Product Launch and Innovation

Customer insights drive business results – and strategic brands use customer experience analytics for a keener focus on customer needs and evolving market trends. To grow market share and drive revenue, these brands rely on customer experience insights to influence strategy, product portfolio management, and new product developments.


The measure of any successful product launch is simple – it’s revenue. Product launch strategy fueled by customer analytics delivers more compelling products, with greater market adoption – and that drives more revenue.

  • Create new, robust revenue streams by developing more compelling products
  • Create new, robust revenue streams by developing more compelling products
  • Drive greater adoption with better value, stronger positioning, and unique brand experiences
  • Generate higher ROI by focusing product investments on initiatives with the greatest demand and highest likelihood of success 


Emerging consumer trends and market ‘whitespace’ identification offers endless possibilities for brands to expand their product portfolio and acquire new customers. Uncover unmet needs and underserved markets and capture those opportunities to drive revenue. 

  • Gain first mover advantage by identifying emerging trends and market demands before competitors
  • Identify dissatisfied customers and underserved markets to determine wants and needs
  • Profile affected customers for a deeper understanding of passions and behavioral drivers


Understand the features that matter most to customers and how your product or service stacks up against the competition. See how operational KPIs such as price, quality, availability, and service play a role in brand success or failure.

  • Identify specific product attributes that your target customers desire
  • Understand the competitive landscape and identify areas for brand differentiation
  • Highlight your competitive strengths and adapt to emerging industry trends


Product launches create new opportunities for fresh customer experiences to engage with your brand. Customer experience analytics provide the context to build memorable campaigns that lift your product launches to new heights, creating excitement that fuels sales.

  • Create stronger brand passion with new and unique customer experiences
  • Develop a compelling creative and content strategy that creates an emotional connection to your brand and products
  • Build enthusiasm with early adopters and passionate customers and let them spread the word and influence others


Finding the right customer to target with the right message at the right time will achieve the best results. Engage customers in their terms, in their language, and with creative content that will boost product adoption.

  • Hear how customers are talking about your products, competitors, and category
  • Know where audiences engage to inform your media team to ensure you maximize reach
  • Use psychographic affinities to target to over-indexed segments more likely to buy your products
  • Identify popular images, terms, hashtags, and language to create authentic sharable content


Bring all sources of customer data together including social, digital, CRM and more to give you a complete and transparent view of all aspects of your product launch. Compare key metrics to previous product launch benchmarks and communicate your success with executive stakeholders.

  • Get honest, real-time feedback around customer enthusiasm and market acceptance
  • Track share of voice and passion for new products to see if you hit the sweet spot
  • Identify operational issues shared by consumers and address them in real-time
  • Combine internal and external data to measure important business indicators such as referrals, pipeline, and revenue