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Roddick Says Goodbye: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

For close to a year now, NetBase has powered the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, and many of the topics have covered big news in sports – everything from Gisele Bunchden’s controversial comments at the Super Bowl to Jeremy Lin and the changes in his NBA career. While I’m not a big sports nut, it was still refreshing to see the September 8th installment of the Sentiment Tracker cover a new sport: tennis and Andy Roddick’s retirement last week at the US Open. Even though I’m terrible at the sport given my double jointed elbows and elegance of an elephant [...]

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The Supermodel Bowl: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

Usually, the commercials or the halftime show are the biggest source of controversy from the Super Bowl. But with football’s biggest night now a week behind us, the chatter about all of the top commercials has died down, and Facebook and Twitter are still buzzing about the controversy surrounding Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady’s supermodel wife and her comments following the Giants’ win last Sunday. For those of you who missed it: Gisele Bunchden had some choice words for a heckler (check out her rant here) – and the social media universe went crazy. Saturday, February 11th’s installment of the Wall [...]

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Super Psyched: WSJ and NetBase Track Super Bowl

I’ve never been too big on football, but I happen to be married to a diehard fan and have two nephews who think the Patriots walk on water, so there was no question that the Super Bowl was going to be on in my house this weekend. Originally from New Jersey, I probably should have been focused on rooting for the Giants yesterday, but because of the business I’m in, many of my clients and my clients’ clients were advertising yesterday – so my excitement was all about the commercials. And according to Saturday February 4th’s installment of the Wall [...]

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