American Airlines Changes Its Tune for Passengers

8th April 20158/04/15

The Internet is full of complainers – just check the comment thread of pretty much anything for confirmation of this fun fact (and don’t feed the trolls) – but when you’re a major brand, complaints, especially those that arrive in the moment via social media, offer a unique opportunity to problem-solve and convert cranky consumers into satisfied, loyal customers. American Airlines clearly understands this. Known and celebrated for tracking and acting on insights gleaned from social media – Twitter in particular – the airline doesn’t take tweets like this lightly: In fact, American Airlines, smartly, is always paying attention to [...] Read more →

Investors Agree: NetBase Rules Social Listening

18th March 201518/03/15

Part of what drives us at NetBase is a passion for connection – between brands and consumers, between clients and us, between now and the future. Our social listening platform is award-winning because of the depth of connection it allows for those who use it. We know the importance of not just gathering data, but interpreting it – connecting to its sources and building a profile of actionable insights from there. Our goal is to innovate the way social media influences not just marketing, but all aspects of brand business, from sales to customer service to research and development. Social [...] Read more →

No Butts About It, Toilet Paper Could Save Twitter

17th March 201517/03/15

Twitter is a weird place. The land of breaking news and other fantastically relevant information is one where most participants don’t actually participate, and merely stop by to read what’s happening. This needs to change for Twitter’s sake (from an advertising standpoint), should change for the sake of its users (to keep that wheel going ‘round) – and CAN change, if more brands learn how to engage audiences like toilet paper brands do. Yes, toilet paper. Twitticizens love toilet paper, Cottonelle most of all apparently: But it was the recent activity from Charmin (another much-liked contender) that caught our eye [...] Read more →

Most Loved Brands 91-100

 |  Marketing Content, Netbase
16th March 201516/03/15

In anticipation of the release of the NetBase LoveList, we’ll be previewing 10 of the brands that just made it onto the list. We’ll take a look at the geographical and industry breakdown of this section of the LoveList. Coming in at the end of the LoveList, numbers 91-100 generated over 560 thousand mentions on love within the last year, which was about 1.5% of the total mentions for the list. On average, each brand in the group got over 36 thousand mentions on love compared to the list average of 238 thousand. While the brands in the group might [...] Read more →

NetBase LoveList: How Do Customers Talk About Love?

 |  Marketing Content, Netbase
16th March 201516/03/15

How strongly do consumers really feel about your brand? Have you created a brand passion that your competitors would envy? Have you managed to set the foundation for future brand growth through a strong customer relationship truly founded on love? To help answer some of these questions, NetBase has taken a look at 6 brands to see how customers talk about the brands we love. We Love Dependability Feeling like a brand has our back is a great sense of relief. When it comes to industries like Insurance, faith in the service is one of the most important things for [...] Read more →

Choosy Webizens Choose GIF

16th March 201516/03/15

Leaving aside the jif/gif pronunciation, gifs are increasingly popular with users online. What does the future hold for gifs though and how can brands leverage this media online? The SXSW event “Behind The GIF: The Future of Online Visual Culture” will likely provide answers to that, as it will be focusing specifically on the how and why behind “platforms like Imgur, Tumblr, and Giphy [that have] propelled the accessibility and ease of sharing images at rapid speed through the communities of the web.” One thing is for sure – overall sentiment online around the choppy video/visuals is positive – very [...] Read more →

Social Chat Apps – Not Just For Kids Anymore

14th March 201514/03/15

Is there value, from a brand perspective, in pursuing social chat apps? If one looks at the sheer volume of mentions many get on Twitter, the answer is a resounding YES . . . or is it? Mentions don’t necessarily mean a social chat app is loved – or even liked:  But what’s so essential about love when it comes to marketing your brand? Nothing, really. Love isn’t the ‘be all, end all’ in the marketing game – but PASSION is. And when it comes to social apps, they certainly rate on the passion index. And they have the audience. [...] Read more →

Beyond the Internet of Things Is an Internet of People

13th March 201513/03/15

With SXSW starting today there’s a lot to talk about, whether you’ll be in attendance or not. Even if you are going, you couldn’t possibly attend everything, which is why bloggers far and wide are covering all things connected to the magical, memorable experience that are SXSW.  Of course, the words “magical” and “memorable” apply even more obviously when used to describe all things Disney, which is why the session “Does the IoT Need to Be User-Centered? We Say Yes” is sure to offer up a double dose of both, since Claro Partners’ Chris Massot – who created the Disney [...] Read more →

Consumers love these top 100 brands – are you one of them?

12th March 201512/03/15

“What’s love got to do, got to do with it?” Tina Turner’s iconic song still gets airplay, and that might tell you a little something about how fans feel about Ms. Tina. But the answer to the question for our purposes is this: EVERYTHING. Love is the end-all, be-all when it comes to consumers sharing about your brand on social, and to prove that point NetBase has compiled the Top 100 Brand Lovelist 2015. Is your brand on this list? You hope so. First, how did NetBase determine which top 100 brands are most loved by their customers? Thanks to [...] Read more →

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