Well, looks like the Linsanity continues! As the old adage goes, if you can make it there  (New York City), you can make it anywhere – and Jeremy Lin made it in less than a handful of months with the NY Knicks, moving from a friend’s couch to the Trump Towers. But now, it looks like this California boy is switching from hot dogs and pretzels to BBQ and boots as he makes a move to playing for the Houston Rockets.  The July 21st installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker by NetBase took a look at the social media reaction to this announcement – and found that the 23-year-old star, who’s seemingly as good at basketball as he is at inspiring nicknames, is a surprisingly polarizing character. 52% of Facebook and Twitter users said that they will miss him, while 24% believe the Knicks made a mistake, and 22% think that Lin isn’t worth the money. Meanwhile, another 2% made jokes. Since I don’t know the kid from Adam, I thought I’d check out some of the nicer commentary from his social media fans – check them out below:

My boy Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin is going to be a great player.  I have a good feeling.

Im a Knicks fan but losing Lin sucks!   I hope he does great in Houston.  They have a great player.

I am really really dissatisfied that Jermey Lin transferred to Rocket!!