corsageSo much content, so little time. To save you from having to read and watch everything on the web related to social, we’ve put together this short list of recently posted items that are worth your while. Just don’t let your boss catch you watching the Chicken Corsage video over and over.

Connect with Your Audience

Now that a huge majority of marketers are connected, it’s time to step up and compete at a higher level. This means not only having a connection with your audience, but also creating positive sentiment for your business within your audience.

Be Responsive, Reap Rewards

Your business should be responsive on social media, and here are the stats to prove it.

Avoid Social Media Fails

What’s the best way to solve a social snafu? Hint: have a system in place to prevent it from happening.

Handle Unhappy Customers Carefully

Responding to disgruntled customers on social is definitely a challenge, because it can get you in big trouble, especially when you use Twitter.

Say Goodbye Gracefully

It’s inevitable: You’re going to lose some customers at some point. But when that time comes, the way you handle it could make or break your business.

Handle Negative Online Reviews

While negative reviews can hurt, they can also help if you make them an opportunity to show how responsive your business is and how much you care about your customers.

Enhance Live Tweeting

Just like any new form of communication, live tweeting is difficult and flawed. Here are some tips to keep in mind while hosting a live tweeting session.

Go Viral with Video

Have you heard about this chicken corsage craziness? It may seem a bit ridiculous, until you realize that KFC has redirected attention to their product and gone viral, all with one YouTube video.