At NetBase, we’ve begun studying the demographics of people who post on social media, and we’re excited about the promise of delivering new and valuable insights from this enhancement to our social media analysis.

One of the first parameters we’re exploring is gender. Some of the documents in our document repository are tagged with the author’s gender, which enables us to calculate the gender ratio of authors for a given topic.

The percentage of documents in our repository that have author gender information is growing, but not yet big enough to represent the true distribution. Also, our sample probably has some skew toward the male gender, which could reflect the overall composition of social media posts; we’re still investigating this and related issues. Given that, the topics presented here are preliminary—but promising—glimpses into an important dimension of social media. We’re adding new heuristics to our document repository to get more data on author gender and will learn more in time.

It’s not surprising that men are far more interested than are women in Pistols, Football and the NBA. On the other hand, it is surprising that men are more interested in Justin Bieber. And it’s reassuring to see that men and women are equally interested in Love and, um, Coupons.

Thanks to Dr. Lei Li, one of NetBase’s engineers, for helping uncover these interesting facts.