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Trapped In The (In) Box: The 10 Things We Love And Hate About E-mail

Let’s face it. If you’re in business you have to use email. Even if you’re not in business you have to use email. Well, just about everyone who uses the internet is stuck in the inbox nowadays. People aren’t just checking and sending email – they’re talking about their email too. In fact, over a 1 year period from October 2011 to October 2012 there were nearly 14 million mentions of email in social conversations. Apparently, if you live in the UK you’re talking about this more than anyone (38% of the buzz), but Americans are gabbing about their email [...]

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What You Think About HR: The 10 Things You Love (And Hate) Infographic

Would you believe HR has never had it better? Technology has given it access to huge applicant pools, making it easier to find the most talented candidates, and provide them with high-quality training once they are hired. Global payroll has become routine. HR operations have become so efficient in the last five years that they now driving those efficiencies throughout entire organizations. Say what, didn’t get that memo? It is because HR still has an image problem, not a usefulness problem. What HR needs today is an extreme makeover to highlight the enormous across-the-board advances, rather than prolonging HR’s error-prone, [...]

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The Interest In Pinterest: The Ten Things We Love (and Hate) Infographic

Oh, there is interest in Pinterest, the visual social sharing site. But is the site that, in its first month, became the #1 source for referring web traffic (over Google+, Reddit, and LinkedIn combined) a “colossal waste of time,” and “only good as a platform for scrap-booking,” or will its “stellar design” help it keep moving it into the #2 social site? A few interesting findings to make you sound smarter at the water-cooler: The conversation is US-centric – Over 60% of you talking about Pinterest live in the US. While the US tends to be more chatty in general, [...]

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The Ten Things We Fear (And Love) About BYOD

Two years ago, BYOD was just another acronym jockeying for acceptance by the technorati. Today, BYOD is a full-on phenomenon, the dominant way by which tablets like the iPad and Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S are entering companies. This is happening in plain view, and with the full approval, of IT managers and CIOs. Take Cisco Systems, where employees use more than 50,000 mobile devices, all of their own choosing. Or Safeguard Properties, which is encouraging its 8,000 freelance home inspectors to arm themselves with iOS and Android devices. Or my employer, SAP, which has adopted Genius Bars [...]

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