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Get real-time social information that fuels action for your whole business.

  • Deep insights into emotions, purchase behavior, attitudes, and images help you know what consumers are thinking
  • NetBase is #1 in speed and accuracy so you’re the first to know and first to act
  • Patented language processing technology reads millions of social posts in 42 languages, giving you more meaning out of social


From millennials to moms, understand the emotional drivers of your audience and expand your reach.

  • Get a dimensional knowledge of your social customers, including psychographics, lifestyles, wants, purchase intent, and more
  • Craft highly engaging content for specific segments of your audience
  • Engage with the ones who matter and measure campaign effectiveness


Be The First To Know

  • The most comprehensive suite of real-time alerts to manage risk and drive revenue growth
  • Get notified when a defined event happens
  • Get informed when a metric you monitor hits a certain threshold
  • Get alerted about unusual activity for your brand based on your social history

NetBase-Triggered Alerts

NetBase Live Pulse


A real-time business dashboard delivering social and business metrics so you can make decisions on the go.

NetBase-Live Pulse
  • Always know what customers are talking about so you can craft highly relevant content
  • See consumer response and the effect on your business KPIs
  • Measure brand performance against competition at a glance
  • Show customers you listen by sharing their posts on your website and events page
NetBase-Live Pulse

NetBase-Command Center


Bring social information to the core of your business.

  • The most powerful way to visualize information streams, see conversations, and connect with consumers
  • Get a high-level view of campaign performance or impress influencers with immediate responses
  • Implement to drive decision-making for Brand Marketing, Customer Care, PR, Global Reputation Management, and more


Our team will get you up and running fast with VIP Onboarding.

  • Our team works with you to understand your business challenges
  • VIP Onboarding is tailored to your brand’s needs
  • Become a power user with our training webinars, consultations, and online resources

NetBase-Customer Success Team

Customers Say It Best

  1. Evan D.
    Marketing, Performance Poetry, Linguistics, and the Intersection of Each

    After tons of research, NetBase won our investment

    “Best of beed NLP for sentiment analysis
    45 languages analyzed (around 10 with sentiment capabilities)
    200+ million websites analyzed

    I did demos of almost every product in this category – over 15 products. The above list are the things that sets NetBase apart from all the rest.”

  2. Andrea M. B.
    Brand Marketing Specialist at Computershare

    Exceeded Expectations

    “I think my favorite thing about the platform is its ease of use. I was not familiar with NetBase at all before my first use, and I found it really easy to maneauver. The filters are self-explanatory and easy to set. The tabs are presented in logical order. The results are displayed and formatted in a ways that are transferrable and easily understood by almost anyone.”

  3. Jeremy V.
    Global Enterprise Architect at Yum! Brands

    Best of Breed vs. Intergrated Stack – Netbase being BOB

    “Innovation is whay I like Netbase, their product team is outstanding and willing to do the hard work to evolve the platform. When I look at the next 6 mo of innovation that will be delivered I am highly optimistic they will retain BOB status. Areas I am excited about are the amped up architecture, alerts, UI and Integrated Engagement.

    Additionally, Netbase is in it for the long term with a solid leadeship team and the right focus.”

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