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Defriending the United States: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

With Facebook’s IPO finally hitting last week, everyone was tracking updates from the world’s biggest social network, including NetBase. Having been in business for only 8 years, but already surpassing 900 million active users (!!!), Facebook has changed the entire landscape of technology and business, and has been part of the reason that NetBase is even in business. Even as a historically late adopter of technology, I’ve managed to turn my Facebook profile into a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and stay up on their lives. So, with all the news about Facebook recently (GM [...]

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Hype About Hoodie-Gate: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

Originally from the East coast, when I first arrived to the Bay Area over 20 years ago, people immediately knew I was not a native because I dressed too formally at work. Since then, the dress code in Silicon Valley has gotten progressively more casual each year and even I have mellowed out. That said, I still wear suits to important meetings and presentations. But, the culture here is such that the more senior you are, the more “right” you have to wear flip flops, ripped t-shirts and shredded shorts to work. In fact, being casual is almost a status [...]

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