With sushi and salad as my favorite go-to meals, I don’t have a lot of appreciation for fast food and the unhealthy options they provide. That being said, the announcement this past week that McDonald’s is debuting a menu with calorie counts next to each item doesn’t affect me directly. Calorie count or not, I would rather eat pretty much anywhere else. However, I was interested to see the response from the social media universe: the September 15th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker found that 66% of Facebook and Twitter users think it’s a good idea. Maybe that will change when they see that one burger is over 500 calories? Personally, I’m waiting for healthy food to replace fast food…I guess I won’t hold my breath ;)

Check out some more of the jokes below!

McDonalds posting their calories on the menu.   So it makes it officially healthy now. #FatTweet

McDonald’s put the calories next to the pictures of their food.  Cuz you know, you never really can hate yourself enough.

Gonna be one heavy menu!!