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Consumers Crown Kohl’s the King: NetBase Holiday Shopping Mood Meter

In the midst of the crazy holiday shopping season, we are excited to introduce the Holiday Shopping Mood Meter, a dynamic analysis that measures the feelings expressed by online shoppers about these ten popular shopping locations: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Amazon, Old Navy, The Home Depot, Sears, Toys R Us, and Kohl’s. Updated hourly, it measures the Net Sentiment of buzz about these retailers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday provided the Mood Meter with a lot of brand chatter last week. You can see how the Net Sentiment has changed for all ten brands since it kicked off on [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Let Them Eat Publix

I’ve never been much of a cake eater, but I’ve always loved to bake – usually from scratch, but I’ve been known to call in a favor to Betty Crocker now and then. Though icing and 3D spectacles aren’t my forte, when it comes to my kids’ birthdays I’ve made everything from Iron Man to Dora the Explorer to Elmo (you can make pretty much design anything on top of a cake with the combo of jelly beans and gum drops J). So when this week’s installment of the What Women Want BPI series focused on cake, which landed #5 [...]

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Brand Passion Index: KFC Gets Online Consumers Clucking

One of my favorite lunchtime meals (aside from sushi – I’m a serious sucker for raw fish) has always been a healthy salad with chicken – but definitely not of the fast food variety. As I covered in my blog post a couple of weeks ago on pancakes, fast food restaurants have just never been my go-to for a quick and easy meal. However, in the sixth installment of the “What Women Want” BPI series on top chicken brands, I found that I may be the only Twitter/Facebook/social media user who doesn’t love a good fast food run for a [...]

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