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Hashtags for Successful Back-to-School Campaigns

It’s that time of the year again! Back-to-School season is upon us. For many retailers, the start of the school year is only second to winter holidays in terms of sales volume. There are many different ways marketers are connecting with parents and their young audience this shopping season. Here is a look at what’s working and what’s not on social media. #Backtoschool is Your Best Bet Retailers continue to use “backtoschool” as their primary keyword and hashtag to engage with customers on social. NetBase found that the use of this hashtag among retailers and customers on social grew by [...]

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How Twitter, Facebook and Blogs Influence Fashion Shoppers

Marketers at fashion brands, just like everyone else, have to deal with management asking if social media  really matters, whether it influences purchasing – and frankly, I wanted to validate that my instincts were correct.  So NetBase commissioned a consumer study with Edison Research of a representative sample of women over 18 years of age in the United States who have a profile on one or more social networks. The sample of 1,005 women was collected in May 2013 and is weighted to the national U.S. population of adult female social media users. And, guess what I found out? It [...]

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Is Twitter a Customer Service or a Marketing Channel?

Our partner J.D. Power & Associates recently published their 2013 Social Media Benchmark Study of consumer perception toward companies and their use of social media.  J.D. Power surveyed two kinds of social interactions—digital marketing and customer service. To build on their findings, I took a look at this same question but through a different lens.  At NetBase we are currently in beta testing with our Digital Channel Intelligence solution for Twitter.  Customers had been asking for a way to measure their effectiveness in the same two areas J.D. Power reported on.  So NetBase is gearing up to offer two key metrics as [...]

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Trapped In The (In) Box: The 10 Things We Love And Hate About E-mail

Let’s face it. If you’re in business you have to use email. Even if you’re not in business you have to use email. Well, just about everyone who uses the internet is stuck in the inbox nowadays. People aren’t just checking and sending email – they’re talking about their email too. In fact, over a 1 year period from October 2011 to October 2012 there were nearly 14 million mentions of email in social conversations. Apparently, if you live in the UK you’re talking about this more than anyone (38% of the buzz), but Americans are gabbing about their email [...]

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Lance Armstrong and Doping: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

Being famous, whether it’s due to movies, politics, sports or software, puts you firmly in the spotlight and your life under the microscope. Fortunately for many stars, there’s always a new controversy to replace their latest indiscretion – but what do you do when your scandal has spanned years – and shows no signs of stopping? The June 16th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker looked at the Facebook and Twitter response to renewed allegations that Lance Armstrong cheated and used performance-enhancing drugs, putting his 7 Tour de France medals in jeopardy. Seems like most of the social [...]

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