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The most important voices to consumers are those of other consumers—people using and sharing about products and services on social media, versus celebrities being paid to talk about a brand.

Learn how the world’s top brands find key influencers and empower them to speak on their behalf inside our 2019 Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing report. Download for FREE at https://www.NetBase.com/influencerguide2019.

Inside the report:

  • Challenges marketers face when it comes to influencers – finding them and tracking their impact.
  • The difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador – because they’re not identical, and you need both.
  • How to find niche influencers and activate brand ambassadors.
  • Brands that have successfully leveraged influencers in their strategies, and what we can learn from those who’ve made mistakes.
  • How Mercedes Benz, Bigelow Tea, and Boxed Water successfully utilized influencer marketing in their recent campaigns.

FREE Download of the NetBase 2019 Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing: https://www.NetBase.com/influencerguide2019.

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