When the new Google privacy policy was announced last week, I knew there was no chance I’d have time to read through it and take in all of the changes. Luckily, this was the subject of January 28th’s installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, so I got to see what people chatting on social media, the world’s largest focus group, had to say about Google’s privacy policy.  Powered by NetBase, the Sentiment Tracker showed that while 55% of social media users on Facebook and Twitter are opposed to the changes, a close 43% support the changes and find them inoffensive. I dug a bit more into the data to see what the 55% have against the changes, check out some of these verbatim:

I’m upset about the new Privacy Policy for #Google . I don’t want them reading my #gmail !

You should read Google’s new privacy policy, it’s pretty evil. As expected.

Maybe time to leave the Google Empire behind!

Are you for or against? Let me know in the comments!