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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has finally come-of-age, reaching a point where its once promise of exponential productivity and quality improvements has become a reality. Applied to solving business problems, it can provide a step-function leap over the competition. But the business world continues to experience concerns about AI in terms of data quality, sourcing, management, and transparency.

This video highlights our 2019 ebook “How AI Works For Social Analytics.”  This ebook covers the importance of AI as applied to social analytics, and how NetBase AI Studio overcomes the concerns of data quality and transparency, allowing users full control to derive deep, rich and accurate insights.

You will learn:

  • The evolution of AI and the tremendous opportunity it offers businesses today
  • Concerns about AI adoption such as data quality, sourcing, management, and lack of trust in “black box” systems
  • How NetBase AI Studio is applied to social analytics for richer insights with less effort, and how it overcomes the key AI adoption concerns

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