Customer Stories

“Traditional survey research needs to evolve and transform. The future of market research is increasingly about listening to what consumes are already saying.”

Stan Sthanunathan

VP Marketing Strategy & Insights, Coca-Cola (source: TechValidate)

“Compared to other tools, it’s easy to train non-researchers on NetBase so they can quickly get useful results.”

Head of Social Analytics

Large Enterprise Professional Services Company (source: TechValidate)

“The NetBase features that I value the most are the wizards that allow you to see what a topic will look like before putting it into the dashboard. It’s nice to be able to exclude and include terms in real time.”

Head of Social Analytics

Large Enterprise Professional Services Company (source: TechValidate)

“We are able to dive in to campaigns and everyday conversations across a time period to track what works in the social space and what doesn’t. We can also see this info for our competitors.”

Charlotte Hides

Marketing Professional, Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Inc. (source: TechValidate)

“NetBase has improved our operational efficiency through quick and easy to use analytics, the ability to watch trends during a campaign and the ability to compare brand sentiment very quickly.”

Head of Social Analytics

Medium Enterprise Media and Entertainment Company (source: TechValidate)

logo-taco-bellYum! helped improve their brand image by producing effective, timely responses to potential customer issues.

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logo-mccannProvides “occasion-based marketing” that targets a specific audience and creates a unique brand experience for consumers.

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logo-gfkGfK uses the NetBase platform, social intelligence warehouse, analytics tools and scorecards to provide clients with an integrated package of social media “listening” so they can adjust and respond to customers accurately and quickly.

logo-american-airlinesUses NetBase solutions to measure the success of its crisis communications on social platforms.

logo-coca-colaCan pinpoint and react to timely trends so they can immediately respond to customers requests and issues.

grid-logo-timeincAbility to track real-time customer engagement enables efficient customer support and internal operations.

logo-ogilvyA useful tool that gives them the ability to easily track and provide real-time social media data to clients.

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