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NetBase On Tour

At our breakfast seminars, you’ll learn secrets from social media rock stars and see how the power of social media analytics can drive every aspect of your business. Be on the lookout! We’re coming to your city where you’ll get the opportunity to learn from NetBase experts, partners, and customers, not to mention our great sponsors.

Wed, April 17th
10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: Social KPIs: Find, Blend, Funnel, Predict

Join us to hear how Casey Adams, Associate Manager at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc. utilizes data to create and help the organization manage to key performance indicators (KPIs). Learn how to analyze your market by finding the critical data related to your industry, blending that data together, building it into a consumer funnel, ultimately helping you be more analytical and predictive in your field.

Thurs, April 25th
10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

PROCESS BE DAMNED: How Social Listening Turned a “Nice” Idea Into Increased Business

Hear how Red Door Interactive, a top data-driven marketing agency, demonstrates a use case of how a “nice” idea was able to shift a clients’ thinking about an entire channel, and reshape internal processes in general. Learn how to prove both internal and external trust of your social media department and why social media deserves a seat at the “big kids table”.