New Customer Experience Analytics Solution from NetBase Drives Business Results Transforms Customer Data into Action to Fuel Every Aspect of Your Business

Arby’s Improves Customer Experience through NetBase’s Newest Offering

SANTA CLARA, CA. – October 24, 2016 – NetBase, a global leader in enterprise social analytics, today announced the launch of its new Customer Experience Analytics solution which transforms customer feedback from social media, digital, surveys, customer care and other sources into actionable insights. With this new solution, companies can quickly gain insights about their customers’ satisfaction, purchase intent, competitive preferences and much more. Arby’s has already reaped the benefits and strengthened their business strategies based on the insights enabled by NetBase.

“After our initial meeting with NetBase to discuss program goals and data sources, it only took a couple of days to see unified customer feedback insights,” said Josh Martin, director of digital and social media at Arby’s. “Now our Marketing, Operations and Guest Support teams can make informed decisions based on guest experience feedback.”

Today there is quintillion bytes of customer data – over 90 percent of which is unstructured – so it can be difficult and time consuming to analyze and turn the data into insights that drive strategic business initiatives. NetBase seamlessly brings together all these different sources of data inside one powerful platform enabled by innovative natural language processing. The platform delivers deep and actionable insights about a company’s customer journey, satisfaction, purchasing process, and overall sentiment and preferences.

In addition to a fast set-up and streamlined platform, companies can expect to see an increase in revenue as a result of an improved insight into their customer’s feedback data. These customer insights are a key way for companies to improve their products and services and foster a stronger relationship between their brands and their customers by building trust and open communication. Even a slight increase in customer experience can result in tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue for an organization.

“Customer Experience Analytics enable companies to fully understand the effectiveness of their current products and services and gain deeper insights about their customers’ wants and needs, so they can provide them with the best possible experience,” said Paige Leidig, chief marketing officer at NetBase. “Our customers who have enabled our innovative solution have already seen great results and utilized the feedback to make improvements and enhancements to their customer experience.”

To learn more about the innovative Customer Experience Analytics solution, attend NetBase LIVE 2016 Oct. 25-27th as well as read more about it on the NetBase website.

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