Tips from the iPhone Launch for Marketing and Customer Care

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
28th October 201428/10/14

NetBase’s recent webinar, Social Lessons Learned from the iPhone Launch, focused on ways to maximize the value of social media for marketers and customer care folks. Here are three topics we discussed in detail: Campaign performance tracking Crisis management for #BendGate Customer social care for phone carriers Real-Time Campaign Performance Made Easy The iPhone 6 announcement was one of the biggest events on social media. NetBase was tracking the live launch event with Apple CEO Tim Cook with our LIVE Pulse™. This dashboard gives a real-time visualization of the social reach of the iPhone event plus its reception. One fast [...] Read more →

Samsung’s Shows Flexible Response To Bending iPhones

 |  Marketing Content, Netbase
10th October 201410/10/14

Today, we are going to talk about the changes in perception for the iPhone 6 between its initial announcement and launch. We will also explore how this shift in perception affected one of its competitors, Samsung. iPhone Launch On Social Networks The announcement of the iPhone 6 on September 9th was a momentous social event with over 5.8 million people commenting on the phone in that week alone. Two weeks later, the amount of conversation was less but still significant with 4.4 million voicing their reactions to the phone over social media. Here is how the conversation unfolded on social [...] Read more →

Alibaba’s Magical Debut

 |  Marketing Content, Netbase
19th September 201419/09/14

Mentions for the Chinese tech giant Alibaba were up 221% today, hitting a high of 19,207 mentions as the markets closed. Alibaba’s opened the day at $92.70 36% higher than the IPO price of $68 but that didn’t stop people from talking about it all day. Although the company had an overall positive net sentiment (82.9% positive mentions vs 17.1% negative mentions) there were some objections and confusion around what the company does exactly. People on twitter voiced their complaints saying “Alibaba is too big. Seems sketchy” and “Alibaba gonna crash. Sooner or later. Overvalued. Overrated.” Elsewhere industry leaders contemplated [...] Read more →

What’s Your Competition Up to On Social Media?

 |  Founder & CEO, Leadtail
16th September 201416/09/14

I like to win. These days, I think a lot about winning because the end of the quarter is fast approaching. And one of the ways my performance is going to be measured will be against social media goals. I’m a digital marketer, after all. So which goals in particular? The usual suspects such as the amount of followers and social engagement generated by all my activities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn…with a little blogging thrown in for good measure. But things are on track because I knew what to benchmark at the beginning of the quarter…the competition! By using [...] Read more →

Hashtags for Successful Back-to-School Campaigns

 |  Marketing Manager, NetBase
6th August 20146/08/14

It’s that time of the year again! Back-to-School season is upon us. For many retailers, the start of the school year is only second to winter holidays in terms of sales volume. There are many different ways marketers are connecting with parents and their young audience this shopping season. Here is a look at what’s working and what’s not on social media. #Backtoschool is Your Best Bet Retailers continue to use “backtoschool” as their primary keyword and hashtag to engage with customers on social. NetBase found that the use of this hashtag among retailers and customers on social grew by [...] Read more →

Dating Online? – Using Social to Find the Right Partner

 |  Marketing Content, Netbase
6th August 20146/08/14

I recently found myself looking into the online dating world and was at a loss for the sheer amount of options that were available to me. Not knowing where to start, I did what any good millennial would do — consulted my peers on the internet. But why just ask close buddies when I could get opinions and feedback from all of the social media with NetBase platform as my guide. With that in mind, I took a look at some of the more popular dating sites. First, I needed to know what site to join. My original options were [...] Read more →

Fire Drill: A look at the launch of Amazon’s new phone

 |  Marketing Content, Netbase
30th July 201430/07/14

With the release of the Fire Phone, Amazon made an entry into the hotly competitive smartphone market. With this exciting launch, I decided to use NetBase to monitor the pre- and post launch sentiment and social conversation surrounding this new product. In the few days leading up to the launch the social conversation was dominated by the initial feedback from professional review sites. As you can see from the word cloud below, the majority of this conversation was about the phone’s unique feature set. In particular, the phone’s Dynamic Perspective (a sensor that responds to how a person holds, views, [...] Read more →

Ready for Social Testimonial Advertising?

 |  Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, NetBase
23rd July 201423/07/14

Long before social media came along, brands had learned that unsolicited positive testimonials from happy customers can be used as powerful marketing messages. It still holds true, of course, and now NetBase offers Social Testimonial Advertising, where companies can leverage positive comments in social. The new NetBase service, Social Testimonial Advertising, can help brands find the best testimonials and get them in front of specific audiences. Here’s how it works. Promoting Tweets To start, NetBase identifies organic tweets that contain highly positive comments about your products or services. We then get the author’s permission to use their tweet as a [...] Read more →

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