NetBase Social Media Management System (SMMS): Designed for Business Impact

NetBase isn’t like any of the other social media management systems. We give you highly configurable solutions that fit into your digital and social strategy to help you achieve your business objectives.

Here are a few solutions to help you get started:

Manage Integrated Marketing and Ad Campaigns

Track and manage your integrated marketing and ad campaigns on owned, earned and paid media.

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Manage Your Social Crises in Real Time

In social media your crisis can get out of control at unprecedented speed. Use NetBase to manage your crises in real time.

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Analyze Consumer Behavioral and Emotional Patterns

Accurately analyze and segment by consumer emotional and behavioral patterns across millions of data sources and languages.

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Increase Brand Awareness and Message Reach

Get a full view of your brand performance and understand the effects of your brand strategy.

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Track and Connect with Your Influencers

Identify influencers, create relationships and get help in advocating and building brand exposure.

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Analyze and Beat Your Competition

Know where you stand in relation to your competitors, so you can take advantage of opportunities that help you gain the upper hand.

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Improve Decision-Making with Social Command Center

Get a Social Media Command Center up and running in less than 30 days so your team can collaborate on decisions in real time.

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Innovate Products Rapidly

Innovating the right products can be one of your company’s most valuable activities. Use NetBase to achieve incremental and revolutionary innovation.

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Get B2B/B2C Leads and Understand Purchase Intent

Get a better understanding of your audience’s purchase intent and improve your lead gen and social selling techniques.

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Assess Candidates for Merger and Acquisition in Real Time

Identify and assess candidates. Perform strategic analysis in hours rather than weeks or months.

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