Sharpen Campaign Messaging ResourcesWhat message about your product is going to work best to move a prospect along the path to purchase? For everyone working on marketing campaigns, that’s always a tough but essential question to answer. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish—create awareness, change perception, prompt consideration—you want to base your campaign on the message that’s going to connect with consumers.

Social analytics can help you find it. By providing insight into consumers’ opinions, emotions and behaviors, social analytics can help you craft messages that show consumers you understand them. From there, it’s a shorter step to convincing them that you also understand their needs, and that your product meets them.

Our latest paper is all about using social to craft powerful messages. It covers such steps in the process as:

  • Step 1: Identify Key Assumptions
  • Step 2: Formulate Questions
  • Step 3: Analyze the Online Conversation for Themes, Emotions and Behaviors, Sentiment and Gender
  • Step 4: Find Insights
  • Step 5: Use Insights to Sharpen Campaign Messaging

To show how it works, we use the men’s shaving and grooming category as an example and describe how social can help companies in that vertical understand consumers and craft sharper messages.

You can download the complete paper here.