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Brand Passion Index: Let Them Eat Publix

I’ve never been much of a cake eater, but I’ve always loved to bake – usually from scratch, but I’ve been known to call in a favor to Betty Crocker now and then. Though icing and 3D spectacles aren’t my forte, when it comes to my kids’ birthdays I’ve made everything from Iron Man to Dora the Explorer to Elmo (you can make pretty much design anything on top of a cake with the combo of jelly beans and gum drops J). So when this week’s installment of the What Women Want BPI series focused on cake, which landed #5 [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Brewing Buzz for Corona

What I love about the What Women Want project is the incredible insight it gave us into the top ten things that men and women talk about wanting online…but that doesn’t always mean I have something to say (exhibit A: a nice Jewish girl talking about bacon??). So, let me say how thrilled I am that this week’s topic is beer – finally, a topic where I can relate! Beer landed at #4 on men’s top ten list, but it’s definitely #1 for my husband, who turns down commercial beer in favor of his own home-brewed creations. With a 6-tap [...]

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Brand Passion Index: Hormel and Oscar Mayer’s Sizzling Bacon Buzz

I’ve written blog posts over the past couple of years on many different topics, but this one, the fifth installment of the What Women Want BPI series on bacon brands, has got to be the hardest – because I have very little to say.  You see, I’ve never eaten bacon before, and have absolutely no personal experience or opinion to shed on this topic. But just because I have nothing to say, it doesn’t mean that other people are not talking about bacon in social media.  So, let’s see what both men and women are saying about number ten of [...]

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