When David Letterman announced last week that he’d be retiring as the host of  The Late Show in 2015, the Internet was abuzz with speculation about who would take his seat behind the desk. And yesterday, we found out—pseudo-conservative satirist and Emmy-award winning host of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert.

The announcement of The Late Show successor caused even more buzz than the news than Letterman’s retirement, so we wondered—how do people feel about this changing of the guard? To answer that question, we did a search for Stephen Colbert for the last 24 hours to see the volume of conversation and the sentiment surrounding Colbert on social media. Although in recent weeks, #CancelColbert had impacted discussions about him on social media, sentiment was overwhelmingly positive on Thursday, with almost 93% positive sentiment across the web.

We then worked with our friends at Buetler Inc to create a beautiful visual. And here it is: