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Brand Passion Index: Let Them Eat Publix

I’ve never been much of a cake eater, but I’ve always loved to bake – usually from scratch, but I’ve been known to call in a favor to Betty Crocker now and then. Though icing and 3D spectacles aren’t my forte, when it comes to my kids’ birthdays I’ve made everything from Iron Man to Dora the Explorer to Elmo (you can make pretty much design anything on top of a cake with the combo of jelly beans and gum drops J). So when this week’s installment of the What Women Want BPI series focused on cake, which landed #5 [...]

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Mining the Sky: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

For as long as I can remember, my dad has been a steadfast Star Trek fan. Somehow, the fantasy gene skipped me entirely and funneled straight into my son, who shares a fervent love of all-things-Star-Wars with my husband. So, when I first heard the words “asteroid mining” and “James Cameron” used in the same sentence, I thought it was the plot to another one of his blockbusters. Turns out – it’s real life, and social media, as usual, had quite the response to the latest start up announcement, this time from Planetary Resources. The April 28th installment of the [...]

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