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NetBase LIVE 2018 Conference – Social Analytics Drive Smart Business Decisions

Thought Leaders and Leading Global Brand Executives to Share Social Media Best Practices and Success Stories

SANTA CLARA, Calif.— September 5, 2018 – NetBase, a global leader in social media analytics, is proud to announce,NetBase LIVE 2018, the most important social analytics event of the year, in Los Angeles, October 16-17 and New York, October 24-25, 2018. At the conference, senior executives from leading global brands such as VISA, IMAX, MetLife, Vanguard, ESPN, BuzzFeed, GoDaddy, Western Union, Octagon and more will demonstrate how social analytics drive informed business decisions and transformative results. NetBase LIVE is an opportunity for social media thought leaders to learn, share and network.

NetBase LIVE – Los Angeles, Oct. 16-17 will include 28 different sessions covering industry insights, real-world studies, best practices and more. The conference will be headlined by Brian Solis, award-winning author, prominent blogger and writer, talking about the shift from CX to Experience: Why experience is everything now and how to design experiences that matter. Attendees will also gain social knowledge in breakout by customer speakers including:

  • Vanguard  Social Listening for Employer Reputation/Employee Experience
  • IMAX  Storytelling on the Screen and Off: How IMAX Uses Social Listening to Bring its Research to Life
  • Visa – Using Social Intelligence to Drive Audience First Marketing Strategy
  • Latin Works  Social Listening for the New America
  • Fuse Interactive – “If You Give Jimmy Kimmel a Jet Ski”: How NetBase Helped Us Moderate the Oscars During an Unprecedented Opportunity

Other leading companies speaking at the Los Angeles conference include 113 Industries, Fullscreen, Big Valley and more.

NetBase LIVE – New York, Oct. 24-25 will include 28 different sessions covering latest research findings, cutting edge insights, success stories and more. The conference will be headlined by Ted Rubin, a highly recognized and leading social marketing strategist speaking on the importance of building greater intimacy with clients and profiting from the return on relationship (ROR). Attendees will also be able to learn and put into practice social media analytics knowledge from other experts and customer sessions including:

  • GoDaddy – Connect Your Tribe Through Storytelling
  • BuzzFeed – How Consumer Passion Drives the Most Engaging Content; Best Practices from the People Whose Articles You Read Instead of Working
  • Identity PR  When $#@% Hits the Fan: Navigating Social Media Crisis Situations
  • H&L Partners – Unlocking the Why Behind the What: Driving Actionable Insights in Local Markets
  • Western Union – State of the NetBase at Western Union

Additional thought leaders from other well-known brands attending the New York conference include ESPN, Rubenstein, Engagement Labs and more.

“NetBase LIVE is a great opportunity for decision makers and thought leaders to learn, network and discuss how brands are using social media and the impact it is having across every industry,” said Paige Leidig, chief marketing officer at NetBase. “The NetBase LIVE experience provides attendees with new insights, best practices and connections that will transform their careers.”

NetBase LIVE 2018 Conference
Two-day conference passes are still available online. Follow the conversation using #NBLIVE2018 and to see the full agenda and additional conference details, visit https://www.netbaselive.com/.

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