We have a broad network of the world’s best social platform, integration and channel partners tha extend the business value of NetBase to global brands and agencies.

Our partnerships represent a diverse range of industry leading companies with complementary technologies, solutions, and services. Together we enable decision makers and business users to understand what their customers are saying in social, and make faster, better-informed decisions to grow their business.


The NetBase platform integrates with market leading business intelligence and social marketing solutions that give our customers a real-time, comprehensive view of the business and empower them to make the most informed decisions to grow revenue.

We have partnered with Lithium to enable customers and their marketers to sharpen their campaign strategies, act upon trends and intelligence, and better manage brand health. Customers will be able to deliver superior experiences by listening to their consumers across global channels and acting on it in real time. The strategic partnership with Lithium marries leading intelligence capabilities with in-the-moment, strategic action, that drives immediate impact to the business.

Domo Partner
We partnered with Domo, The Business Cloud, to integrate social insights with Domo’s cloud-based platform. The integration is enabled through a self-service NetBase connector, available in the Domo Appstore. NetBase will also deliver social listening apps to the Domo Appstore.
Spredfast Partner
We have partnered with Spredfast to bring our joint customers best-of-breed coverage from social listening and analytics to publishing and engagement enabling powerful end-to-end use-cases. Customers will be able to take rich topic and theme data from NetBase and bring it directly into Spredfast to be laser focused on critical business initiatives such as social care, crisis moments and social selling.


Our world-class channel partners extend the international reach of NetBase. In an increasingly global marketplace, these valued partners unlock the business value of NetBase worldwide for our largest Brands and Agencies. Our global sales and marketing network spans North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
Polis Consulting
Polis Consulting
If you’d like to become a NetBase partner, please contact us.