Should Social Media Analysis Replace Traditional Marketing Research?

3rd July 20143/07/14

Are we there yet? Has social analysis matured to the point where organizations can stop using surveys, focus groups and interviews and instead rely completely on social insights for marketing research? Or do traditional research methods still have an important role to play, maybe in combination with social analytics? Switching to Social Analysis Before the advent of social networks and social media analytics, companies used qualitative and quantitative techniques such as focus groups, surveys, interviews and ethnographies to do market research. (They still do, of course.) While effective in providing insight into consumer attitudes and behaviors, they’re also expensive, time-consuming [...] Read more →

Customer Engagement Takes Off for American Airlines

30th June 201430/06/14

We’ve had many requests to share the content from our June 24 Social Spotlight webinar with American Airlines (@AmericanAir), so here it is. Katy Phillips, (@katyphillips) Senior Analyst, Social Communications for American Airlines did a great job of explaining how American uses social for several use cases with a focus on enhancing the customer experience (#CX #engagement). Stats on Social at AA Katy says AA is currently on nine social networks with its largest presence being a 24/7 customer service operation on Twitter and Facebook. AA has a 21-member social team, with 16 of them devoted to Social Customer Experience, [...] Read more →

Can Social Rescue “Declining Business Dynamism”?

25th June 201425/06/14

Fewer entrepreneurs are starting fewer new businesses. Can social ride to the rescue? The graphic above is from a new report by the Brookings Institution, “Declining Business Dynamism in the United States: A Look at States and Metros.” It charts the entry and exit rates for new business in the U.S. between 1978 and 2011. What it shows is that the U.S. economy has become less entrepreneurial over time. According to the report, “… recent research shows that dynamism is slowing down. Business churning and new firm formations have been on a persistent decline during the last few decades, and [...] Read more →

Social Media Insights – Interview with Eric Enge

24th June 201424/06/14

A current ad campaign for a financial services firm uses the tagline “Never mistake information for insight.” OK, but how do you avoid doing that? And what’s the difference between the two anyway? To find out, we asked an expert. Defining Types of Social Media Insights First, just to be sure we’re talking about the same thing when we talk about insight, let’s agree to use the definition from Wiktionary: “Knowledge (usually derived from consumer understanding) that a company applies in order to make a product or brand perform better and be more appealing to customers.” Our own work at [...] Read more →

Add This to Your Monday Morning To Do List

22nd June 201422/06/14

We know—Monday mornings are already busy, so you may be thinking you don’t want to add yet another item. After all, the list in this article of recommended tasks is already long enough: “15 Things Successful People Do on Monday Morning.” It’s got good suggestions—some of them common sense, others more insightful—but it occurs to us that there’s a glaring omission. Our addition is both essential and quick, and can help you prioritize other tasks. It’s checking your brand health in social. Two days may have passed since you last took the pulse of your brand, and given how fast [...] Read more →

Get Immediate Feedback When Testing New Menu Items

22nd June 201422/06/14

“From my 40 years of following restaurant operations, the single most important factor to ensuring restaurant survival is testing new products.” — John Gordon, founder, Pacific Management Consulting Group Restaurant consumers crave a perpetual stream of new products and new twists on old ones. But if you’re a multi-unit restaurant operator, adding a new menu item can be costly and risky. That’s why it’s standard practice to test the new item in a few markets before making the decision on whether or not to offer it everywhere. That approach enables you to find out quickly if the item isn’t popular [...] Read more →

Firehouse Subs—How David Can Beat Goliath

22nd June 201422/06/14

Note: This is the fourth  in a series of four posts about how leading multi-unit restaurant brands can use social media analysis as a fast and cost-effective way to do market research, analyze promotions, get immediate feedback on product launches and more. With just over 142,000 mentions in 2013, Firehouse Subs has a relatively small share of the online conversation. But their Net Sentiment registers at an impressive 82 percent—the best on our list—with their Passion Intensity score registering at 48. Equally impressive are the four thousand comments favoring the Florida-based sub shop over Subway. 82% Net Sentiment for Firehouse [...] Read more →

“All by Myself?” Social Can Fix That.

17th June 201417/06/14

The iPhone video Richard Dunn shot while he was all alone and bored in the Las Vegas airport now has over half a million hits. Maybe he’ll get some new friends. But hey, if he’d been flying American, maybe he wouldn’t have been stranded there in the first place. American was one of the first major airlines to actively engage customers online. How has that worked out for them? Join us on June 24 for our next Social Spotlight webinar, “Customer Engagement Takes Off for American Airlines,” and hear Katy Phillips, Social Communications Analyst for American Airlines, explain how American: [...] Read more →

Research Shows: NetBase is Fastest and Most Accurate Social Analytics Solution

4th June 20144/06/14

Social media is all about real-time. That means speed and accuracy are two of the most important factors you need to consider in evaluating and selecting the right social media analytics solution for your organization. Your Social Analytics Solution Must Be Blazing Fast The faster your analytics solution, the quicker you can gather and analyze the online conversations around your brand, product or campaign, and discover what’s really happening now (good or bad). This keeps you in front of any social crisis, and gives you a jump on the competition when it comes to enhancing campaign results, discovering real-time marketing [...] Read more →

Want 117,000,000 Brand Impressions? Get A Hat.

30th May 201430/05/14

Eighty-four million impressions from a Twitter exchange. Real-time marketing, powered by NetBase, and a streamlined internal approval process for engagement made that possible for Arby’s. In our most recent Social Spotlight webinar, Josh Martin, Arby’s Director of Digital and Social Media, explained how Arby’s has become a best-in-class brand for social engagement. And Josh had the great idea for the famous @ Pharrell tweet that went viral. Some webinar attendees were surprised to hear that Arby’s Twitter exchange with pop star Pharrell was not a paid endorsement. Josh explained how NetBase’s Triggered Alert feature enabled the flow of conversation with [...] Read more →

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