Be a King of Crisis Management with Social Media Intelligence

23rd August 201623/08/16

For all the good that comes of engaging consumers on social media, your brand still must guard against potential crises and reputational threats. Social media intelligence gives you the tools to manage crises – by avoiding them in the first place, or minimizing damage when avoidance isn’t possible. Creating a baseline Hopefully “crisis mode” isn’t a regular state of being for your brand – but having the lay of the land when things are calm is one way to insure you can spot issues brewing early enough to stop them in their tracks. Social media listening isn’t a periodic task. […] Read more →

Save the Date – NetBase LIVE 2016 is Coming in October

18th August 201618/08/16

Where will you be this October 25-27? We’ll be in San Francisco hosting our first ever customer conference, NetBase LIVE 2016 – and we hope you’ll join us! This info-packed, can’t-miss event will offer amazing expert sessions, cutting-edge insights, and lessons in best practices from the world’s top brands – all over the course of two full days of keynotes and tracks, as well as one full day of training workshops for NetBase users and their managers at our All-Star Academy. Here’s what to expect: 1. Customer success stories As the need for a consumer-centric approach has changed how we […] Read more →

6 Ways Social Media Intelligence Benefits Your Brand

17th August 201617/08/16

Social media intelligence is bigger than simply collecting follows and likes on your social media profiles. When gathered by top-notch technology, it’s a wealth of data that – applied well – can change the course of your business. Here’s how: 1. Getting to know – like, really – your audience The reason social analytics has evolved beyond counting likes and retweets is because those metrics don’t really tell you much. Sure, if you have a half-million followers, that’s a pretty good indication you’re doing something right – but it doesn’t tell you what. Maybe making a change would bump that […] Read more →

Take Your Brand Further with Pokemon Go

11th August 201611/08/16

One of the best advantages of real-time social media listening is the ability to spot and leverage trends as they’re emerging. As Pokémon GO is one of the hottest trends sweeping social right now, let’s see what the data says – and how brands can put it to use. If you’re not familiar, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality (AR) game app based on the popular 1990’s Nintendo video game, Pokémon. As Lifehacker explains, “In Pokémon, monsters roam the lands, and your job is to find, capture, and train them. Then you put them in battle against other players.” The […] Read more →

What is Social Sentiment Analysis & Why Does it Matter?

9th August 20169/08/16

Early metrics used to measure social success don’t give your brand the data you need now – at least not on their own. For a comprehensive picture of how consumers view a particular topic, like back-to-school shopping, you need emotional insights too. What is sentiment analysis? Why does it matter? To run effective campaigns, score qualified leads and turn those leads into customers, marketers need to know more than just what their audience is saying on social. They need to understand the emotion behind the words, and what is driving the desire to post, and, especially, to purchase. Social sentiment analysis […] Read more →

Is Luxury Fashion Love Blind In Social?

 | Principal, Localspeak
7th August 20167/08/16

All you need is love. Or so it seems the love potion luxury fashion houses are brewing in social media has the potency to cast that elusive spell on social media “luxurians,” customers and aspirationals alike. The cat’s meow in luxury fashion may not always be what you think it is. Take Gucci’s cats, literally, in the recent Men’s SS17 collection, who affectionately espouse “Blind for Love” (L’Aveugle Par Amour). Or, its pre-Fall 16 collection’s heartfelt embrace of all things flora and fauna, shot in an aviary with roaming flamingos. Tenuous, indeed, brand affection can be hard to cultivate and […] Read more →

4 Reasons Social Media Programs Fail – And How to Prevent It

4th August 20164/08/16

It’s hard to sell anyone on the value of social analytics if they’ve tried it and not seen or experienced worthwhile results. When so many brands and businesses swear by social media programs, why do others fail – and how do they get back on track? Here are four reasons, and their solutions: 1. Business objectives are unclear When you want to strike a target with an arrow or dart, there’s a clear protocol to follow: Ready, aim, fire. When brands playing “social listening catch-up” skip straight to “fire” they’re bound to miss the mark – because they never defined […] Read more →

Rio 2016: Social Media Disaster or Golden Opportunity?

2nd August 20162/08/16

The 2016 Rio Olympics have already produced a host of reputation management nightmares, from highly contaminated water to the handling of the Russian doping scandal and everything in between. As with any major international event, we can’t resist getting the details and impact of these events so far using the NetBase platform. What can our social analytics data tell brands who involved in this Summer’s biggest international sporting event? A lot – if they’re willing to listen. Social Analytics Overview: Rio 2016 We analyzed over 50k posts from around the web to understand social reach, Net Sentiment and how passionate […] Read more →

8 Social Best Practices and the Companies Rocking Them

29th July 201629/07/16

Social media listening tools do a lot more than just measure how many people are talking about your brand on the social web. When used properly they give you insights you can apply to overall brand strategy and customer care. Here are eight best practices to ensure you’re getting the most from your tools: 1. Look beyond superficial metrics to what really drives your audience Before you can craft any kind of campaign or messaging, you must understand the people who comprise your audience. It’s not enough to know they love your brand – you’ve got to know why. To […] Read more →

12 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

27th July 201627/07/16

Not every company has the means or is ready to jump into buying social media analytics tools. And they don’t necessarily have to, as there are a number of free analytics tools available. How far can you go for free? Pretty far, depending on your needs. Here are some tools that will help. Free Social Media Analytics Tools First are the analytics built into some of the top social networks themselves. These tools are an excellent starting point toward understanding your audience. 1. Facebook Insights It’s not just insights on your own page Facebook offers – it’s social media intelligence on […] Read more →

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