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Thanks to a new partnership with DataSift, the Human Data Intelligence provider, NetBase is bringing Facebook topic data to our customers. Facebook PYLON is the only way for brands and agencies to understand all of Facebook’s audience and gain insights into their behavior. We’re thrilled to be among the limited number of partners working with DataSift, the only data provider currently with access to topic data for Facebook, the world’s largest social network.


Using DataSift’s PYLON for Facebook Topic Data, NetBase will be able to offer our customers anonymized and aggregated insights from all of Facebook posts to power their decision-making. For example:

  • How often people mention your products on Facebook
  • What they’re saying about your brand
  • Which demographic segments are talking about your products, your brand, or any other subject
  • How your marketing campaigns are being perceived

Not to mention, providing all of this information about competitors of our customers as well.

Some of the other benefits of the partnership are access to accurate demographics data and accurate analyses. Facebook PYLON provides very high recall for customer demographics such as gender, age, country and education, giving reliable segmentation information to marketers looking to personalize campaigns for their specific audiences. With NetBase, customers are also able to re-use for the PYLON data the same clean topic definitions that they have already created for analysis in the core NetBase application. This ensures they are getting the most accurate data and eliminates the need for creating new topic definitions.

Much like our partnerships with Twitter and Tumblr deepened our social data offerings, this partnership with DataSift will allow us to further empower customers to make smart decisions for their brands based on the most complete and accurate social information.

For more about the NetBase PYLON Facebook partnership for Facebook data access, see our press release. 

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