I’ve been studying innovation methodologies for years. My favorites include the Lead User Method, Netnography, Open Innovation, and Disruption Theory. While each is unique, one thing they all have in common is a defined procedure for finding or handling need and solution information.

Lead User Method has you find people with such a dire need that they actually develop their own solutions.
Netnography entails looking for people talking online about their needs (granted, Netnography encompasses a lot more than that, but hear me out for the sake of argument).
Open Innovation is about scouting for solutions from outside your company’s four walls.
Disruptive Theory says that you should find a market need that’s addressed by a high-cost solution and disrupt that market by introducing a low-cost solution.

Again, all these methodologies have a lot more to them than that, but my point is they all rely on needs and solutions. This has been a driving force behind the development of NetBase’s technology: We wanted to satisfy innovators of every ilk, no matter what innovation methodology they subscribe to. Of course, if you ask me, the ones I’ve mentioned above are the best; whichever one you choose, you’ll probably need the type of need information you can get from ConsumerBase and solution information from illumin8.

But let’s put my theory to a test. Challenge me: What’s an innovation methodology you know of? Can you come up with one that doesn’t depend on need and solution information?