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‘Twas the night before switching, we’d chosen the best

And in our excitement, we just couldn’t rest

We finally had NetBase! We knew it was right

To boost our brand’s efforts with top-notch insight


“What made you choose NetBase?” You’re wondering, “Do tell!”

We’re happy to share – we could shout, scream or yell

About their great features – they’re state-of-the-art

So here’s why they’re awesome, told straight from the heart:


It’s all about love, powered by NLP

That’s how you find context for insights, you see

It’s just not enough when folks mention your brand

You need sentiment analysis to know where they stand


Consumers care less about what you promote

Than they do all the interests upon which they dote

Whatever those are, social listening reveals

This gives brands an “in” when they follow the “feelz”


But unlike some tools that only count text

NetBase analyzes pictures, so you never get vexed

By scenes and locations, and expressions of face,

It even spots logos – any time, any place!


Your brand isn’t everything, of course, they know that

That’s why they’ve got competitor analysis down pat

You can learn from competitors’ customer care,

Their campaigns, and all that their audiences share


And if things go wrong, and sentiment spirals

They’ll send you alerts before things can go viral

With their industry-leading crisis monitoring tools

They keep brands from failing or looking like fools


Where else in your business can NetBase excel?

Across the whole brand, social data can help!

Like marketing, campaigns, and product ideas,

Sales, innovation, and customer care


Their data and reporting are top quality

As noted by Forrester in Quarter three!

But not content to sit on such a laurel

They’re constantly pushing for more tomorrow


Like AI technology to power their tools

And dashboards with clear, real-time data pools

Their customer service is unparalleled too

With tutorials making it easy for you


And let’s not forget everything learned on the road

At each NetBase LIVE they were in “winner” mode

With brands chiming in on their NetBase success

Like Visa, GoDaddy, and Chili’s no less

Chris Ebbeler, Director of Social, Chili’s Grill & Bar, presenting at NetBase LIVE LA

When people use NetBase they’re proud to admit it

And why wouldn’t they be, they can do so much with it!

NetBase captures API changes ahead of the pack,

Offering customers metrics they’re the first to track!


We’re just like so many brands, making the choice

To go with the tool that helps grow share of voice

By bringing us data that’s clear and precise

And works with our other tools – and for a great price


We’ve found brand ambassadors, influencers too

And our customer experience is rivaled by few

We even sailed through that new Instagram change

‘Cause NetBase was on it, so nothing felt strange


Yes, we’ve made the right choice to keep our brand on track

And we’re ready to win, no we’re not looking back!

The New Year is looking quite awesome, it’s true

Join us at NetBase and it will be for you too!


We’re here to answer your questions and show you around – just reach out!



Experience the NetBase difference!

Understand your customers like never before.

Take a tour to see how NetBase can fuel top performing campaigns and marketing strategies.