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Siri-ous Trouble

As someone with a title like Chief Innovation Officer, I probably should have been one of the first smart phone adopters. Truth be told, I didn’t jump on that bandwagon until an investor looked at my phone during a board meeting and teased me for having an “old man phone”. In my defense, I was actually an early adopter, but I got burned by the earliest Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) from Sharp. Does anyone remember the Sharp Wizard? Ok that was what I used back in the 90s! But it was so useless I decided to take a break from [...]

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Claps and Slaps for Maps Apps: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

This holiday season has taking our number of social engagements to a whole new level. This past weekend, we had four different destinations on the schedule, and luckily I had my trusty iPhone in hand to navigate us from one locale to the other. Long gone (and not a moment too soon) are the days where we unfold and puzzle over a real map, or even print directions out from a website. While I was taken aback by the UI of the new, recently released Google Maps app, I figured it out quickly and found it super easy. And looking [...]

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Brand Passion Index: iPhone Gets the Buzz, EVO Gets the Love

I’ve never been a big gadget person, and up until about a year ago, I was still taking business calls and snapping photos of my kids on a Palm Pixi (I know, I know). Then my CEO Peter told me that I simply cannot be a CMO working in social without an iPhone – and now I’m addicted, and so are my kids. IMHO, the phone does a lot of things really well – Fruit Ninja, pictures and videos to name a few – and ironically, the thing it does the least well is be a phone. However, I know [...]

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Blackberry’s Black Eye: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

There is a certain element of “survival of the fittest” Darwinism when it comes to technology, and being the first to market does not necessarily guarantee long-term success. I can remember back when Palm and Blackberry were duking it out for the top position, and now look where Palm is. I used to have one of those silly Palm Pixies, until Peter, my CEO, finally made me switch to the iPhone – and honestly, I haven’t looked back once.  And if the June 30th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker  by NetBase is any indication, Blackberry will likely [...]

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