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Taking a Big Gulp: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

When I was pregnant with my first child, I always thought I’d be a mom with very strict ideals – no TV, no junk food, basically a perfect parent with perfect children. Well…by the time I was pregnant with my fourth, all of that was way out the window. Turns out, TV (and truth be told, the iPad) is the best babysitter and there’s no better incentive for potty training than a handful of M&Ms. However, I didn’t try a sip of soda until I was at least double digits, and as a result, never drink it, so that is [...]

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Super Psyched: WSJ and NetBase Track Super Bowl

I’ve never been too big on football, but I happen to be married to a diehard fan and have two nephews who think the Patriots walk on water, so there was no question that the Super Bowl was going to be on in my house this weekend. Originally from New Jersey, I probably should have been focused on rooting for the Giants yesterday, but because of the business I’m in, many of my clients and my clients’ clients were advertising yesterday – so my excitement was all about the commercials. And according to Saturday February 4th’s installment of the Wall [...]

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