Twas the night before switching to NetBase

‘Twas the night before switching our social analytics tool,

Finally finding transparency for our data pool.

We were switching to NetBase! The timing was right,

Our brand’s efforts deserved this top-notch insight!


“What made you choose NetBase?” many curiously inquired.

We’re happy to share, with that ‘other’ tool retired.

Just remember, it’s a tale other tools will try to tell

But their results do not perform nearly as well . . .


Should we start with the features, that are state-of-the-art?

Or the regular platform updates that set them apart?

No, instead let’s dig in to the technology itself,

As its next gen AI is like a brand’s magic elf!


Combining machine and deep learning, expert systems too,

“Advanced AI” is an understatement, it’s true.

But with Old AI options running around,

It was high time somebody put us on solid ground.


So, NetBase has been on an educational spree,

Teaching agencies and brands a thing or three,

About how social listening can offer oh so much more.

Than pretty, unconfirmed insights hidden behind a black box door.


At NetBase LIVE in NY and LA,

We learned so much over each location’s two days.

With brands chiming in on their NetBase success

We saw iHeart MediaBoost Mobile, and Coca-Cola no less!


When brands use NetBase they’re proud to admit it

And why wouldn’t they be, they can do so much with it!

NetBase always captures API changes ahead of the pack,

Transitioning customers to metrics they’re the first to track!


It’s all about love, brand passion, no less!

And NetBase reveals what others just guess.

You’ll find context for insights, so important, you see!

Like catching a startled Santa coming down your chimney.


It’s just not enough to know folks mention your brand,

You need sentiment analysis to know where you stand.

Consumers webwide share all of their “feelz,”

And this is precisely what social listening reveals.


But unlike some tools that only “see” text

NetBase analyzes pictures, so you know what’s coming next.

All the scenes and locations, and expressions of face,

It even spots partial logos – any time, any place!


And competitor analysis is another place they excel,

It’s something they do so exceptionally well!

You can learn from competitors’ customer care,

Their campaigns, trending terms and what their audiences share.


And if something goes wrong, and sentiment spirals,

They’ll send you alerts before things go viral.

With their industry-leading crisis monitoring tools

They keep brands from failing and looking like fools.


In fact, social insight informs the entire enterprise,

When data sources are robust and not inflated with lies.

Marketing, CX and product ideas,

Sales and innovation – and customer care!


And then influencer marketing is important too.

We find brand ambassadors in NetBase – more than a few!

And they’re not ‘general’ influencers, but the relevant kind,

Who are able to access the target consumer’s mind.


We’ll share all this intel via dashboards and reports

So that we can win over reluctant cohorts.

Though AI Studio will likely do that work for us

With automated theme discovery that deserves its own chorus!


The AI surfaces terms, with no human in site

Eliminating user bias, to ensure brands get it right!

And it’s only the beginning of what’s in store

We’re excited to start, but will share one thing more!


Their customer service is unparalleled too

And the NetBase tutorials make it easy for you!

The data is clear – “Amazing!” you’ll say,

And it integrates with tools you rely on each day.


We really can’t wait, what a wondrous choice

To switch to the tool that helps grow share of voice!

Maybe Santa will bring you a NetBase tool too,

All the “nice list” brands are getting it, hopefully that includes you!


‘Tis the season to switch to the most powerful social analytics tool on the block. – Santa

Reach out and we’ll show you why!