12 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

27th July 201627/07/16

Not every company has the means or is ready to jump into buying social media analytics tools. And they don’t necessarily have to, as there are a number of free analytics tools available. How far can you go for free? Pretty far, depending on your needs. Here are some tools that will help. Free Social Media Analytics Tools First are the analytics built into some of the top social networks themselves. These tools are an excellent starting point toward understanding your audience. 1. Facebook Insights It’s not just insights on your own page Facebook offers – it’s social media intelligence on […] Read more →

Fashion Data Analysis or Sartorial Soothsaying?

 | Principal, Localspeak
24th July 201624/07/16

What can fashion analysis in social media tell us about ourselves? A lot, I’d wager. Sartorial soothsaying (or is it sartorial psychographics?), I have a hunch designers would agree, is part social anthropology, craft and artistic execution, notwithstanding. So what better place than social media – the queen beehive of social interactivity – to identify, monitor and capture that mood as it translates into tailoring? Fashion mood boards can now be mined in social media data. Ostensibly, no matter what their aesthetic, key to a designer’s commercial success is an innate ability to tap into popular psyche. To playback and reflect that […] Read more →

Social Media Listening Tools Let You Address Specific Consumer Concerns in Times of Crisis

21st July 201621/07/16

Crises happen – to the best of brands, no matter how vigilant. But when they do, they don’t have to spiral into irreparable disaster. They can even be defining moments that bring you closer to your audience. This was the case for Ames Scullin O’Haire Advertising’s (ASO) client, the Georgia Aquarium, when the agency helped them through a devastating loss. But things might not have ended so well if ASO didn’t have a solid social monitoring system in place. Here’s why all brands need to use social media intelligence to manage brand health: To know your audience For a brand […] Read more →

Visual Listening – More Than a Trend

19th July 201619/07/16

I recently sat down with NetBase senior product marketing manager, Anna Startseva for an ongoing conversation on the future of analytics.  Sean: Looking back, what are your thoughts on how far social media analytics has come? What does this say for the future of the industry? Anna: Social has come a long way from being a tool for technology-savvy students to connect with their classmates to now becoming one of the main modes of communication. There are over 2.3 billion people using social media today. That’s a third of the world’s population! Sean: What are the hottest trends driving the […] Read more →

Social Media Intelligence Gives PR Firms an Edge

18th July 201618/07/16

Public relations has never been easy, but the immediacy of social media offers new hurdles for those in PR to constantly jump. At the same time, there have never been greater advantages for PR professionals than those offered by social media – which is the subject of our latest eBook, The Importance of Social Media Analytics to Public Relations. Who are you talking to? Whether you’re promoting a specific campaign, working on future product development, or sorting through consumer issues, you’ve got to know who your audience is, and what they want before you can make a move. Social media […] Read more →

Managing Risk with Sophisticated Social Listening

16th July 201616/07/16

The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Social Listening Platforms, Q1 2016 report states, “Social listening has moved well beyond just looking for buzz, and now informs marketing content and product innovation, as well as measures brand health.” All true – though I’d add that in addition to measuring brand health, social listening ensures brand health by providing the insights needed to mitigate reputational risk. Finding consumer needles in the social haystack One of social media’s challenges is the sheer volume of posts happening every moment, on multiple platforms. At any given time, any single consumer can offer up an ember of dissatisfaction that, if […] Read more →

4 Reasons Analyzing Brand Images Should Be Part of Your Social Media Intelligence

15th July 201615/07/16

Monitoring of brand health can’t be considered comprehensive if your social media listening tools only account for posts containing text. Here are four reasons visual social content must also be analyzed: 1. Images reign supreme on social media. Content Marketing Institute reports 63% of all social media posts are comprised of, or include, images. Not only that, “Content with images gets 94% more views than content sans images.” This includes blog posts, articles, and websites. Some of these images may be accompanied by text for social listening tools to find – but what of the posts that let images speak […] Read more →

NetBase Partners with Spredfast to Deliver Best of Breed Coverage – Social Analytics, to Publishing and to Engagement

13th July 201613/07/16

Social media analytics is a powerful solution that delivers valuable data to a variety of industries. When put into action, social data becomes an unstoppable force for guiding brand and business decision-making – especially when combined with other business tools. That’s what makes our new partnership with Spredfast a perfect fit for enterprises that want an end-to-end social solution. “We are pleased to partner with Spredfast to bring our joint customers best-of-breed coverage from social analytics to publishing and engagement enabling powerful business decision-making.” – Peter Caswell, CEO NetBase Social Analytics + Spredfast “Spredfast is on a mission to connect […] Read more →

Are You Using Social Media Listening to Find the Love? Here’s Why You Should Be

11th July 201611/07/16

Social media intelligence is a known must-have for all brands and businesses, but how to wrangle social analytics tools for the most useful insights is something many brands are still figuring out. Our Brand Passion Report 2016: Top 100 Global Brand Love List illustrates why consumer love is such a huge part of the social data equation. We looked at 265 million English language, earned mention posts from May 18, 2015 to May 17, 2016. Applying our patented technology to sources including blogs, forums, microblogs, news review sites, and Twitter and Tumblr feeds in 200 countries, we identified the 100 […] Read more →

Why Consumer ‘Love’ Is Vital to Your Social Media Monitoring Strategy

 | Vice President Europe, NetBase
10th July 201610/07/16

When the Beatles sang “All you need is love” they certainly weren’t talking about social media, which had yet to be imagined. And yet, love is the most important factor to your social monitoring strategy. Here’s why: The trouble with numbers If the importance of love to social monitoring is surprising, as we know it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when the metrics that mattered were those with numerical values: number of likes, mentions, retweets, impressions. These metrics are still part of the equation, but they’re less likely to drive decision-making now – they just can’t tell […] Read more →

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