Global Brand Solutions

Social Media Analytics for Brands

Global brands need social insights they can trust to empower teams to make the best decisions for the business. You can rely on NetBase for the industry’s fastest, most accurate, and deepest social analytics, whether you’re in Marketing, PR, Product Management or Customer Care.

NetBase Social Media Analytics Empowers Global Brands

Brand Health

Your role: Brand marketing

You need to understand what consumers are saying about your brand. Right Now.

Solution: Brand Health


Your role: Digital marketing

You need to know how your marketing campaigns are performing. Right now.

Solution: Campaign Management

Issues Tracking

Your role: Public Relations

You need to identify emerging crises to stop them before they start.

Solution: issues tracking

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Engage and Publish

Your role: customer care

You need to proactively find and respond to detractors to help deflect calls and maintain brand loyalty.

Solution: Customer Experience Monitoring

  • Understand drivers of customer experience issues
  • Efficiently route issues for quick resolution

Drive Strategic Growth

Customer Success

Our team will get you up and running fast with VIP Onboarding.

  • We work with you to understand your business challenges
  • VIP Onboarding is tailored to your brand’s needs
  • Become a power user with training webinars, consultations, and online resources

Industry solutions that deliver real business value

NetBase has a proven track record with leading brands from over 30 industries, including retail, consumer goods, food and beverage, travel, media and entertainment, telecom, software, and others. Our Customer Success team works closely with clients to achieve business results specific to their industry.


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