Can Social Sharpen Campaign Messaging?

 |  VP Global Lead Generation & Field Marketing, NetBase
1st April 20141/04/14

What message about your product is going to work best to move a prospect along the path to purchase? For everyone working on marketing campaigns, that’s always a tough but essential question to answer. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish—create awareness, change perception, prompt consideration—you want to base your campaign on the message that’s going to connect with consumers. Social analytics can help you find it. By providing insight into consumers’ opinions, emotions and behaviors, social analytics can help you craft messages that show consumers you understand them. From there, it’s a shorter step to convincing them that you also understand [...] Read more →

Don Draper to Don a Beard in Mad Men’s Final Season

 |  Product Marketing Manager, NetBase
31st March 201431/03/14

On April 13th, AMC’s Mad Men will enter its seventh and final season, and its central character, Don Draper, will reveal a lush, new beard for us all to marvel. Mad Men fanatics know that the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, is ultra tight-lipped about what will transpire in future episodes, so perhaps you all are thinking that I’m either full of beard trimmings or that I came across this information underhandedly by bribing one of the cast member’s with a carton of cigarettes.  I’m only, however, making an educated guess that I’d bet my copy of  Zou Bisou Bisou  on, [...] Read more →

Ready for a New Analytics Solution?

 |  Chief Evangelist, NetBase
27th March 201427/03/14

The universe of social media continues to grow larger and more complex, and its importance for your organization is growing in parallel. Your first social listening solution may have met your needs when you started using it…but has it kept pace with the evolution of social? If not, it may be time to think about replacing or supplementing it. To help with the process of analyzing offerings, we’ve written a paper with a list of questions you should ask vendors. We’ve grouped the questions into these key areas: Determine the features you need to be successful with social Define the type [...] Read more →

Insights From ad:tech 2013—Apply Them to This Year’s Conference

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
24th March 201424/03/14

We used NetBase to analyze tweets from last year’s ad:tech show and want to share what we found. You may be able to use some of these insights to help shape your plans for the show next week. About Those Giveaways @MeetingBoy tweeted about what types of things were best for brands to give away, and his tweet got 12 retweets and 15 favorites—a lot for a B2B conference. The takeaway? If you’re a marketer in charge of finding ideas for schwag, stay away from “awful branded giveaways.” Better choices are good pens or USB drives over 1GB. The Engagement [...] Read more →

Lessons From What the Twitterverse Saw at ARF 2013

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
24th March 201424/03/14

I used NetBase to analyze tweets from last year’s ARF show to help us prepare our own marketing efforts there. See if you can use some of these insights in your planning for the show. Day Two: Tweeting Takes Off ARF 2013 started on March 17 but tweeting peaked the day after with 575 mentions. Guess everyone needed a day to get the lay of the land before they were ready to start commenting. Locals Rule More conference attendees were from New York than anywhere else. Here are the percentages of tweeters from various cities: New York       [...] Read more →

Where the Locals Eat in San Francisco

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
21st March 201421/03/14

NetBase is located near San Francisco—many of us live there—and we like to eat. So who better to offer some insider’s tips on restaurants for those of you attending the ad:tech conference? Here are some of my personal favorites and some recommendations from colleagues. If you have your own tips, share with others at ad:tech by tweeting #AdTechEats. Radius (1123 Folsom St.) – Epitomizing the Fresh/Local/Organic craze, Radius sources all ingredients from within 100 miles of San Francisco. Source (11 Division St.) – Menu translation: Moo, Cluck, Quack, and Oink. The sound animals make to say thank you for eating [...] Read more →

Where the Locals Eat in New York City

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
21st March 201421/03/14

NetBase has an office located in New York City – and our NetBase New Yorkers like to eat. So who better to offer some insider’s tips on restaurants for those of you attending the ARF Re⁞Think conference? Here are some recommendations by our NetBase New Yorkers of the best places to eat during your stay at the Big Apple.  If you have your own tips, share with others at ARF ReThink by tweeting #Rethink14Eats. City Bakery (3 W 18th St [Flatiron]) – Great for breakfast or a snack.  Get the pretzel croissant and hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. Taim (222 [...] Read more →

Social Intelligence about Headphones – #4 Why So Negative?

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
19th March 201419/03/14

[This is part of a series of recaps on this Sennheiser Social Intelligence report] One of the ways to break up the raw data is to sort mentions or posts by geographical location. In general, the US Geography map is very pretty to look at, since there’s typically a gradient that works itself artistically throughout the 50 states. But when I saw Sennheiser’s map, my first thought was this: If this map were for a presidential candidate’s ratings during the Iowa caucuses, he or she would have a heart attack. For some reason, sentiment about Sennheiser is very negative in [...] Read more →

What’s Your Favorite Beer?

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
17th March 201417/03/14

What’s Your Favorite Beer? by Anna Startseva @annastartse Marketing Manager, NetBase Spring is not only the season when people begin talking about love, but also about their love of beer. Numbers tell that there is about 35% more online chatter about beer between St. Patrick’s Day in March and 4th of July, than during the rest of the year. With St. Patrick’s Day here, I wanted to see how Americans celebrate with their favorite beverage. Guinness vs. Murphy’s Guinness beer is definitely the St. Patrick’s Day favorite with online chatter growing 10 times when compared with the rest of the [...] Read more →

Brand Passion Index: How Do Girl Scout Cookies Stack Up?

 |  VP Global Lead Generation & Field Marketing, NetBase
6th March 20146/03/14

It may be the surest sign that spring is just around the corner… Girl Scout Cookie season is here! And they’re here, as always, for a short time: The cookies are available only during the six- to eight-week period when the scouts are engaged in the cookie-selling fund raiser with their local council. The scouts themselves are adorable, of course, but which variety of their cookies do people like best? Thin Mints? Samoas? Tagalongs? Inquiring minds want to know. So we did a BPI to find out. NetBase Brand Passion Index  | Girl Scout Cookie Types In the graphic above, [...] Read more →

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