Social Intelligence about Headphones – #4 Why So Negative?

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
19th March 201419/03/14

[This is part of a series of recaps on this Sennheiser Social Intelligence report] One of the ways to break up the raw data is to sort mentions or posts by geographical location. In general, the US Geography map is very pretty to look at, since there’s typically a gradient that works itself artistically throughout the 50 states. But when I saw Sennheiser’s map, my first thought was this: If this map were for a presidential candidate’s ratings during the Iowa caucuses, he or she would have a heart attack. For some reason, sentiment about Sennheiser is very negative in [...] Read more →

What’s Your Favorite Beer?

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
17th March 201417/03/14

What’s Your Favorite Beer? by Anna Startseva @annastartse Marketing Manager, NetBase Spring is not only the season when people begin talking about love, but also about their love of beer. Numbers tell that there is about 35% more online chatter about beer between St. Patrick’s Day in March and 4th of July, than during the rest of the year. With St. Patrick’s Day here, I wanted to see how Americans celebrate with their favorite beverage. Guinness vs. Murphy’s Guinness beer is definitely the St. Patrick’s Day favorite with online chatter growing 10 times when compared with the rest of the [...] Read more →

Brand Passion Index: How Do Girl Scout Cookies Stack Up?

 |  VP Global Lead Generation & Field Marketing, NetBase
6th March 20146/03/14

It may be the surest sign that spring is just around the corner… Girl Scout Cookie season is here! And they’re here, as always, for a short time: The cookies are available only during the six- to eight-week period when the scouts are engaged in the cookie-selling fund raiser with their local council. The scouts themselves are adorable, of course, but which variety of their cookies do people like best? Thin Mints? Samoas? Tagalongs? Inquiring minds want to know. So we did a BPI to find out. NetBase Brand Passion Index  | Girl Scout Cookie Types In the graphic above, [...] Read more →

Need a Social Command Center ASAP?

 |  Chief Evangelist, NetBase
24th February 201424/02/14

Are you betting the future of your company on an innovative product you’re launching within weeks? Are you close to the release date for a watchdog report on a sensitive issue related to your brand? Or perhaps you’re running the first ads today in an edgy campaign that will attract lots of customers.  There are many moments within your business that now require you to be aware of your consumer’s response.  In the past, being able to stay on top of these events took weeks if not months to know the response. Today, using social media can help you track [...] Read more →

T-Mobile Handles 4x As Many Support Cases with NetBase

 |  VP Global Lead Generation & Field Marketing, NetBase
13th February 201413/02/14

Michelle Mattson, Sr. Mgr., Social Customer Support at T-Mobile.gave our first installment of our Social Spotlight customer webinar series. T-Mobile is an SAP customer using the “SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase Solution.” Michelle shared an eye-opening presentation that was followed by so many questions from the interested registrants that we could not get to them all. So included below is the longer version of the QA which Michelle answered herself as promised on the webinar. You can check out some of the tweets about the webinar at #CustomerCare. As we tweeted during the seminar: “At the beginning, @TMobile‘s #T-Force [...] Read more →

Why Use Social Analytics?

 |  VP Global Lead Generation & Field Marketing, NetBase
12th February 201412/02/14

Businesses are sold on the need to have a presence in social media, but some still aren’t sold on using a social analytics solution. And some who are using one wonder if they’ve chosen the right use cases to apply it to. We wanted to get some facts on who’s using analytics, what they’re using them for, and what benefits they’re getting. So we sponsored a benchmarking study conducted by Demand Metric. Called “Social Media Analytics—Enabling & Optimizing Use Cases,” the study asked the question: “How are companies enabling and optimizing their social media efforts through the use of analytics?” [...] Read more →

Content Be Nimble, Content Be Quick

 |  Product Marketing Manager, NetBase
31st January 201431/01/14

Agile marketing demands in-the-moment content that’s timely, relevant and resonant.   Even though most brands now aspire to recreate Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” Super Bowl success, they can appear as nothing more than “Duds in the Spotlight” should they miss the mark.  Resonating in this day and age is aided by the virality of humor, and, like it or not, the best humor involves pushing the boundaries.  Using NetBase for social listening can help safeguard that risk by identifying rich ideas for agile content development and monitoring the social ripple of that content’s performance to guide future decisions. Dunk in [...] Read more →

CGT Readers Rank Us in Top Five

 |  VP Global Lead Generation & Field Marketing, NetBase
30th January 201430/01/14

NetBase continues our momentum into 2014. This is big news because our customers delivered this award to us. Our customers selected NetBase as “Top 5 Provider in Social Media” in Consumer Goods Technology’s (CGT) 2014 Readers’ Choice Survey. CGT’s readers ranked the top five technology companies that provide software/services for managing and monitoring internal and external social media communications and engagement. We are especially honored to receive this award because we have worked hard to listen to our customers and their consumers. And CGT serves more than 76,000 decision-makers in the consumer goods industry who were asked for best technology [...] Read more →

The Rise of Original Content on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon & YouTube

 |  Product Marketing Manager, NetBase
17th January 201417/01/14

When the “Telly” Breaks The television space continues to flood with new technologies and market entrants causing content to overflow into new reservoirs to feed the masses.  Over-the-Top (OTT) technologies (Roku, Apple TV, iTunes, Google Play), streaming service giants (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant & YouTube), and app-ready Smart TVs and Tablets are all viable ways for viewers to access content whenever and wherever they choose.  Aside from time-sensitive content—live sporting events & popular shows with fans so entrenched in social community conversations surrounding the show it necessitates live viewing—the majority of content can be watched at a viewer’s own convenience.  [...] Read more →

Five Social Listening New Year’s Resolutions

 |  VP Global Lead Generation & Field Marketing, NetBase
13th January 201413/01/14

When I look back over my past three years of adventures in social media listening, I’m struck by how much the industry changes…and how much it stays the same. Working in the industry for almost seven years and watching it grow has been exciting. “Exciting,” as a friend once told me, is merely a mix of two words: happy and scared. And as a Chief Evangelist, I would say those words definitely sum up how I feel about the industry. Why happy?… Read More » Read more →

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