Find Social Media Influencers – Track and Connect

Every company has social media influencers who can affect their business. They may be bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers. They’re on Twitter and Facebook, using social networking sites to build their brand and sell their services.

PR and marketing teams need a method by which to find social media influencers they can connect with, to help advocate the brand and sell more products.

Track Influencer SSR2

Here are a few ways NetBase customers track and connect with influencers:

Identify Your Influencers Before Their Opinions Go Viral

Use NetBase’s influencer ranking solution to find your influencers before their posts reach critical mass and gain the most advantage from what they have to say.

Implement an Early Detection System

Get notified of unusual changes and know which conversations are gaining momentum so you can be proactive in your social strategy.

Encourage Your Advocates

Know your advocates and engage them with incentives and custom messaging.

Neutralize Your Detractors

If you’re releasing a product or kicking off a campaign that could have negative backlash, you need to know who your detractors are so you can mitigate risk.

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