This week, NetBase partnered with American Marketing Association to host a webinar titled What Every Marketer Should Know about Social Brand Strategy. Our fantastic clients Jenny Verbitsky, Director of Research at Ogilvy, and Adam Pierno, Director of Brand Strategy and Planning at Santy, shared their best practices and case studies on researching, building, and measuring campaigns. Here are some of the tips that Jenny and Adam shared for working with social media analytics.

Social Tips

We talked about what it takes to create winning campaigns. According to Jenny from Ogilvy, media research should inform every part of the campaign strategy including planning, execution, and measurement. For planning purposes, Jenny recommended:

  • Baseline measurement
  • Audience insight
  • Category insight
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Influencer Identification

Watch the webinar for an in-depth discussion of best practices for campaign planning, execution, and measurement.

Adam at Santy specializes on running campaigns built on undiscovered audience insights. He discussed how companies can analyze brand perceptions on social in order to create attitude-based audience segments, and then work to understand what drives each segment. This analysis helps create targeted content that resonates with every specific audience. This replaced for Santy the practice of creating generic messaging for a large audience that may appeal to some, but will miss the mark for many.

For more tips and case studies from Ogilvy and Santy, please check out the webinar.