Being famous, whether it’s due to movies, politics, sports or software, puts you firmly in the spotlight and your life under the microscope. Fortunately for many stars, there’s always a new controversy to replace their latest indiscretion – but what do you do when your scandal has spanned years – and shows no signs of stopping? The June 16th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker looked at the Facebook and Twitter response to renewed allegations that Lance Armstrong cheated and used performance-enhancing drugs, putting his 7 Tour de France medals in jeopardy. Seems like most of the social media world believes that where there’s smoke, there’s almost certainly a fire; 53% were anti-Armstrong, while 31% supported him, 13% were over the whole story, and 3% took a lighthearted, joking perspective.  I checked out a couple more verbatim from the “anti” crowd – see below:

Lance Armstrong is a disappointment. How does someone live life like that?

Lance Armstrong cheated. All your heroes are liars.

I knew Lance Armstrong was a drug cheat!!

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