
23rd October 201523/10/15

Hi everyone,  This past Wednesday NetBase attended Twitter’s annual Flight developer conference in San Francisco. The conference was packed with eager developers waiting to hear about the latest product news and features.  NetBase Coverage: As you heard from last week, one of the biggest announcements for NetBase had to do with Gnip’s Audience API providing granular info about brands’ audiences. Chris Moody, VP of Data at Twitter shared in his keynote that they’re starting to surface demographic and psychographic analysis that they’ve never been able to see before:  Target’s social command center was also featured during the talk highlighting the importance of [...] Read more →

Join Us for Our Next NetBase Customer Meetup

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22nd October 201522/10/15

All this year NetBase has been hosting Customer Meetups in cities around the US. The events have been a great way for us to connect with the NetBase community in person, as well as learn more about innovative use cases to help everyone get the most out of their social campaigns. Thanks to everyone who came to our latest Meetup in Chicago and made it such a great success. Our next Meet-up will be Atlanta on November 4th at the Glenn Hotel. For more information on attending this or any other upcoming Meet-ups contact your NetBase representative. Read more →

NetBase Selected to Bring Twitter’s New Audience Data to Market

 | Sr. Director, Product Marketing, NetBase
21st October 201521/10/15

We have some exciting news to share with marketers everywhere. Today at the Twitter Flight Conference, Twitter announced it will be working with NetBase to bring its new Audience API to market! The Audience API is one of two enterprise-grade APIs unveiled by Chris Moody, VP of Twitter Data Strategy, at the San Francisco event in front of thousands of developers, marketers, and Twitter partners. “The newly launched Gnip Insights APIs are the next step in providing global brands with the audience and content performance data they’ve been asking for,” said Chris Moody. “We’ve worked closely with NetBase to help [...] Read more →

Sports Fans :) Twitter: “Hey, Hey Hockeytown, Here Come the Emojis!”

 | Content Strategist, Branch Creative Network  | 
20th October 201520/10/15

The opening day of any sport is an exciting time for fans. While preseason games satisfy the long awaited need for their favorite sport’s return, there is something special about the official start of a new season for fans. Disappointments of past seasons are pushed aside and anticipation for what is to come bubbles over as fans prepare themselves. With the explosion of social media, that excitement has generated an extensive amount of conversation and new opportunities for fans to engage with their favorite leagues and teams. For the NHL, whose new season started October 7th, there has been no [...] Read more →

Your Audience is Larger Than You Realize: Why ‘Knowing’ Your Audience Matters

 | Marketing Content, Netbase  | 
19th October 201519/10/15

No brand sets out to alienate its audience. Unfortunately, despite good intentions, some brands learn the hard way that what consumers want is not the same as what brands THINK consumers want. And the backlash isn’t really about consumers behaving badly – it falls to the brands. For example: Victoria’s Secret’s “Perfect Body” campaign was meant to promote their “Body” line of lingerie. Unfortunately, it was perceived as promoting a negative and damaging message about body image, prompting a UK petition, and numerous re-imagined versions of the ad by more body-inclusive competitors. Victoria’s Secret is a brand you’d expect to [...] Read more →

CMOs Must Embrace a New Normal: The ‘Age of You’ is Here

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
16th October 201516/10/15

Audience marketing isn’t a new idea. Segmenting, to appeal to targeted audiences with specific brand messaging, has been a standard strategy in the marketing toolbox all along. But that was then. With social media in the mix, the balance of power has shifted to consumers, creating what leading brand consultancy, Interbrand, calls “the Age of You.” And marketers must adapt to this change, and embrace new ways of reaching consumers if they want their brands to survive. Our new white paper, The NEW Normal: Audience Marketing in the Age of You, explores this evolving marketing landscape and offers a compass [...] Read more →

Who Won the US Presidential Democratic Debate?

 | Marketing Content, Netbase  | 
15th October 201515/10/15

On October 13th, Americans were glued to their screens watching and commenting on first democratic presidential debate. The social analysts at NetBase were right there with them working to understand popular sentiment and, of course, the winner of the debate. While both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton gave a commendable performance, Bernie was the real star when it came to social reach, indicating his high popularity among the social audience and Hillary registered the highest positive change in sentiment, indicating her message of being the first female candidate and her broad experience have resonated with the audience. Here is the [...] Read more →

Discovering Unlikely Audiences with Social Data

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
13th October 201513/10/15

Beyond demographics like age, ethnicity and geography, there’s a world of data that can be parsed for insight into what makes your specific consumers tick. And the more you dig, the more you’ll discover new audiences for your brand – in the least likely of places. Consider a brand like Nike. What do you think of first? Fitness? Athleticism? Motivation or inspiration – thanks to the popularly coined, “Just do it?” How far down that expected audience list would you go before getting to “beauty?” Would that even MAKE the list? Probably not. But it should. Nike figured prominently in [...] Read more →

Will the DNC Support Hillary or “Feel the Bern?”

 | Marketing Content, Netbase  | 
12th October 201512/10/15

As part of my continued election coverage, I’m happy to be doing live analysis of the first Democratic Debate this Tuesday the 13th for NetBase. Tune into the NetBase LIVE Pulse during the broadcast for live Net Sentiment, Emerging Topics and More. I’ll be offering real-time analysis of it all via the Twitter widget, visible on our LIVE Pulse page, to help you make sense of the data as it develops. And as with the previous debates there will be plenty to talk about as the evening progresses. Here are some things to keep an eye out for: Feel the [...] Read more →

The ‘Age of You’ – Winning Marketers Put People Ahead of Products

 | VP Marketing, NetBase  | 
9th October 20159/10/15

From the days of Mad Men until the present, marketing has been about products. Yes, there were/are target audiences, and an understanding of what those audiences want has always been necessary to the process. But ultimately the job of marketers has always been to come at things from a brand perspective – product first. That’s changing. With social media offering a wealth of data for marketers to put into play, putting consumers first is paramount. Here’s why: Consumers are savvy to marketing tactics, and not easily swayed by anything that comes across as phony or “salesy” Brands smartly appealing to [...] Read more →

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