Social Media Brand Analysis – Increase Awareness & Reach

NetBase gives brand managers and executives the ability to develop bold brand strategies to distinguish themselves from the competition. You can use our solutions to perform social media brand analysis and get a full view of your brand performance and the effects of your brand strategy.

Analyze Your Brand SSR2

These are just a few ways brands use NetBase:

What’s the Brand Passion and Sentiment?

Understand how your brand is perceived by people in real time or over a defined period and come up with a plan to amplify your message or change perception.

What Are the Drivers Behind Brand Sentiment?

Looking at overall sentiment can tell you only so much. You need to understand what the drivers – emotions, behaviors and attributes – are behind the sentiment so you can take the necessary action.

Does Your Brand Message Have Sticking Power?

With NetBase, you can pivot easily from one pre-defined brand element to the next so you can understand what part of the message your target audience is responding to.

Are Your Brand Development Initiatives Successful?

How your brand is delivering against your success criteria is critical to long-term success. Use NetBase to gain insights on the key measures and drivers including awareness, value, differentiation and emotional connection.

We provide a range of capabilities for brand marketing leaders, including competitive intelligence, identification of consumer behavior and emotional patterns, and campaign management. For more information, please check out the solutions page.

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