This is one technique among a series I’m covering on conversation mining for lead generation.

What if you knew your customer’s customer better than your customer did?  For instance, what if your product helps companies monitor their websites to ensure high-availability.  Wouldn’t it help to know the instant your prospect’s customers start complaining about the website?

To use NetBase to know your customer’s customer, set up a topic for each of your prospects.  Look for negative spikes in their sentiment timeline and key things their consumers complain about.  NetBase’s alerting capability helps as well if time is of the essence in your sales process.  For the website monitoring example above, you could set up a topic about your prospect.  You could filter down to comments about them which also mention websites.  You could either do this by entering the word “website” as an include term or make a theme out of it as illustrated below.

Thinking about your own business, what would your customer’s customer be complaining about that would signify an opportunity for you?  If you’re a chemical ingredients company you might look for complaints about consumer products that could be solved with better formulations.  You could look at the mouthwash category, for instance, and you might find people complaining that a particular brand is too harsh.  What if you showed up for an initial meeting with the mouthwash manufacturer and you presented mountains of evidence suggesting they reformulate with your compound?  What if it only took seconds to surface that mountain of evidence?  How many more deals could you pursue?

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