Hear a NetBase expert explain how you use accurate, trusted social data to instantly understand what’s going on and react in the moment – when your actions will improve business performance. Learn how NetBase social intelligence gives your marketing team a smarter way to monitor, understand, react, engage and publish at the speed of social – through both owned and earned channels.

Use Social Media Insights to Run Successful Seasonal Retail Campaigns

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Duration: 30 minutes

Presented by: Cassie Clayton – Senior Analyst, NetBase and Anna Startseva – Product Marketing Manager, NetBase

1 in 4 students and many parents get Back-to-School shopping ideas from social media. By listening to social, you can discover that  “school supplies” is not only the most talked about category, but also that consumers dislike it with the passion.

Learn how marketers can stay on top of retail trends and consumer opinion with NetBase and Category Analysis. Using the popular topic of “Back-to-School”, Cassie and Anna from NetBase will look at historical trends, best-performing campaigns and categories on social. The takeaway will help you develop successful seasonal retail campaigns and give you a head start for the next Back-to-School selling season.

Attend the webinar and learn:

  • How savvy marketers influence consumers through social
  • How to use data and insights to uncover better ways to reach your customers
  • About real retail success stories using social media

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Know Your Audience Wants, Needs and Purchase Intent

Duration: 30 minutes

Presented by: Cassie Clayton – Senior Analyst, NetBase and Anna Startseva – Product Marketing Manager, NetBase

Marketers want to know what their customers need or would like to purchase at any given time.

Join Cassie and Anna from NetBase as they discuss how savvy marketers discover their customers’ wants, needs and purchase intent using social media analytics. Taking the topics of vacation travel and accommodations as examples, see how you can make business decisions and run better marketing campaigns with accurate social data.

Watch the replay and learn how to:

  • Get to actionable insights that tell you what your customers and prospects want
  • Uncover needs and purchase intent for your customers
  • Find out why social insights are so valuable in helping you create successful marketing campaigns

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Analyze, Engage & Publish from One Platform


Duration: 1 hour

Presented by:  Michael Osofsky – Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, NetBase

Now, you can do all your powerful analytics, engagement and publishing inside one single platform.

Watch the replay of our webinar to hear how NetBase feeds out-of-the box consumer segments straight into Engagement & Publishing. Ready for Digital Marketing, PR, Customer Care and Business Intelligence needs. We’ll be sharing case studies and demoing:

  • Know your audience. Accurately analyze your target audience across millions of data sources in real-time.
  • One-Click. Fast access to consumer groups, complaints, message templates, engagement, sharing, reports and more.
  • Manage Channels. Monitor and publish across multiple channels at once and when it fits your marketing calendar.

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