Starting Campaigns Strong with Social Analytics

What better way to start off a new client project than with social analytics? If your brand or agency is not doing this to kick off each engagement, it’s missing out on next level, actionable insight. Let’s hope your competitors have been equally short-sighted as we right your boat and get things moving forward successfully! And we have analytics pros from Tecnos, Room 214 and Rauxa, who have recently completed the NetBase Certification process, to help guide you along.

how to make sma work for you

Starting a Project Off with Social Listening

When asked to help with “social listening” on a client engagement, Rachel Kimmel, Strategist at Rauxa, knows the ask is around sorting out what is going on in the market. With a specific brand, category or product in mind, she explores what people are talking about, which brands are dominating the conversation, and mostly importantly – why.

Capturing a big picture, consumer informed understanding of the competitive landscape is crucial. As is capturing consumer pain points.

“It’s also about consumer insight. So, what are the pain points?” And there are so many ways to sort this out. Sentiment drivers, for example, are a powerful option for capturing consumer love – or hate. “The widget that I use most frequently is sentiment drivers. The negative sentiment drivers are usually what provide the most insight into what people are complaining about and therefore what the white spaces are. And what we can/should message about.”


Drilling Down to Precise Consumer Insight

And after completing the NetBase Certification process, Rachel realized there were lots of different ways to drill down to extract even more insight with advanced filtering capabilities.

“Seeing sentiment towards a specific term is great – and is something I had never used before. And I also learned to click on a certain time period in a timeline and easily add it to the filter by pressing a button instead of manually entering it. And that’s been helpful in understanding why sentiment increases and decreases over time.”


And ongoing monitoring after this initial setup is key as well. “When I’m doing a project, I perform the initial social listening and then I’m constantly going back in to make edits based on other people’s feedback.” Social monitoring is a living, breathing animal that requires proper care and feeding, otherwise preconceived ideas can take over and dominate the narrative. And that is never advisable.

Avoiding Preconceptions & Letting Social Analytics Tell the Story

It’s really important to let the social analytics tells the story and not fall back on preconceptions to direct strategy. And digging in deeper on a social listening analysis is something Michael Kwolek, Director of Strategy at Room 214 does often for clients. But just because it’s done often does not mean it’s an automated function. There’s nothing typical nor rote about the process.

Although many people view social listening as a sentiment search around known indicators, Michael has never taken that approach. “I’ve always looked at it as, I’m going into this with an open mind and seeing what’s happening, seeing what conversations are bubbling up, seeing what seems surprising or unusual, and then trying to dig in further.”

For him, it has always been a very manual process, one that can’t really be automated with a set dashboard spit out for every client. So, it takes a good bit of time. Though “with NetBase, it has gotten easier. And it’s easier than other platforms in terms of getting more quickly to greater depth of analysis, and not having to wade through all of the spam, which is still an issue with some other tools.”

how to make sma work for you

Social Analytics’ Time to Insight

It still takes time, of course – and it should. Any deep analysis should involve considerable exploration. But when it comes to making sense of the massive volume of conversation happening on the social web, NetBase does this faster and far more accurately than competing tools. Processing power matters, and next generation AI-powered consumer intelligence that’s updated every three weeks is tough to beat!

And even smaller brands experience exceptionally impactful insight from social analytics, including those that don’t necessarily generate a lot of conversation around that brand specifically. They are always surprised to see how much industry, category and competitor intel there is out there to learn from. Because there’s a ton of relevant conversation happening online, regardless of what a business does/how it’s positioned.

“What is this really saying? When it comes to sentiment, for example – it not just 20% positive, 10% negative, 70% neutral. It’s – what kinds of passion words are they using? What is the intensity of the emotion around your brand versus the competition?” A skilled analyst uncovers the actual words that real humans, potential customers, who are talking about your brand, are using the most. And, in context.

And this is why brands need to have individuals on staff that are fully committed to success. Or be working with an agency that is doing so on its behalf!

Fully Committed to Success

Junya Iwata, Solution Engineer at Tecnos takes this client commitment seriously. “When I’m fully committed to a project, using NetBase, I’m using it every day, almost every hour.” It makes sense. Conversation on the social web can shift that fast, particularly when a brand’s audience is active on Twitter.

When helping a popular Japanese broadcasting company define a social media strategy that revolved heavily around Twitter, his team was able to report out on important stats that impacted viewer rate. And these indicators are found by looking at the specific brand conversation as well as the overarching category or industry conversation.

And reporting this intel back to clients is equally interactive. Using customizable dashboards, Junya’s manager created a template that captures key performance indicators (KPIs) that leading brands require – and that worked for this brand, specifically.

We can’t share their proprietary template, but a piece of a music influencer dashboard template is below:


So Many Social Analytics Options

And these widgets represent just a fraction of those available. The variety of insight an agency explores as part of its day-to-day social listening activities really never looks the same. And more often than not, surprising consumer intelligence is bound to make itself known. And it could reveal itself via many methods. A topic could attract attention due the sheer volume of posts around it, or from startling keywords that are unexpected and deserve exploration.

Or it could be complaints that would otherwise be missed, and that next generation AI-powered analytics draw the analyst’s attention to – like a potentially harmful product design that needs to be recalled before it goes viral. And thanks to Junya’s team, a beverage client was able to avert a potentially costly crisis that falls into this ‘stopped before it went viral’ category!

And that’s the beauty of advanced social analytics, and training around how to use it to its full potential. We keep our clients well ahead of the consumer and market intelligence curve every day. Be sure to reach out for a demo so we can show you how!

how to make sma work for you