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Brand Passion Index: Starbucks Roasts the Competition

I have been a coffee enthusiast for years and combining that with my love of travel has led me to some truly delicious brews: Turkish coffee in Turkey, a dark and sweet roast in Greece, a macchiato in Italy and a creamy café au lait in France. The hardest part of being pregnant with my kids was going off caffeine for six straight years, so I had to become a devout decaf drinker instead. When I was still a New Yorker, nothing was better than a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on the run, but now that I’m a Californian, [...]

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Brand Passion Index: We All Scream for Dairy Queen

Last week, I was at SXSW where we ran a fun and insightful campaign on the age-old question: what do women want?  4,000 SXSW staff   donning bright red shirts enticed attendees to find out “what women want” at the NetBase booth and panel, and all of this buzz built to a crescendo answering the mystery question with our new infographic, which debuted on Mashable. To keep delivering insight and to keep the fun going from this project, I will be featuring the Brand Passion Indices based on the infographic, in what I am calling the “What Women Want Series”. So, [...]

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