I remember being young and hearing about global warming and the impact it would one day have, but I never dreamed that we would see its effects in my lifetime. This summer, it seems like the topic of conversation is always the heat or the extreme weather. I live in a town whose tagline is “Climate best by government test”, and so far, while it has been warm (mind you, I hate the cold – and Nicky on my team hates it even more), it has not yet been unbearable. Then again, those living in my hometown in New Jersey are probably singing a different tune. With Fall just around the corner and winter pretty close after, I wonder what’s in store for us. The August 11th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, powered by NetBase, checked out the social media response to the spiking temperatures this summer and found that 40% are feeling serious despair about the climate, 40% are worried about food shortages and price increases, while 18% are discussing the implications of global warming. See some of the commentary that people made on global warming below – and let me know what you think in the comments!

Snowing in Africa, floods in Manila and droughts in America.  That’s global warming for ya!

Air conditioner on full blast.  This heat wave in California better just be passing    around an leaving soon.  Global warming much?

We’s in trouble people!!  Drought, food in danger, but there is no global warming, right?  hmmmm.