Dating Online? – Using Social to Find the Right Partner

 |  Marketing Content, Netbase
6th August 20146/08/14

I recently found myself looking into the online dating world and was at a loss for the sheer amount of options that were available to me. Not knowing where to start, I did what any good millennial would do — consulted my peers on the internet. But why just ask close buddies when I could get opinions and feedback from all of the social media with NetBase platform as my guide. With that in mind, I took a look at some of the more popular dating sites. First, I needed to know what site to join. My original options were [...] Read more →

Fire Drill: A look at the launch of Amazon’s new phone

 |  Marketing Content, Netbase
30th July 201430/07/14

With the release of the Fire Phone, Amazon made an entry into the hotly competitive smartphone market. With this exciting launch, I decided to use NetBase to monitor the pre- and post launch sentiment and social conversation surrounding this new product. In the few days leading up to the launch the social conversation was dominated by the initial feedback from professional review sites. As you can see from the word cloud below, the majority of this conversation was about the phone’s unique feature set. In particular, the phone’s Dynamic Perspective (a sensor that responds to how a person holds, views, [...] Read more →

Ready for Social Testimonial Advertising?

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
23rd July 201423/07/14

Long before social media came along, brands had learned that unsolicited positive testimonials from happy customers can be used as powerful marketing messages. It still holds true, of course, and now NetBase offers Social Testimonial Advertising, where companies can leverage positive comments in social. The new NetBase service, Social Testimonial Advertising, can help brands find the best testimonials and get them in front of specific audiences. Here’s how it works. Promoting Tweets To start, NetBase identifies organic tweets that contain highly positive comments about your products or services. We then get the author’s permission to use their tweet as a [...] Read more →

5 Steps to Doing Social Media Listening the Right Way

 |  Founder & CEO, Leadtail
21st July 201421/07/14

Have you heard the old adage: “You’ve got two ears and only one mouth”? It means you should listen twice as much as you talk. This is especially true if you want to understand what your target audience really cares about, and then talk accordingly. Well, as marketers there’s no question that we’re doing a lot of talking. Everyday we have one-sided conversations with our prospects using advertising, email, content marketing, and social media. How about the listening side of the equation? What listening you’re doing isn’t enough Most marketers commission quarterly or annual surveys, but that’s not exactly real-time [...] Read more →

Can Social Head Off Denial of Service Attacks?

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
16th July 201416/07/14

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—maybe even more in the case of damaging Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on your website. Sophisticated new functionality in NetBase can alert you to an impending attack, enabling you to take measures that can mitigate or avert the attack altogether. Catching a DDoS Early According to the Symantec website, “a denial-of-service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack involves an attempt to disrupt the normal functioning of a website or web service. In a typical DoS attack, the attacker will overload a site’s server with requests for access [...] Read more →

Can Better Habits Produce Better Content Marketing?

12th July 201412/07/14

As someone responsible for lead gen who uses content marketing a lot, I’m looking forward to Nate Riggs’s Social Savvy webinar this Wednesday, July 16. There’s a lot of content about social media analytics out there on the web, and it’s getting harder and harder to come up with topics that interest readers and motivate them to download a file or sign up for a demo or take whatever next step you want them to take. Frankly, I could use some new thinking on this subject. Well, that’s apparently just what Nate, who’s president of NR Media Group, is going [...] Read more →

How Marriott Can Use Social to Bring in More Guests

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
5th July 20145/07/14

What’s the first thing you’d think of when beginning to research your next vacation? If you said social media, I would be surprised. But according to research published in eMarketer, one in every four leisure travelers worldwide turns to social media for destination inspiration. If you are a marketer or a researcher looking for customer insights, then social is a fabulous place to uncover behaviors, emotions and purchase intent for your brand and campaigns. Sounds interesting? Then, read on about the social insights with NetBase using Marriott Hotels as an example. Also, listen to the webinar that covers this and [...] Read more →

NetBase’s Birth – Can We Build an Innovation Engine?

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
3rd July 20143/07/14

With the birth of the United States and our July 4th celebration upon us, it makes me think about when NetBase was 1st founded. In fact, NetBase celebrated its tenth anniversary in June. Here’s our founding story and why we came to exist. Understanding Innovation I was a young engineer working at Ariba in 2002, and had spent a year working on an innovative new product. But one day I got word that the project had been cancelled and all the work that my colleagues and I had done was thrown out. It was devastating—all my professional work up to [...] Read more →

Should Social Media Analysis Replace Traditional Marketing Research?

3rd July 20143/07/14

Are we there yet? Has social analysis matured to the point where organizations can stop using surveys, focus groups and interviews and instead rely completely on social insights for marketing research? Or do traditional research methods still have an important role to play, maybe in combination with social analytics? Switching to Social Analysis Before the advent of social networks and social media analytics, companies used qualitative and quantitative techniques such as focus groups, surveys, interviews and ethnographies to do market research. (They still do, of course.) While effective in providing insight into consumer attitudes and behaviors, they’re also expensive, time-consuming [...] Read more →

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