Why Consumer ‘Love’ Is Vital to Your Social Media Monitoring Strategy

 | Vice President Europe, NetBase
10th July 201610/07/16

When the Beatles sang “All you need is love” they certainly weren’t talking about social media, which had yet to be imagined. And yet, love is the most important factor to your social monitoring strategy. Here’s why: The trouble with numbers If the importance of love to social monitoring is surprising, as we know it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when the metrics that mattered were those with numerical values: number of likes, mentions, retweets, impressions. These metrics are still part of the equation, but they’re less likely to drive decision-making now – they just can’t tell […] Read more →

Why Converged Media is Super Important to Social Media Listening

8th July 20168/07/16

Marketers’ jobs have expanded quite a bit. No longer simply the muscle behind promoting brand messaging, marketers now must attend to sourcing creative, assessing and authentically responding to consumers’ needs, cultivating influencers, tracking social trends, and more. Thank goodness for converged media. Social listening’s watershed moment Scott Goodson, author and founder of ad agency StrawberryFrog, called convergence “the future of marketing.” He was right – at least as far as social media marketing based on social listening is concerned. Marketers thus far have needed multiple tools applied with a lot of manual effort to piece together a full picture of […] Read more →

Cutting Edge Social Media Intelligence Means ‘Listening’ to Images

6th July 20166/07/16

Marketers use images all the time – to wordlessly convey complex emotions in a single frame. Consumers also share images constantly – and if you can’t gain social media intelligence from their selfies and memes, you’re missing out on a lot. Our upcoming Olaf release will change that. Not a thousand words – zero words With 300 million active daily users on Instagram alone, it’s clear images are a huge social commodity. But why is the intent behind sharing images such a big deal? For starters, not all images are accompanied by text. Sometimes the whole point is that words […] Read more →

Why You Need to Approach Social Listening from the Audience Perspective

 | Senior Lead Generation Manager, NetBase
5th July 20165/07/16

Brands and marketers know the value of social listening as a consumer engagement and customer service tool – but there’s actually a lot more social media intelligence can offer. On July 12 we’ll talk about the details in the webinar How Social Listening Ignites Marketing Success, hosted by the American Marketing Association. The evolution of social media analytics In the early days of social data it was all about numbers. How many mentions, retweets, likes, comments, shares – these were the metrics brands and marketers cared about. Over time we’ve seen a shift to social customer service and the protection […] Read more →

Nike’s Pursuit of Luxe Leisure Fashion

 | Principal, Localspeak
2nd July 20162/07/16

Forbes published its annual most valuable brands study in May. While it may be no surprise that Apple took top ranking, followed by Google, notable is the elevated fashion brand lineup in the index. Teeming with fashion brands, primarily luxury, the Forbes top valued 100 brands also include sports apparel and fast fashion giants. Ranked by Forbes in the fashion category, Nike stole first place, ranking #18 (brand value $27.5 B) to outpace all of the luxury fashion brands, outpacing LVMH behemoth Louis Vuitton (ranking #19, value $27.3 B). The much vaunted luxury fashion hierarchy, already pushed by fast fashion and […] Read more →

3 New Ways to Define Audiences Using Our Social Listening Tools

1st July 20161/07/16

Consumers want marketers to appeal to them on a personal level, meaning marketers must use social listening tools to get to know them. The challenge, sometimes, is finding meaningful information within the confines of tweets alone – or it used to be. We regularly update our software to keep our customers on the cutting edge of social technology advances. With the Naruto update’s Define Audience feature, marketers using our Audience 3D™ tool can leverage the power of Twitter bio text for greater insights into who consumers are, and what they love. The trouble with self-identification Understanding how consumers see themselves […] Read more →

7 Questions to Ask Before Upgrading Your Social Analytics Software

29th June 201629/06/16

As the pace of technology innovation quickens, even two-year-old social analytics software might be out of date. As you consider upgrading/supplementing, what questions should you ask to ensure you get the best long-term solution? Our new eBook, 7 Questions to Ask your Social Analytics Provider outlines the crucial features you need, and how to be sure they’re included. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside: Social analytics has changed, and will continue to It’s hard to predict future technology trends, but one thing is certain: Technology will continue to evolve. Along with that, you want your business to grow as well. […] Read more →

Is Your Social Listening Software Capturing Trends? It Matters

27th June 201627/06/16

One essential use of social listening software is to spot emerging industry and consumer trends so your brand is always up to date. But being current with how you apply the software itself is just as paramount. Our new ebook 5 Hottest Trends in Social Analytics outlines the newest ways to get the most from your social monitoring tools, and why you need to. Here’s a taste: Get a more precise and complete big picture Social insights are meant to drive actions, but making decisions is difficult if those insights are incomplete or inaccurate. Every channel must be included in […] Read more →

Social Analytics Isn’t Enough When the Bar is Set Too Low

 | Chairman & CEO, NetBase  | 
25th June 201625/06/16

Social media analytics has become a business must-have, allowing brands to extract actionable data from consumer output. But not all options are created equal, and some may do more harm than good. Here’s what brands must consider to pick a platform that maximizes ROI and engages with consumers on a meaningful level: Budgeting Historically, any spend relating to social media has come out of Marketing’s budget. This is supported by Incite Group’s The State of Corporate Social Media 2016 white paper. Of the 1200 business leaders surveyed, “65% are still in strong agreement that the execution of social media strategy is a core […] Read more →

Not Getting Enough from Your Social Listening Tools? Change Your Perspective

24th June 201624/06/16

Though most brands and businesses are sold on the benefits of social intelligence, not all marketers are clear on how best to apply social listening tools. It’s less about numbers than it is about your audience – and understanding what drives their behavior on social media. Our newest white paper, The Audience Perspective: How Innovation In Social Listening Ignites Marketing Success, by digital strategist Jason Falls, talks about why audience-centric marketing is so crucial. One reason is that brands want more from social data – and rightly so. As social monitoring technology has progressed, the use cases for social media […] Read more →

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