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TUES, October 1st
10 am pt / 1pm et

5 Ways AI Uncovers Deep Social Insights: Understand Context and Nuance of Text and Images

Social analytics platforms have become essential for brands and agencies to leverage the treasure trove of social media for valuable consumer insights. But the volume of data is positively staggering. Exponentially more powerful solutions are required to surface truly meaningful, accurate and contextual insights. That is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes to the rescue.

Join us to learn how next-generation AI enables you to better analyze billions of social media items ―both text and images―deriving themes, understanding context and nuances and delivering depth and richness to the insights.

Fri, november 1st
9:30 am

Social media week london

Campaign Content Strategy: Deeper Insights to Connect Emotionally with Your Target Audience

In this session, join NetBase Solutions’ Jackie Balchin, Senior Strategist, and learn actionable insights that take campaign performance to the next level. Specifically, she’ll explore how global brands like Nike can use social listening for their campaigns pointing to strategies ranging from audience segmentation and targeting, content inspiration and ideation, and real-time measurement and optimization for maximizing engagement. She’ll also share segmenting campaign reactions from the general public and your brand advocates examining if you’re converting your competitors’ brand advocates.

Mon, November 25th
10:40 am

Digital Marketing World Forum – Amsterdam