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Love is a big theme this month – given that it’s Pride Month and wedding season, among other things. But love is always an important subject in the social analytics world – because without it, we’d never really know what the data means.

The new NetBase Brand Passion Report 2018: Top Loved Global Brands Around the World reveals the 100 global brands that have garnered the most love (looking at English-language posts) between May 2017 and May, 2018.

Here are some highlights, and why you should care:

The Landscape Matters to All Brands

Whether your particular brand – or even category – made the cut, there’s important information here for you. Understanding which brands are rising to the top gives you a key bit of competitive intelligence, i.e., what consumers are most passionate about at a macro level.

Here are the top 10 brands:

The top three spots belong to social media brands – indicating channels you might need to add to your social marketing plan if you aren’t already communicating there. Of course, you have to look at your own brand analytics to know if that’s the right move, but you can see the public is in love with these three channels.

Use sentiment analysis to find out if/why consumers in your audience are, and you can use this information to help your brand.

What else can we learn from the top 10 brands? Well, with the exceptions of Disney and Apple, they are all digital companies – and, of course, Disney and Apple have a lot to offer on the digital front as well.

So consumers love Social Media, eCommerce, Technology, and Entertainment most of all – and these brands in particular.

If they aren’t your brand or category, they represent great places to look for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

This is why it’s never just about your own brand’s standings.

Of note is the fact that these categories aren’t necessarily the ones with the most brands appearing in the top 100.

In fact, industries like Retail, Banking & Finance, Consumer Goods, Automotive, and Food & Beverage have bigger cuts of the overall top 100 pie. But the top 10 brands represent the most consumer passion – something that isn’t dependent on size of industry or number of mentions.

Instead, it’s about weighted mentions – or those with the most positive brand passion. Social Media, Technology, Entertainment and eCommerce had the highest share of voice for that reason.

The Fluid Nature of Brand Love

It’s important to remember one thing: No ranking is ever secure. You’re only as good as your last campaign, your last customer service interaction, your last product release, and – most importantly – the last consumer response to those items.

You can see by those who’ve moved up or down in the rankings of the top 25 brands where consumer preferences have shifted since 2017:

Falling one or two spots isn’t cause for alarm – though you certainly want to know it’s happening. McDonald’s, for example, dropped 3 spots over the past year – but they are still the top ranking brand in their category. You can read more about why in the full report.

Meanwhile, Zara dropped the furthest – 50 spots – meaning they have a lot of work to do to recapture consumer sentiment. Recent headlines certainly aren’t helping them.

What Makes a Brand Stand-out?

Just as critical to watch are the brands climbing several spots in a year’s time. Even if they haven’t overtaken your brand this year, they’re gaining ground. And it’s yet another indication of emerging consumer trends.

Note Nikon’s 46-spot jump from #62 to #16. What’s behind this newly intensified love? Instagram.

It’s not a stretch to imagine a camera company doing well on the photo-driven social channel, but why Nikon and not Canon? Or Sony? Or Olympus?

Actually, Canon climbed 24 spots itself, to land at #19, a few spots behind Nikon. Both brands should definitely be watching the other closely.

When you have a close competitor like this, it’s paramount to analyze their audience to find out what’s behind the social sentiment. And if they’re making mistakes, they can save you the trouble of learning the hard way.

Each brand, each audience, each day is different. Having an understanding of the overall picture is super helpful to your social analytics, so download the NetBase Brand Passion Report 2018: Top Loved Global Brands today.

Then remember you have to constantly monitor social sentiment in real-time to keep up with changing trends, customer service issues, and more.

When you combine those insights with the rest of your business data, you can make smart decisions to move your brand forward with confidence. After all, love should never be a guessing game.

Want to know where you brand ranks in your industry? Get in touch and we’ll show you how our sentiment analysis tools work!




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