NetBase Wins 2012 OMMA Award for What Women Want Campaign: Social Intelligence Company Takes Home Member’s Choice Award for Integrated Online Campaign

NetBase, the Enterprise Social Intelligence (ESI) Platform company, won OMMA’s Member’s Choice Award for its integrated online campaign “What Women Want” (WWW) which launched in March 2012 as part of an integrated multi-faceted campaign at SXSW. NetBase was selected from more than 500 companies and recognized at the gala reception during the first day of the OMMA Global Conference & Expo. The OMMA Awards celebrates this year’s most innovative and brilliant online advertising creative, campaigns and Web sites across 66 categories within three disciplines.

Prior to this campaign, NetBase was known as a social media insight and analysis company used by market researchers. SXSW marked a launch pad to reposition the company as an “enterprise social intelligence platform” targeting Fortune 500 companies and PR/digital/interactive marketers. The NetBase campaign broke through the SXSW noise with an integrated campaign including 5,000 branded t-shirts worn by the SXSW staff that said “NetBase Knows What Women Want,” a speaking panel with industry influencers Jason Falls, Jeremiah Owyang, Katie Paine and Dave Evans revealing the results (ice cream), “ice cream man” handing out the frozen treat to those who filled out and wore an “I want” sticker, a finally a viral WWW infographic which debuted on Mashable. All of these activities drew attention to the crowd of over 49,000 SXSW attendees and over 69 million people online to the new NetBase platform: the Insight Composer.

At the heart of the campaign, NetBase used the sophisticated insight capabilities of its platform to analyze a year’s worth of online conversations to determine what men and women say “I want” in social media chatter and tweets. This demonstrated the platform’s power and was turned into a colorful infographic that was debuted exclusively on Mashable.

Coverage, word of mouth and SXSW presence went viral around the world; it generated more than 3,000 new brand and agency contacts, a 450 percent increase in website traffic, more than 54 articles in broadcast and online publications, and 2,000+ tweets.

“The team and I are truly honored to be recognized by the OMMA community,” said Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO of NetBase. “It is amazing to me that 7 months later, the coverage continues to come in online and on the radio.  We were hoping to touch people while we demonstrated the power of NetBase and the results went way beyond our expectations.”

In addition to this OMMA win, NetBase and Taco Bell are finalists for the SuperNova Awards. Cast your vote for NetBase here!
About NetBase

NetBase, the C2B Company, delivers the enterprise social intelligence platform that global enterprises use to monitor, understand, and engage with customers in real time. Using a high-precision natural language processing (NLP) engine combined with text analytics and machine learning, our platform processes billions of social media posts to extract structured insights delivered via customizable dashboards. Our solutions enable marketing, public relations, market research, customer service, sales, and product innovation leaders to craft winning strategies faster. Clients include Coca-Cola, Kraft, HP GfK and J. D. Power & Associates. NetBase powers the weekly Sentiment Tracker in the Wall Street Journal and our solutions are sold globally by SAP AG. For more information, visit, @NetBase, our Facebook page, LinkedIn, or YouTube.