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Brand Passion Index: Dancing with the Stars Crushes the Competition

The Fall season always brings so many new changes – the back-to-school shopping scramble, the beginnings of a chill in the air, and the premiere of new TV seasons. With so many shows coming back to the air with fresh storylines, it only made sense to base our September Brand Passion Index off of the social media reaction to Fall TV. I decided to focus on these seven shows, across a bunch of different networks: American Idol (FOX), Dancing with the Stars(ABC), Homeland (SHO), Modern Family (ABC), NCIS (CBS), New Girl (FOX) and The Voice (NBC). In the graphic above, [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Levi’s Brings the Buzz

This summer has flown by…I can’t believe that I’m already getting bombarded by back-to-school promotions everywhere I turn. This time of year, we are all ambushed with “what to buy” but for many of us the go-to staple, is the classic pair of jeans. As I look for some pairs for my own kids (and me too), I also thought I’d look to social media to see what they have to say about some denim darlings: True Religion, Levi’s, Lee Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, and 7 For All Mankind. In the graphic above, the amount of chatter about a brand [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Gatorade Generates the Buzz

We don’t drink soda at my house – we’re a water and orange juice family. However, when it’s this hot (95 degrees last weekend!), I bend the rules a bit for my active kids who can’t get enough biking, swimming and playing in the dirt. And what better to replenish all those sweated-out electrolytes than a sports drinks? And in our case, that drink of choice is always lemon Gatorade – or as my littlest calls it, lemon juice! With July hitting some peak temperatures, I looked at sports drinks brands for our monthly Brand Passion Index and chose these [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Airbnb and Hipmunk Outpace the Big Guys

Last month, we were joined by the insightful Jeremiah Owyang to talk about converging paid, owned & earned media in our May installment of Social Savvy.   While preparing, we talked about the rapidly emerging trend of “sharing” and how it is impacting both the economy as a whole and brands in particular. Jeremiah recently wrote a post about how, more and more, brands are being disrupted by the idea of sharing, borrowing or swapping rather than the transaction of buying. We are moving into a new model that creates what he calls the “collaborative economy” – this includes companies like [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Viewers Love to Hate the Villainous Moms of TV

Last week, I was in LA for the Variety Entertainment & Technology Summit as well as Digital Hollywood to participate on panels discussing the role social media insights and strategy play for the Media & Entertainment world. With these conferences just behind us and Mother’s Day just ahead this Sunday, I thought I would combine the two for the May installment of the Brand Passion Index, so I looked at moms and entertainment! Powered by the NetBase Insight Composer, I pulled metrics for the following mothers on popular television shows: Gloria Pritchett of Modern Family (ABC), Claire Dunphy of Modern [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Pepsi & Beyoncé’s Bountiful BPI Bubble

This may show my age and only make sense to women my age, but to this day, when I think of Lancôme, I still think of Isabella Rossellini. Something about the resonance of her classic beauty still compels me to buy their products. And whenever I see Brooke Shields, I still hear “nothing gets between me and my Calvin’s” in my head. Picking the right celebrity to represent your brand can be incredibly powerful – it builds brand passion and makes your brand relatable and personal. I’m not a sports nut by any means…but who doesn’t think about Nike and [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Bushmills Leads in Love but Jack Daniels Baits the Buzz

My husband brews beer at home (we have no fewer than sixty gallons at home right now) so one of his delicious brews or a glass of California Cab are usually my libation of choice. However, when my good friend Jason Falls is in town, I’ve been known to enjoy some whiskey or bourbon on the rocks. While I’m looking forward to some green beer and green clothing in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, it only made sense to also run a Brand Passion Index using NetBase and see what the social media universe had to say about these ten [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Valentines Chocolates: Hershey’s Hordes the Buzz, but Ferrero Rocher Gets the Gold

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it simply wouldn’t be right to create a Brand Passion Index this month and not look at chocolate brands. I decided to look at a spectrum of brands when it comes to these sweet confections and chose eight brands from Hershey’s and Cadbury to more high-end names like Neuhaus. The final list came down to: Hershey’s, Godiva, Ghirardelli, Ferrero Rocher, Neuhaus, Cadbury, Lindt and Dove chocolate.   The insights were interesting, especially because sometimes consumers really do a great job of creating great campaign ideas without realizing it.

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Harbowl? More Like Social Media Super Bowl

Forget second screen – in my case there were 3 (TV, iPad, laptop – did you manage to include a couple more?). I’m not sure what this means for the attention span of Americans, but I think we are all headed for national ADD. The lights went out, but there were still some shining stars during tonight’s Super Bowl: first and foremost, Twitter topped over 24 million tweets, surpassing the Twitter activity during the November re-election of President Obama. Oreo took real-time digital marketing to a new extreme, upping the expectation for “in-the-moment” marketing. My friend Jason Falls, always good [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Edible Arrangements Eats the Competition

As they do every year, the holidays got here way too quickly and this year I am turning to online shopping to get great gifts for family and friends in a fraction of the time. When I’m at a loss for what to get, food and wine always seems to be a great go-to, so I thought that this month I’d use NetBase to see what the social voice is saying about holiday shopping online. I’m a huge fan of gift baskets (giving and receiving!), so here are the brands I looked at: Edible Arrangements,,, Harry & David, [...]

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