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Brand Passion Index: Wendy’s Brings Home the Buzz on Bacon

For those of you who ate an overload of turkey in celebration of Thanksgiving this past week, you are probably sick of turkey soup, turkey pot pie, turkey sandwiches, turkey anything. And if you’ve also been in the throes of shopping (psst, check out the Holiday Mood Meter to see which retailers are delivering consumer happiness this season!), I’m sure you’re opting for easy meals not including turkey these days. So this week’s Brand Passion Index looks at a meal that is equal parts easy, comforting and delicious: burgers! We looked at these burger brands: Big Mac (McDonald’s), Whopper (Burger [...]

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Brand Passion Index: IHOP Stacks Up the Buzz

I love pancakes for breakfast (and dinner – or as my hip kids call it, “brinner”) – but only when I make them. When weekend mornings aren’t too crazy, whipping up a batch of fresh banana-and-chocolate-chip pancakes for my kids is the perfect Sunday activity. My husband, on the other hand, loves IHOP and is a diehard fan for McDonald’s pancakes (opposites attract, right?), and I can usually guarantee that if I’m out of town, a trip to IHOP is in order. My husband’s not big on tweeting out his breakfast preferences, but as this week’s fourth installment of the [...]

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