One key to a great sales call is doing your homework ahead of time so that you know what your prospect’s biggest pain point or need is, then explaining clearly to your prospect how your product directly addresses that need. But how can a salesperson do research on a company ahead of time and hear “the voice of the customer” talking about the prospect’s company? By using ConsumerBase.

This is only a possibility at the moment, but imagine a ConsumerBase plug-in for that enables salespeople to quickly research a prospect company before visiting. It would be like each salesperson having his or her own virtual market researcher to identify the prospect company’s main pain point in the eyes of their customers. Armed with that insight, the salesperson could cut right to the chase and make a very effective pitch.

This idea, by the way, came from Chris Gong, a member of NetBase’s technical operations staff. I’d like to thank Chris for the idea and use this opportunity to point out again that being an innovative company requires being open to innovative ideas coming from anywhere in your organization, even from people in functions apparently unrelated to the area that can use the idea. So a big thanks to Chris for thinking outside the box.